How to start a cleaning company?


When the need or desire to undertake arises, on many occasions different options are valued, but doubts about how and where to start can end the illusions of many people. 

A business idea with many possibilities, but also with a lot of competition, is to start a cleaning company. We are going to see the requirements and necessary procedures, as well as everything necessary to start the activity. 

Types of the cleaning company

First of all, we must know that there are different types of companies, depending on the services that you want to offer. Choosing one or the other will influence all other choices, materials, and procedures. 

  • General cleaning. They can clean private, official, local homes or any place that does not require specialization. 
  • Sector cleaning.  It is possible to specialize the company in the cleaning of a certain sector, such as, for example, the health sector. 
  • Technical cleaning.  In this case, the company carries out specific treatments that require certain specialized products or procedures, for example, for fumigation. 

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There are some legal requirements and procedures necessary to start the company, as we will see later. 

In addition, some recommended or mandatory conditions that must be carried out to carry out the activity safely:

  1. Liability insurance. With it, we ensure the possible material or professional damages that occur during the activity.
  2. Insurance for machinery.  Thus, if any incident occurs with it, the insurance will take care of everything. 
  3. Comply with environmental regulations.  Each City Council usually has a procedure and regulations regarding waste management that it is very important to take into account. 

legal forms

To choose the legal form, the number of participants in the company and how they are going to be involved in it must be taken into account. 

Thus, if the person who is going to manage it is one, they can act as a self-employed person or create a sole proprietorship

If there are several people who are going to create the company, it can be done through a cooperative if all the partners contribute labor, or through a Limited Company

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Procedures to open a cleaning company

As we have mentioned before, there are some necessary procedures to register the company to start operating. The main ones are: 

  1. Choose a company name and register it.
  2. Open a bank account in the name of the company.
  3. Write the statutes.
  4. Public deed of the constitution.
  5. Obtain the provisional NIF and, subsequently, the permanent one.
  6. High census and in the IAE.
  7. Opening license.

Brand image

Depending on the services that we are going to provide and the type of company that is going to be created, we must have a consistent brand image, since this point is essential for any business. 

  1. Name. It is an important choice since it will be the way in which the company is made known. Terms related to the sector, easy to remember and can be used on the website, can be used, as long as they are not already registered. 
  2. Logo. It is one of the main elements of a company’s image. It must be recognizable, identify the business in its sector and not be too busy. 
  3. Visual identity. In addition to the above, the company must have corporate colors and a font, which are used in all aspects of the company. For example, they should be applied to the sign, web pages, social networks, posters or employee uniforms. 

equipment and facilities

To start working with the cleaning company, it will be necessary to have a team according to the type of company chosen, as well as facilities and products that allow the activity to be carried out. 

Regarding the premises, it is important to analyze the location that it will have and the space that the company will need for the reception of clients and the storage of machinery and products. 

Furniture will have to be placed  in the premises. Although it will not be much, it will always be necessary to have a counter, tables, chairs, computers and lamps, among other elements. 

Something very important for the activity is to have the necessary machinery to provide the service, such as vacuum cleaners or pressurized water cleaning machines. In addition, we will also have other tools such as mops, mops and gloves. 

Finally, cleaning products will be a fundamental part of the cleaning company, soaps, disinfectants or bleach will be elements that are always present for the provision of customer service. 

As we have seen, to start a cleaning company it will be necessary, first of all, to choose the type of services that we will offer, as well as the legal form that best suits us. 

From there, it will be necessary to comply with the requirements and procedures necessary to register the company. Another important aspect is the brand image, for which we will need a name, logo and a complete visual identity to apply to the rest of the elements. To start operating, you need a place, furniture, machinery, tools and cleaning products, mainly.

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