How to cut travel expenses in your business

Travel Expenses

Although business digitization and new technologies have reduced the need to hold face-to-face meetings or attend training courses, business trips are still a very common element in companies.

In many cases, business trips are real holes in which a lot of money is wasted. However, on business trips, it is also possible to save. We leave you with a series of small tips so that you can cut expenses on your business trips. Keep reading!

Analyze the situation well and look for alternatives

The first question we should ask ourselves before embarking on the journey is: do we really need to make this journey? If the answer is no, because we also have enough telematic means to carry out the activity, it is best not to do so, at least if we think in terms of savings.

If, after analyzing the situation, we still believe that the trip is necessary or recommended, the worker must take into account different factors such as the place of destination, the duration of the trip or the functions to be performed.

Book the trip in advance

Like any other trip, anticipating is the most efficient way to save. Various studies affirm that we can obtain the best prices on airline tickets if we reserve them at least one month in advance, and something similar happens with accommodation.

Therefore, it is important to organize our trip as long as possible. In many cases, this is not possible, since business trips are sometimes improvised. But if we manage to advance the reservations, we can save a lot of money.

Compare prices between different platforms

The Internet allows you to compare prices with a simple click of a button. What’s more, there are search services on the web that do this work for us, and thus the comparison between prices is much easier.

The more time we spend comparing, the better the offer we can get, both in the price of the plane and in the price of the hotel. Therefore, spending time comparing offers can make the difference between a cheap trip and a more expensive one.

Don’t always resort to luxury

Although a five-star hotel or traveling first class may sound very tempting, especially if we do it with money that is not ours, it is important to think about whether we can avoid such expenses for our company.

In many cases, a much more affordable hotel is enough and, even, its location may be closer to our final destination. And the same happens when we reserve the ticket for transportation. Chances are there will always be a cheaper alternative.

Take advantage of discounts

Meals, parkings, accommodation, tolls or mileage … All of them are common expenses that we have to assume when we travel with our company. Therefore, it is important to find the best prices for each of them.

This is achieved not only by comparing prices but also by obtaining loyalty cards, taking advantage of offers and promotions or looking for the cheapest establishment, among many other things.

Optimize your trip

When planning your trip, you should consider whether you can optimize your trip in any way. For example, using a single suitcase that acts as hand luggage to save us the check-in at the airline, or avoiding more expensive transport such as taxi to the detriment of public transport.

Check if you need a rental car

In many business trips, the rental car is an element that makes the trip more expensive. However, on many occasions, it can become the cheapest alternative, especially if we have to travel every day during our stay through another more expensive means of transport such as a taxi.

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