Your education as an investment

Education as an investment

Today the competitiveness of companies is based more on the people who make them up than on the products and services they offer. The quality of human resources is the key to being successful in highly competitive and globalized markets.

In order for you to have better professional results, your education must be focused on greater productivity, and learning how to do things better and at a lower cost. If you’re thinking about going back to college for a master’s degree, forget the romance and make the decision like an investor. That is, the question you must answer is what will be the return you will get from the effort and money you will invest?

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As it is difficult to know what will happen to your profession after one or two years when you finish your studies, your best option is to choose an area in which you see clear development potential. The other clear option to increase the return on your investment in education is to minimize the cost or what you will have to invest in your own money. In other words, look for scholarships or financial support from the company where you work.

Some key points to improve the profitability of education:

  • Look for training options that point to the future. Seek to learn more about the technologies or trends that are driving growth in your profession or area of ​​work
  • Look for scholarships from the company where you work or from institutions that offer them, but avoid too many commitments that limit your flexibility for the future. For example, a scholarship to study abroad that forces you to return to your country may not be the best option because it reduces your chances.
  • Try to study and work at the same time since the most expensive part of studying may be having to stop receiving a fixed monthly income.
  • Avoid excess debt when studying because you are never sure that your income will increase in the proportion necessary to cover the cost of education.
  • Do not study by fashion or by impulse. Set a very clear objective of why you do it and have a plan to get the most financial benefit from that study.

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