Seguros VIP: The Best Insurance Brokers in Peru

Broker Insurance

Do you own or drive a car and are looking for the best option for your protection, as well as for your own safety and that of your family? Do you need to find the most reliable, responsible and prestigious offer in the market? You are not the only one, because every day thousands of Peru look for the Best Car Insurers in the country, so this time they will tell you which are the best evaluated, the worst and everything you should consider in order to choose the insurance company. insurance with which you will contract your policy.

How are the Best Car Insurers in Peru rated?

The Car Insurers, according to the stipulations, will have to comply with certain rules and requirements that also organizations such as the Condusef, as well as the AMIS in charge of classifying so that once they have all these listings, they are subsequently published, thus generating public data with which it will be possible to observe what is the behavior of the insurers, according to certain compliances that are stipulated in accordance with what was agreed within their own regulations.

It is in this way, as once all the possible classifications have been made, as those that are cataloged within the list of the best car insurers in Peru are determined, that is to say, that this stands out like all those companies that They provide the financial support that you and your family need in the event of an accident, as well as the theft or total loss of your vehicle, in addition to protecting you against the different unforeseen events that may occur, such as floods or earthquakes, which cause damage. to your car.

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Meet the best broker insurance in Peru

Corredores de Seguros VIP SAC with RUC 20505829574 was born in 2003 from the experience of more than 40 years in the insurance market of Elizabeth Querol, who came to hold management positions in the main insurance companies. Since 1994 she has been dedicated to consulting and insurance brokerage.
They were the first in Peru to offer online quotes to provide information to our customers. Since 2008 our online quotes revolutionize the Peruvian insurance market.

They are supervised and approved by the Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP with registration J0645 and they have operations nationwide. They work with the main insurers in the market such as La Positiva, Pacífico, Rímac, Mapfre, HDI, CHUBB, among others. 

They are not Simple Insurance Comparators, they are Insurance Brokers / Brokers who advise before contracting the policy and at the time of needing coverage.

They are committed to providing the highest quality of service, guaranteeing the best coverage, the lowest cost, and the most complete attention to claims to each of our clients. A true Insurance Broker.
They provide personalized and flexible advice that adapts to the needs of each client, and to the realities of small, medium and large companies.

Best Insurers by Customer Service Performance Index

The Customer Service Performance Index is the measurement tool to determine the quality of customer service and compliance with insurance companies in Peru. This provides a maximum rating of 10 points according to the treatment they provide to the beneficiaries.

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