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Green Business Ideas

We present 10 ideas for setting up businesses that are respectful of nature for green entrepreneurs. Concern for the environment is an increasingly relevant sales pitch for companies, and concepts totally focused on caring for our planet can be very successful, provided they can be competitive with existing businesses. Here are our green business ideas. Are you ready?

Green business ideas that harness renewable energy

1. Installation of solar panels

Using solar energy can be very interesting in some cases, especially in a country with a lot of light like Spain. You can think of a company dedicated to installing hot water systems by solar panels in old buildings, or more simply to market these mini plates that are used to recharge mobile phones and other electronic devices with battery.

2. Mini wind installations

The wind is also a great ally when it comes to producing renewable energy. Many areas of the country have regular drafts, and installing a small windmill on the terrace or on the roof could be an option to reduce even a little the electricity bill.

Change the transport model

3. Delivery company with electric scooters

Electric motors have improved a lot, and if their autonomy is still limited, they perfectly allow us to think of a delivery company with electric motorcycles. It can be a small parcel delivery or even for food delivery companies.

4. Electric taxi service

Another very good option to avoid polluting the atmosphere with greenhouse gases is to set up a small taxi company with a fully electric fleet. To compensate for the lack of space in the trunk, an additional roof storage system can be installed.

One of the aspects to take into account would be to optimize the routes and the recharging times of the batteries, since it would not compensate having the cars immobilized too long. Still, it may be one of the best green business ideas for the near future.

Green ideas with products that respect the environment

5. Green cleaning products

There are already cleaning products on the market that claim to be environmentally friendly. However, in many cases they are still harmful, although less than standard products. In this case, the idea is to create a concept similar to what already exists for cosmetics with The Body Shop or Yves Rocher and transfer it to household products.

6. Ecological clothing

Another interesting market for organic products is clothing. From the way in which raw materials are produced (mostly vegetable) to the treatment of the textile product and its elaboration, a whole process can be designed without harmful chemicals and that does not overexploit natural resources to offer a range of ecological clothing to while in fashion.

Don’t waste more water

7. Rainwater collection system

Designing a rainwater collection system for buildings and houses would allow its inhabitants to have a non-potable water tank so as not to waste clean water, for example to water plants or flush the toilet. An interesting business concept could simply be to install these collection systems.

8. Audit of water consumption at home

Some time ago we had discussed the possibility of setting up an energy consultancy for individuals, neighborhood communities or companies. In this case, you could think of a company specialized in water, which makes a diagnosis and offers practical solutions.

Among the solutions are to install filters in all the taps that allow to use less water with practically the same pressure sensation, or to separate the consumption by houses when all the houses make a common use of the water (which is usually very expensive).

Green business ideas promoting local production

9. Fruits and vegetables from the area

An interesting business idea is to revolutionize the current model in the distribution of locally produced fruits and vegetables. We all know from the news that producers charge a very small part of the final sale price of fresh food, and a good part of the problem comes from the number of intermediaries between the farmer and the final consumer.

One can then imagine a company with two objectives: to offer products at a good price to the consumer paying better rates to producers (eliminating intermediaries) and above all to sell local products, which indirectly generate much less CO2 because they are from the area . And if the production process is ecological, the concept would be even more interesting.

10. Products with 100% of national components

Continuing with the concept of food, we can think of manufacturing food whose components are all locally or nationally produced. Again, by not having imports, the ecological impact is much lower. But food is not the only sector where the concept of 100% national can be used. In any industrial product, a completely local production could be imagined, although obviously depending on the complexity of each item it would cost more or less.

We had already talked about the commercial argument that selling American’s products could represent, and at the time we had insisted on the environmental impact. The advantage of this concept is that it touches more aspects, among which the increasingly widespread awareness that importing so much ends up destroying the industrial fabric and employment.

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