What are job skills and what are they for?

Job Skills

The importance of developing job skills is a topic that has always been present in the lives of university students, however, with the emergence of new ways of conceiving employment and interpersonal relationships, there is currently a need to rethink what the skills will be. essential for optimal performance in the post-pandemic world of work.

On this occasion, we will first analyze what job skills are and how to ensure that they reach their maximum potential in order to obtain benefits in the work context that the new generations of professionals will find.

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What are job skills?

According to the ILO, this type of competency: “They are the ability to successfully carry out a fully identified work activity.”

This definition encompasses the different skills, abilities and aptitudes that a person acquires throughout his life, either naturally or through specific training and that allow him to perform optimally in the academic, work or personal field.

Classification of competencies

Core competencies

They are acquired at the end of childhood. Among them, the mastery of the mother tongue and the reading, writing and logical-mathematical skills stand out, as well as the ability to establish interpersonal relationships and function adequately in the social environment.

Technical skills

This group includes technical and academic skills. These are skills that are acquired and perfected as a result of specific training or education.

Transversal skills

Labor competencies fall into this classification, which includes all the skills, knowledge and abilities necessary to achieve good performance in a given job. However, these can be acquired in or not in work contexts. For example, the ability to work in a team, order and planning skills, time management and other resources, resulting in orientation and problem-solving.

How to increase and improve labor skills?

A projection towards 2025 estimates the possible generation of 97 million jobs with characteristics and requirements different from those of current jobs and which, therefore, will require the acquisition of different job skills.

To obtain the maximum benefit in personal and professional development, it is recommended that both professionals who work in current jobs as well as those who will soon join the labor market, be able to enhance their creativity, develop their learning constantly and be able to incorporate knowledge and skills associated with new technologies.

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Benefits for personal and professional development

The importance of education as a path to a better society and the development of job skills are always current issues since education is constantly changing and skills for the job field are updated based on the changes that occur in the world.

But in addition, having training and developing the corresponding skills translates into benefits for personal and professional life. Among them:

  • The professional adds value to the organization and acquires it for himself, allowing him to perform in external projects or future work incursions.
  • Knowledge is diversified so that the same employee acquires the necessary qualifications to perform other functions within the company.
  • It supports the construction of solid and lasting professional relationships, thereby reducing staff turnover, the employee gains a sense of belonging and becomes aware of the value they bring to the company.

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