Tips for traveling to Dubai and how to organize the trip

Travel to Dubai

We include in this post a lot of tips for traveling to Dubai, the largest city and capital of the United Arab Emirates. Recommendations to know how to get there, how many days to stay or the best place to look for accommodation. But also, how to organize the trip and information to visit this emirate city. Shall we start?

How to get to Dubai?

You have several options to get to Dubai, although the most common is through an international flight:

  • By plane from Europe, America or Asia with airlines such as Emirates and Qatar Airways.
  • By bus from other emirates. You have connections with Sharjah, Ajman, Masafi or Abu Dhabi.
  • Another option to get to Dubai is with a cruise ship (these ships arrive at Port Rashid).

What is the best time to travel to Dubai?

If you want to avoid extreme heat, the best time to travel to Dubai is winter (December to March), a time of year with average temperatures of 25 degrees.

⚡ You should know that the month with the lowest temperature of the year is January, with minimums of 14 °C and maximums of 24 degrees.

During the rest of the year (April to November) the weather in Dubai is super hot and with high humidity. Temperatures at this time exceed 40ºC during the day (reaching 45 many times), with night minimums of 25 degrees.

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Do you tolerate heat well in Dubai?

After hearing this, you are probably wondering if the heat is okay in Dubai. Well, we have to say no. Something like visiting Córdoba (Spain) in August. Crazy.

The best way to withstand the heat during the day is to enjoy the beaches of Dubai, and go outside after dark. If you don’t like the beaches too much, you can always go shopping in the Dubai malls. There the air conditioning is on full blast and you will be very cool.

What to pack to travel to Dubai?

As you can see, you will not need too much shelter to travel to Dubai, we have to say that it is just and necessary. In addition to comfortable pants, t-shirts, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, a swimsuit and comfortable and breathable shoes… you should not forget a long-sleeved shirt (even a thin jacket) or a neckerchief. In shopping centers and hotels it is very useful since they put the temperature of the air conditioning so low that many times you are even cold. And that is a problem.

You should also not forget about good international travel insurance that covers any illness (also COVID causes) or accident. Keep in mind that it is an essential requirement to enter Dubai.

We have used IATI for more than ten years, and insurance has always responded to us. Also if you hire it from Organizotuviaje you have a 5% discount.

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Visa to travel to Dubai

If you have a Spanish passport, you will not need a visa to travel to Dubai. Spaniards who travel as tourists for less than 90 days do not have to do any paperwork, you will only need a passport with more than 6 months of validity from the moment of entry.

COVID 2022 requirements to travel to Dubai

To travel to Dubai from Spain you will need to meet several requirements:

  • PCR test performed within 72 hours before flight departure. This document, which must be printed in English or Arabic, must also have a QR code.
  • Travel insurance with covid-1 coverage
  •  Have the COVID-19 DXB app downloaded on your phone.
  • Fill out the health form that will be delivered on the flight.

How many days to be in Dubai?

3 days are enough, although it will always depend on the vacation time you have available. You should know that in one day in Dubai you will be able to see the essentials, but if you want to enjoy its beaches, go shopping and make an excursion to the Dubai desert,  at least 5 days will be necessary.

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The best area to stay in Dubai

If you ask yourself: What is the best area to stay in Dubai? Point out the Marina (next to Jumeirah Beach and Palm Jumeirah), Deira and Bur Dubai.

We start with Dubai Marina (from 100 euros per night in the low season), with several hotels near mosques, shopping centers and the beach:

  • Atana Hotel
  • Time Asme Hotel
  • Hilton Dubai The Walk

A cheaper area than the previous one (from 60 euros per night), close to the airport, souks and the essential places to see in Dubai is Bur Dubai and Deira:

  • Al Khoory Inn Bur Dubai
  • Four Points by Sheraton Bur Dubai
  • Hampton by Hilton Dubai Al Seef

How to dress in Dubai? What clothing should I wear?

Dubai is quite a modern country and you can dress almost however you want. Even so, it is advisable to take into account these dress codes (especially in women):

  • Loose and long clothes. To avoid bad looks, we recommend wearing wide dresses up to the feet (kaftan type). This is how women dress in Dubai. You will be super comfortable and also you will not get hot, since you will be able to go without anything underneath (no one will know, since nothing will be seen of you).
  • Wide scarves to cover shoulders, head or neck. On the street, it is not necessary to use them, but you will have to wear it to enter temples and mosques. They will also be great for protecting you from the sun and air conditioning.

What is forbidden to do in Dubai?

This emirate city is one of the most permissive Arab destinations, but still, there are things that cannot be done in Dubai:

  • You will not be able to drink alcohol in public. Tourists are only allowed to consume alcohol in authorized hotels. And drive it or go drunk on the street, don’t even think about it.
  • You should not play music or dance in the street, it is considered inappropriate behavior.
  • Do not take photos without permission. Surely their customs will attract your attention, but you should avoid photographing local women especially.
  • You can not kiss in public, they are considered indecent behavior.
  • You should also not shout or insult anyone, much less anything related to Islam. You should know that it is a serious offense with punishment.
  • Undressing is prohibited (also topless on beaches and water parks).

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