ENS and GoDaddy join forces to link web domains with Blockchain names

  • Ethereum Name Services and GoDaddy establish a strategic alliance
  • It will allow users to link their domains to addresses based on the Ethereum network.
  • The idea is to achieve an integration between the domain system and Web3 addresses
  • Despite this, ENS and GoDaddy still have an ongoing dispute in court

The service for registering domains on the Internet, GoDaddy, announced an alliance with the Ethereum Name Services (ENS) service, the naming protocol that runs on the Ethereum network, with which users will be able to link their respective domains to their ENS addresses.

The announcement came in a message published by the Ethereum Name Services service through its X (Twitter) account, where it reads:

We are excited to announce our partnership with  @GoDaddy . Millions of customers can now use their DNS domains in the ENS ecosystem!

In an interview for CoinDesk, the founder of ENS, Nick Johnson, described the alliance as a step forward in the integration of Web3 into the Internet sector that we all know, allowing the integration of addresses in Ethereum with web domains.

Regarding the latter, Johnson indicated:

Right now you can use this integration to set your Ethereum address, but in the future, it should be possible to do this for all chain addresses to set text records, so you can make your .xyz or your .com, your Web3 profile.

For its part, the GoDaddy team published a statement in which it expressed its enthusiasm for the recently concluded alliance, claiming that the step is a clear innovation since “for more than 30 years, domain names have been fundamental to establishing a unique online identity, serving as a digital address for both individuals and businesses.”

“Now, with this integration, GoDaddy has added a new DNS feature so customers can quickly integrate their domain name with their ENS-compatible crypto wallet, including Coinbase Wallet , MetaMask, Rainbow, Uniswap Wallet, and more,”  the team noted. .

The ongoing dispute between ENS and GoDaddy

Although the alliance between ENS and GoDaddy involves closer collaboration between these entities to open avenues for users, curiously this comes amid a court dispute between both companies.

In September of last year True Names Ltd., the company responsible for Ethereum Name Services,  filed a lawsuit against the company  GoDaddy  for the sale of a domain that formerly belonged to it.

As indicated in a previously published report , GoDaddy proceeded to sell the eth.link  domain  under the premise that it had expired, which  True Names alleges had not happened. Therefore, the plaintiff alleges a breach of contract by the company.

Regarding this, Johnson alleged:

I suppose you can have a disagreement with someone about one thing, but still be good friends and be happy to collaborate on other things. And we agree on many things… I think that names and Web3 work best when we don’t try to pretend that legacy systems don’t exist, and try to reinvent everything from scratch, but instead create systems that work from existing systems and build about them.

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