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Finding an exciting project that allows you to generate extra money with what you know how to do is possible, the key is to explore your skills and if you don’t know about the subject, it will always be possible to learn something new that will help you increase your income

The biggest obstacle for some entrepreneurs is discovering their passion, since many ventures are born from having identified the purpose of life. As we mentioned in the article, a tool that will allow you to identify your reason for living, in addition to money, is the philosophy called Ikigai, which with the help of different pillars will guide you to find a balance between your passion, mission, vocation and profession.

Today we tell you some ways to earn extra money with knowledge that you already have or that you can easily acquire:

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Sell ​​desserts and earn extra money

Is pastry your thing? Perfect your knowledge and earn extra money selling different products from your home kitchen. Nowadays, baking homemade cakes or cupcakes is very popular, so people will pay to enjoy a quality dessert. You can also sell food at events, fairs, and even at your local market. 

The great thing about earning extra money making desserts is that it’s easy, flexible, and enjoyable. It’s not something you necessarily have to do on a regular basis, but if you’re ever short on cash, this option is always available. All you need is some good recipes and a clear idea of ​​what people are consuming.

Organize parties and events for friends

If you like to go out, socialize and help others make their events perfect, organizing events can be a means of earning extra money. Like the sale of desserts, this planning can be sporadic and will require a small investment depending on the type of event you want to organize. 

Some events you could organize are:

  • business-related events;
  • special parties such as birthdays, 15 years, religious;
  • sporting events, and
  • formal and informal specialized events, among others. 

Makeup lover? sell your knowledge

Makeup is an art and an industry that is likely to continue to grow for a long time, so it’s a good idea that you too can cash in on that profitability by starting a business and selling your services

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If you are a makeup lover, turn your hobby and love into a part-time job. The only thing you have to do is continue learning the trade and bet on the hundreds of ideas that you can undertake to obtain additional income. You can teach face-to-face or online classes, create a video blog, do professional makeup for events, work weekends at local beauty salons, and much more. 

Cook, sell your dishes, delight and earn money with your food

If you want to earn money with something that you know how to do very well, like cooking, turn this daily need of people into your favorite activity to have additional income. If you are not an expert, you can practice, learn and sell culinary creations worthy of an expert chef from home. Increase your knowledge and prepare dishes for all kinds of events, daily meals, bars, among other creative ideas that will surprise your customers with their flavor.

If you prefer, you can also earn extra money by teaching cooking classes, selling gourmet sweets, cooking at a local restaurant part-time or opening a specialized food blog; become a freelance recipe writer, write your own cookbook and teach others this wonderful art. 

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Create custom garments or repair your neighbors’ clothes 

Do you love tailoring? Imagine being paid to do something you are passionate about. Most people who take up sewing do it as a hobby and it may never have occurred to them to use their skills to earn money. 

You don’t have to be a great expert to earn extra money with your passion, as your skills improve, your earnings will grow. Clothing is a trade that many people take advantage of to look perfect and use the clothes they like the most.  

For you, learning how to dress, especially if you spend a lot of time at home, is an opportunity to earn additional money, as well as being relaxing, creative and well-regarded. You will be able to offer services of repair, creation and modification of garments, in any case it will be an income that only requires a sewing machine and that you perfect your knowledge about the type of clothing that you think has the greatest output such as pants, dresses, tailor dresses and others. 

Learn to repair cell phones and earn extra money 

Cell phone repair is a very frequent need today, even if you don’t know about it, you can access different courses that will give you the opportunity to earn money, through this service and from the comfort of your home. The investment in tools is not usually very high and with the knowledge acquired you can become the technological guru of your locality, whether you repair phones at home, for family or friends. 

So, do you dare to earn extra money with cell phone repair? This is a multi-billion dollar industry that requires minimal investment to start and little to no experience. Sometimes you will come across different cases to repair the same device and the experience will give you the background to build a reputation and earn more money. 

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Carrying out electrical installations

Do you like electrical installations? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for electricians in the United States in 2019 was $22.62 per hour, for this reason, if you want to earn extra money and take advantage of this knowledge in your spare time, this job is for you. 

One of the ways to obtain profitability from this work in spare time is to stand out above the competition. Otherwise, you will have to lower prices continuously and you will get lower profits. The best way to earn money in the installation trade is to focus on the area of ​​smart homes or identify common needs of daily life, the best thing you can do is have all your knowledge updated, provide quality services and be that ideal ally for your customers

Do you love doing manicures? Generate income selling your service 

Do you love to take care of someone else’s hands? Do you explore your creativity and make designs to have shiny and perfect nails? Being a home manicurist will allow you to obtain the extra money you are looking for, you only have to offer quality and highly creative treatments in the comfort of your client’s home or office. 

This is a cost-effective idea, as many women spend part of their time working, doing housework, or just want to get a treatment in their own home. Nail technicians are usually fully trained and offer flexible hours to their clients, making this job a great source of money with flexible hours for those who have a regular job. All you have to do is constantly improve.

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