How to be a millionaire woman, habits to take care of and multiply your money

How to be a millionaire woman

You would like to be a millionaire woman, but… Do you feel that your money does not pay you? Month after month are you super tight? Not enough to save? Are you going through an economic crisis and do not know how to get out?

Well let me tell you that I believe that we have all been through there, points in life in which you feel that you cannot take it anymore, that no matter how much you do, you do not see fruits and that you do not know how to get out.

One of the things that I have learned in my personal growth is that everything is in the mind and that what you focus on expands. So if you focus on the fact that there is a shortage and it is not enough for everything you want and you are thinking month after month that you are going to lack money, what do you think is going to happen? Exactly that.

And not only I say it, thousands of millionaire minds know the power of the mind, that’s why they train it every day. If you want to be a millionaire, you have to think and act like a millionaire by following habits that they follow in order to have everything they have.

1. Become aware of the programming you have on money

Since you are in your mother’s womb, you receive many teachings about money, if, for example, your parents were seeing money adjusted by your arrival, your subconscious was already recording that as a shortage.

Also, if as a child they gave you less money to spend than your friends, and you always wanted to buy what you liked, it is already a shortage.

Another situation may be in your environment, if any of your relatives had a lot of money, but they spent it drinking alcohol and cheating on their partner, let’s see that your mind could record that you do not want to have a lot of money because you do not want to go through that situation.

Most human beings have this type of programming in our minds, don’t feel bad, but it is important that you identify them so that you can change and reprogram them.

How can you identify them?

Take a pencil and paper to write down 10 of your beliefs that you feel are not letting you move forward and fulfill what you want. You can support yourself by doing the following:

  • You can ask your mom and dad how your birth was in terms of financial situation, what your childhood was like and what financial problems they had.
  • Ask your friends what kind of financial thoughts they see you having, or what phrases you always say.
  • What kind of TV shows or series you watch and let them enter your subconscious.
  • How is the society you surround yourself with economically.
  • Also write everything you think of rich people (They are bad, they take advantage, they steal …)
  • And above all, examine yourself when you think, speak and act. Have you noticed if you like to spend money badly? Or if it costs you to drop $1 to a person without a home?

2. Change those settings

Now that you have identified those schedules, it is time to reprogram. This may be the most difficult task, but not impossible, because it takes perseverance and discipline to do it every day until it becomes a habit.

Of the 10 beliefs that you wrote down now, ask yourself how you can change them to a millionaire mentality to think like a millionaire, for example, in my case they were:

By my family system

  • It is better to have little but safe.
  • You always have to buy the cheapest.

For my surroundings

  • Money is bad, people who have money steal, they take advantage of others, they are dangerous.
  • Having money will make them rob me, kidnap me or my family.

And I changed them to reschedule for:

  • Economic abundance comes to me in abundance and from different directions.
  • The money is enough for me to lead the lifestyle I want.
  • Having money is good, money is abundant in my life, and I can help others to have it too.
  • I feel abundant and I am increasingly able to create abundance and have a safe and protected heritage.

This is just an example, you can change them according to what vibrates the most with you, just remember to use affirmative sentences, because the mind does not know how to subconsciously identify when you put something negative. For instance

  • Money is not bad nor will it get robbed.

There unconscious mind is attracting more of what you do not want.

Remember to focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

By having your prayers ready, you are going to repeat them every day in front of the mirror, you can create a morning routine when you wake up and also at night before sleeping or during the day.

Remember that you are reprogramming your mind that is why you have to repeat it as many times as you have repeated the same thing that you already know about money and it has not worked for you.

You can support yourself:

  • Listening to subliminal audios.
  • Repeating affirmations of abundance.
  • Listening to podcast of people with results.
  • Reading books.

3. Stop complaining

Do you know anything else that millionaire minds have in common? No – they – complain.

Instead of complaining they look for results. They want to know how to solve their problem, and if they don’t, they look for someone who can help them.

So now you know, the next time you find yourself making a complaint, no matter how small it may be, think like a millionaire and look for a solution, and if there is no solution, because it is something that cannot change, you better not say it.

4. Without personal growth there is no economic growth

Act like a millionaire and cut your mind, read every day. Stop watching that novel or series that only makes you anxious, or does not add anything to your life other than waiting to know what will happen.

Watch videos, listen to podcasts, watch series or interact with people who bring something positive to your life.

If your mind does not broaden its horizons, it is not possible for your portfolio to do so.

There are many personal growth books like Harv Eker’s, The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, which I relied on for this post.

5. Increase your sources of income

Money is not going to fall from the sky overnight. And if you have to work to have it, but it is better to work for results than for time. That is, not by working 10 hours every day you will become a millionaire.

It’s better to work smart, and that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your life with 3 jobs. If not have more sources of income without taking all your effort.

According to the great millionaires to have financial freedom you have to have at least 7 sources of income.

You can start by creating another source of income in your spare time and doing things that you like.

6. Expand your portfolio

I was shocked when I read this and realized what it meant. If you do not expand the amount you want in your portfolio, for more money that arrives, you will always stay with the same.

Yes, that is, if, for example, a florist has in mind that she can only earn $600 per month and for some reason more clients come to her and her earnings increase to $1000, she is going to get an unforeseen $400 staying in what she defined as $600 because that is the breadth of her portfolio.

This enters the programming that you have on money, if it is your case, change itreprogram yourself every day to earn that amount you have in mind and think like a millionaire.

Those with a millionaire mind have their portfolio in millions and even if they run out of money from one day to the next they quickly get it back.

While the poor-minded only adjust the width of their wallet to allow them to live.

7. Don’t spend what you don’t have

This is you spend less than the money you put in. It may sound obvious, but not everyone follows it.

For many people, stopping using credit cards or taking out loans to pay back in months (without investing them well) is like an addiction.

If you have debts, start by paying off the smallest amount so that you will motivate yourself to continue paying them off.

And put a specific pile for each expense you have.

How do I manage my money to be a millionaire

Now I am going to share with you the method to manage and save your money, it is called the method of the 6 vases or accounts of Harv Eker. This method consists of separating your income into 6 accounts.

  1. 50% for basic needs. This account is to pay all the expenses of basic necessities like food, rent, transportation, health, debts.
  2. 10% for savings. Use only 10% to save, it can be for a trip, a car, repairing things in your house, or to have for contingencies. Just give it a purpose to make it easier for you.
  3. 10% for investments. It is not the same as saving, this section can never be spent. That is, it will always be invested, only in this way will you be able to generate more income and your financial freedom. You can invest in a business, in the stock market, in something that over time will give you passive income. Whatever the investment be sure to inform yourself well before doing so.
  4. 10% for education. The best investment is to invest in yourself, in your mental and personal growth. Invest in courses, trainings, books, and everything that contributes and adds to your life.
  5. 10% for leisure. What would life be like if you didn’t spend on fun. If there is also a section for this because it is important to have recreation. Take this section for the cinema, a concert, a trip, you can spend it on whatever you want because it is already destined for that.
  6. 10% donation. Give this 10% to someone you think needs it, do it without judgment. You can even give it to your neighbor who may need it at that time, or help a school or social project.   

 You have to apply this method every time you receive money, that is, if you are an employee and they pay you every week, fortnight or month, every time you receive the income you will do your account division. If you are self-employed, do your account division every time you make your cash court or take money as income.

The important thing is to start managing what you have, and even if you only have $1, start doing it, remember that if you want to manage millions you have to start by managing what you have.

Share me in the comments if this post helped you. Thank you very much for reading me. Blessings and good vibes.

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