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Learn and practice languages

Learning another language is usually a goal or desire of millions of people in the world, however, lack of time is, in many cases, the main reason why they cannot achieve that goal and many others add the lack of financial resources. to make it.

However, the current situation of millions of people, forced by the pandemic, has meant that they spend more time at home or that their working hours are shorter because they do not travel to other places and work from home.

This offers the possibility of being able to meet some goals, such as learning or practicing a new language, and for free, so we present you with 5 options that you can find on the Internet or through applications on your phone.

1- VOA Learning English. The official news page of the Voice of America in English offers a free platform to learn and practice the language. The service began in 1959, with radio broadcasts, and in 2014, thanks to the Internet, it included more options to teach the language. The options are cataloged in levels of beginners, intermediate and advanced.

2- Busuu. This is an app that helps you practice or learn other languages, from English, French, German, and Italian to Arabic and Russian, to name a few.

According to its website, this platform has “more than 1,000 lessons created by experts in teaching foreign languages, with additional functionalities thanks to machine learning, such as study plans and exercises with voice recognition.”

Its download is available for Android and App Store.

3- HiNative. According to the description on the website, this app, which you can download on Android and the Apple Store, allows you, in addition to learning a language, to learn about the cultural customs of the country where the language is spoken, by talking to people who live there.

“At HiNative you can ask questions about any language and get answers from real native speakers around the world… We have a friendly community that gives and takes, waiting for your help!” they describe on their website.

4- Babbel. This is one of the most popular applications today, although it is not entirely free. But its effective methods for teaching a language have made it one of the favorites of thousands of people.

It offers courses to learn 13 different languages ​​and has a platform with many options on the Internet to interact and increase your knowledge.

5- Duolingo. As described by users and pages specialized in services of this type, Duolingo is a very complete application to learn a language. Currently, its platform offers to teach 23 different languages ​​and also offers free tests to assess knowledge of the English language.

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