What does an electrician do?

Does an electrician do

An electrician is a professional who is responsible for the installation, repair and maintenance of any electrical system (wiring, machinery, devices). 

It has the capability to perform functions such as domestic, commercial or industrial arrangements. Its main function is to adapt electrical power circuits and integrate them into a safe and practical system for users.

Although we are used to relating the term electrician with the installation of a lighting system or the repair of a fault in an appliance, today this profession has diverse and varied branches of application.

Today we will tell you what an electrician does, what their general functions are, what types of electricians exist and how much the average salary for practicing this profession in each country. Keep reading!

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All about the profession of the electrician

The profession of the electrician is one of the most necessary in the world, and it is quite attractive due to its high salaries and specialties. Despite this, not everything is rosy, as it also represents a challenge at the level of theoretical and practical training. 

If you are interested in the world of electricity, you can develop as a technician, engineer or installer. In turn, you can specialize in a specific branch, such as home automation, electromechanics, refrigeration systems or commercial installations.

Working with electrical energy is not something that can be taken lightly, since in the process we come into direct contact with low, medium and high-voltage electrical systems, which can represent a risk to the health of those who handle them. For this reason, the work that electricians do requires great preparation and knowledge.

The most common tasks performed by an electrician

As we discussed earlier, each specialty requires specific skills. However, there are functions that electricians fulfill in a general way: 

  • They develop and interpret structural plans in order to place wiring, switches, plugs, led lighting connections and much more. 
  • They install and operate lighting systems and electrical distribution equipment.
  • They locate possible failures in electrical systems or appliances in order to repair the problems.
  • They carry out preventive maintenance on the different equipment and installations to avoid possible failures and make sure they are safe to handle.

These are some of the activities that electricians do to ensure the proper use of electrical energy. There are other more specific tasks, and these will depend on the specialties to which the different types of electricians are dedicated. 

If you want to enter the labor market with this profession, we recommend that you first train in a general way and then choose the specialization of the area of ​​your interest. 

What are the skills an electrician should have?

The first thing we must take into account before knowing what an electrician does is their skills. Their level of service and professionalism of him will depend on these to be able to work in an area as delicate as electricity:

Sense of responsibility 

Electrician work can be a high risk under many circumstances. It is essential that the professional understands the importance of his role and assumes it with responsibility and commitment, whether for small domestic jobs or large-scale projects. The ability to concentrate and attention to detail are key elements when it comes to guaranteeing one’s own safety and that of clients. 

Flexibility and practicality

These two characteristics are fundamental since during some processes you must review and adjust mechanisms to resolve unforeseen events in a professional manner.

Ability to work under pressure 

The electrical professional must keep in mind that some scenarios may not go according to plan, so they will have to learn to work calmly and with concentration, even in high-pressure scenarios. 

Proactivity in decision making 

An electrician must have the ability to make decisions, whether working independently or in a team. In addition, it is good that you have the ability to choose, correct and change course, if necessary. 

Openness to learning 

An electrician must always be willing to learn something new. Being up-to-date in handling the latest equipment and trends in the world of technology can make the difference between a good job and a possible mistake.  

These are the most outstanding skills you can have as a professional in the area of ​​electricity. If you have them, you will be able to successfully undertake and work, either on your own or in a dependent relationship in the commercial or industrial sector. 

Types of electricians

The areas in which you can develop as a professional in electricity are increasingly varied and diverse. Some of the roles you can play are: 

  • Maintenance or installation technician
  • Solar panel installer
  • Industrial electrician 
  • home electrician
  • Handyman

Many specializations must be learned at the university level to reach engineering or technical levels. On the other hand, there are skills that you can acquire more quickly and cheaply through professional institutes. To choose the best electricity course you must do an exhaustive investigation and read diverse opinions, so you can train yourself to do any type of related work. 

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What is the average salary of an electrician?

The salary of an electrician is difficult to define, since it depends on his specialty, background and knowledge, regardless of whether he works autonomously or under dependency.

The country you live in will also make a difference. For example, in countries like Mexico, the average salary of an electrician is between $473.22 per month, in Argentina $247.96 and in Peru $365.21. On the other hand, in the United States, this amount is around $2,608 per month, just to mention a few. 


Working in the electrical sector is challenging and interesting since it is a job that requires commitment and constant training, without forgetting that it allows you to access new opportunities in various technological areas. 

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