Why is financial freedom so important?

Financial Freedom Important

The purpose of our purposes must always be identified so that we can go after the goals with better clarity.

It is likely that you are clear about what you want to do, but if we are talking about finances it is important that you ask yourself the following…

Will what I’m doing now lead to financial freedom?

It is a totally valid question, it does not mean that money should be the only thing that matters to us, perhaps I would not seek it with so much discipline if it were not because economic problems sometimes transcend sensitive issues such as health, the well-being of the family and the limitations in terms of resources and time to explore the world around us, not to mention others.

The fact that we have so many options to produce income and achieve financial freedom makes me think that if someone does not seriously intend to achieve it, it is because they have not understood its importance.

What is financial freedom?

It is not necessarily being a millionaire, a person enjoys financial freedom from the moment in which the unforeseen events that arise in life are not due to lack of money.

When you have financial freedom, you are not waiting for your boss or the company you work for to pay you at the end of the month in order to pay for the basic services of your home. When you have it, you do not go to the supermarket avoiding the aisles where the things you like are to only take home the ones you can afford to pay.

Someone free, financially speaking, can take a physical break and let his money work for him, he can travel or stay at home enjoying having in his home all the accessories that give him pleasant moments.

When money is not an issue that limits you, you can take better care of your personal growth or even more important, if you have children, ensure that they have food, education and financial support to achieve their dreams.

Why is financial freedom so important?

We have so many things to attend to that we care about more than money that are put off precisely because we do not meet the goal of financial freedom.

A mind cleared of bad debts (which I will tell you about in the next article) can rest without the recurring thoughts caused by the stress caused by not being able to meet the basic needs of any human being without suffering.

The lack of financial solvency limits families in many ways, because you cannot deny that money is essential to be able to lead a decent life.

We should not look for excuses not to leave our comfort zone in order to make money. Much less if the comfort will be greater when you have it.

If it seems very banal to constantly aim for economic development, I propose that you do it with impetus and perseverance until you achieve it, then you can direct your energies towards more noble purposes.

We feel much more functional for society and for our family when we are an element that provides solutions, and there, again, most likely the sizes of those solutions will be directly proportional to the number of digits that your income and savings balance shows.

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