Tips to reduce energy consumption

Reduce energy consumption

The service of light or electrical energy is one of the main fixed expenses of any business, and, unlike raw materials, we cannot change suppliers to obtain a more attractive price that does not impact so much on the production cost of the products. or services. 

However, there are ways to keep this item in our monthly budget within a considerable range and not greatly affect our profits. Additionally, it would be good for you to make certain changes that favor the environment.

Below we will explain how to reduce energy consumption and keep your business profitable, especially if it is an enterprise. 

Take a pencil and paper, and write down all these tips to help reduce energy consumption.

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How to know if you are having unnecessary energy expenses?

At first glance, it is difficult to detect if the service is being misused, and that is why it is important that you learn to read the electricity bill and begin to pay more attention to the details of consumption. Although it is very common to only see the amount to be paid and forget about the rest, understanding the information provided by the bill will give us everything we need to know how to reduce costs in a company. 

Some signs that we are generating an unnecessary expense are:

  • The office or local lights remain on 24/7. 
  • Air conditioners or heating systems are not regulated at the recommended temperature. Those are: AA between 24ºC, and heating between 19°C and 21°C. In addition, the equipment does not use inverter technology or has a high energy rating. 
  • High-consumption lights are used instead of LED lamps 
  • Computers are not turned off at the end of the work day. 
  • Refrigerators are not maintained or doors are in poor condition. Apply in gastronomic businesses, warehouses or food production plants. 

Tips to reduce energy costs in your company

Learning to take measures that favor the reduction of energy consumption in a company is a fundamental part when developing an idea and business plan. That is why it seems pertinent to give you some practical advice that will allow you to achieve it. 

If you are starting your business, we advise you to invest in low-consumption equipment from the beginning. The latest technologies may be more expensive, but they will save you a lot of money in the long run.  

In case you already have your equipment purchased, we advise you to try the following steps:

Ensure constant maintenance of equipment

As we explained in the previous section, heating and cooling system, lights and electronic equipment are the largest energy consumers. If you want to reduce costs in a company, you should not forget about their constant maintenance:

  • The guideline is once a month for general cleaning of the air conditioners.
  • Fix faults in electrical installations in time.
  • Use light sensors outside the business.
  • Do not leave illuminated signs on all night. 

Automate lights on and off

Implementing basic technology is another efficient method to reduce energy consumption. If your business or office has a good amount of natural light, make the most of it and schedule lights to come on when really necessary. 

Use LED lights

It is more than proven that LED technology is essential when it comes to reducing costs in a company. In addition, you can choose between warm, cold or different intensities, which will allow the lighting of the entire company without spending more. 

Lastly, LED lights have a much longer lifespan than conventional bulbs. This will help you reduce energy consumption in other aspects. 

Make your workers aware

Education is necessary so that all your employees know how to save energy and make better use of it. Explain to them the importance of saving electricity and how this will benefit the entire company in the long run. 

They may also have ideas to contribute. Seize the initiative to bring about positive change for all!

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How to reduce expenses in a small company?

The reality is that all the advice or tips that we have suggested so far apply to any business, even if it is a small business or an entrepreneur who works from home. Actions to reduce energy consumption will be your best ally to lower costs and improve the experience of all your workers. 

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What are the best renewable energy sources?

Using renewable energy is another alternative to reduce energy consumption. Next, we will tell you which are the best devices to implement according to the type of your business: 

Wind power

It uses the natural force of the wind to produce electricity. If you want to implement it, you must install huge blades that rotate continuously to transform the movement of the wind into energy. This type of energy source is ideal for rural or desert areas. 

Solar energy

Sunlight is the natural energy source par excellence. Installing solar panels is becoming more frequent and practical since the new models are specially designed to capture the energy radiated by the sun’s rays and conserve it for longer. Dare to try them! 

Hydraulic energy

This type of energy is obtained from the movement of water, and to take advantage of it, specific power plants and plants are created. It is increasingly used in various countries, although its implementation in homes and businesses is not very widespread. 


It is obtained through the combustion of organic matter of animal or vegetable origin. It represents a great alternative for rural enterprises. 


Now you know how to reduce energy consumption in your business and its importance when it comes to caring for the environment and reducing your business expenses. Remember that our daily actions are what make the difference. 

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