5 Cheap Destinations To Travel on Your Next Vacation


One of the greatest pleasures for many is traveling, knowing other places, other cultures and gastronomy, it is like filling up with life. Whether you have a tight budget for your next vacation or want to save as much as possible, be sure to visit some of these 5 cheap travel destinations. 

Unlike expensive cities such as New York, Paris, Dubai, Bora Bora, among others, these destinations are cheaper depending on the cost of accommodation, food, activities and tourist attractions to do in the country, among other factors.

They are equally incredible places with a lot of history to discover, delicious food to try and beautiful nature to see.

5 cheap destinations to travel that you cannot miss

  1. Morocco

Bustling cities with busy markets and grand palaces, the wide sands of the Sahara desert, the snow-capped Atlas Mountains – Morocco’s attractions are incredibly diverse and many come at a low price.

  1. Thailand

The coastal towns of southern Thailand are a dream to live in, however, the north is also beautiful, especially the Chiang Mai area. Chiang Mai’s mountainous setting is a stark difference from Bangkok’s urban bustle – there’s a charming old town and dozens of temples. 

Outside the city, the landscape is a combination of rice fields and mountain ranges dotted with beautiful temples.

  1. Greece

Mythology and history are in the air almost everywhere in Greece. The capital of Athens vibrates with the energy of a huge population, but the ancient center still manages to feel like a collection of villages, and it’s hard to beat the hilltop Acropolis and the fantastic Acropolis Museum in as for tourist attractions.

  1. Mexico

The sprawling and busy capital, Mexico City, is a delightful mix of old and new. There is modern architecture and from the colonial era; cheap and delicious street food and fancy restaurants; and legends of art and pop culture. 

The Yucatan Peninsula is home to ancient Mayan sites like Tulum and Cobá, and Oaxaca is full of mountains and volcanoes.

  1. Tunisia 

Little Tunis on the North African coast has a lot to attract travelers, including bustling cities, well-preserved Roman ruins, and beautiful Mediterranean beaches with whitewashed coastal towns reminiscent of Greece, and is far cheaper than European countries on the other. waterside.

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