What are the best pets for children?

Best Pets For Children

All of us at a certain age during our childhood have wanted to have a pet, but what are the best pets for children? Pets have been shown to have quite a positive impact on children as they grow up. Among some of the benefits of having an animal at home to accompany children are: the possibility that they have a faithful companion from whom they learn to care and respect, the stimulation of the mood, the development of empathy, and self-esteem, as well as greater social integration.

Keeping all these benefits in mind is very important when making the decision to increase the family with an animal, but the most important thing of all is to know which one. For that, here we tell you which are the best pets for children, including dogs for their sociability, cats for their long life, and rabbits for their ease of care… 

Table of Contents

1. Dogs

Are dogs the best pets for children? Without a doubt, dogs are always the most chosen option by children and families when it comes to having a pet. On the one hand, it is likely that they are the ones that can develop the greatest bond with the child as they are very sociable animals. However, the age of the child must be taken into account. If this is very small, he will not really be able to take care of the numerous care that the dog entails and will end up being more of a pet for his parents or relatives. It is recommended to wait until the child is around 6 years old so that he can participate in more tasks and care.

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2. Cats

With regard to cats, there is more discrepancy. Some believe that they are not really very suitable pets for children. This has to do with the cat’s own innate behavior: they tend to be more independent, and surly, to react negatively to certain actions as a simple game… In any case, it will also depend on the child. If this is delicate, there does not have to be any problem and they can become great friends.

3. Rabbits

It is clear that when we talk about pets, we do not have to reduce the options to dogs and cats. We can also talk about rabbits as pets for children. Unlike dogs, these are a very good option as a First pet for children since they do not require as much care, as well as being docile and quite playful. Rabbits need much less space than any cat or dog since much of the rabbit’s life will be spent in the cage, even though it also needs to spend time outside.

4. Turtles

It also happens that many want turtles as pets for children. These are also quite easy to care for. The most basic thing that the child could help with at an early age would be with feeding them and keeping their living space clean. In addition, they can be a very good option because they can grow with the child since, if they are cared for correctly, they are quite long-lived. 

5. Fish

Fish are a very good option if you want to gradually introduce the concept of pets into the family, in such a way that they can also be ideal as first pets for children when they are  4 or 5 years old. They require little care and the child could contribute to the feeding, cleaning the tank and regulating the light. However, it must be borne in mind that there are clear disadvantages: the fish does not generate any type of bond with the child and also, and its life is shorter than that of any other pet. 

6. Hamsters

As with rabbits, turtles, and fish, hamsters can easily be the routine companions of children. These animals are more sociable than in the case of a turtle or a fish and are recommended when the child is around 4 years old. In addition, they can live with the child in their own room as a large space is not necessary.

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