5 ways artificial intelligence will change the world


Without a doubt, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the biggest trends of the moment, as we mentioned in our blog, it is the basic tool to improve the customer experience, improve services, and facilitate the search and management of information.

Artificial intelligence is having an impact on the future of all industries. Driving emerging technologies, and will continue to act as a technology innovator for the foreseeable post-pandemic future.

Take a look at the future of Artificial Intelligence based on USC research.

In the transport

TransportationIn mobility, artificial intelligence will have a greater impact in the near future, thanks to autonomous cars that are already a reality today.

According to  Microsoft, by 2025, 100% of new cars will be connected, and by 2030, 15% of new cars will be autonomous, sending, receiving, and analyzing “huge amounts of data.”

AI use cases in transportation justify why the market is seeing a surge and why companies should adopt the technology. Take a look at some potential use cases below:

  1. autonomous vehicles
  2. traffic management
  3. delay predictions
  4. Drone Taxi

In medicine

MedicineAI algorithms will enable doctors and hospitals to better analyze data and personalize their care based on each patient’s genes, environment and lifestyle. Artificial intelligence will drive the revolution in personalized medicine.

Machine learning algorithms can learn to see patterns similar to how doctors see them.

Artificial intelligence will be a great ally in the fight against Covid-19. The volume of data currently being collected on health, viruses, and measures to prevent COVID-19 infections will continue to increase. AI will help predict demand for services at hospitals and other providers, helping administrators make better decisions about when and where to allocate resources.

In entertainment

EntertainmentTwenty years ago, a movie producer would have relied on instinct, experience, or market research to determine the kinds of movies that would resonate with audiences. Today, Netflix uses digital media (big data) to more accurately determine the genre of movies that the audience prefers and even their attention span.

Most cases of artificial intelligence applications in media and entertainment can be divided into four categories:

Marketing and publicity. The AI ​​programming will aim to help with the development of movie trailers and ad design.

Personalization of the user experience. The entertainment providers will use the artificial intelligence application to offer personalized content based on user data obtained from their activity and behavior on the website.

In cybersecurity

cybersecurityAs businesses are struggling to stay one step ahead of hackers, AI-enabled self-learning and automation capabilities can more systematically and affordably protect data, keeping people safer from terrorism or even identity theft. on a smaller scale. AI-powered tools look for patterns associated with malicious computer programs and viruses before they can steal massive amounts of information or wreak havoc.

In the business world

HPEArtificial intelligence has the unique ability to extract meaning from data when you can roughly define the answer, but don’t know how to get there. Artificial intelligence can empower people and turn data, subject to exponential growth, into knowledge, action and value.

Discover this ever-changing field and harness the full potential of enterprise AI.


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