How much does a typical stockbroker earn per month in India?

Stockbrokers India

There are no two stock brokers or brokerage firms that would earn the same amount every month. In fact, brokers who offer proper guidance to investors and help them earn more by saving on brokerage earn the most. One such example is Zerodha, which has risen to the spotlight in a short period of time due to its extremely low brokerage fees. Despite being one of the most recent stock brokerage firms launched in India, Zerodha has managed to get a huge number of clients and could easily be earning more than 25 lacs per month. 

The key to Zerodha is that it makes retail investors save money and invest the same in the Indian stock market to earn more. A classic Zerodha case study is as follows:

Now, if we talk about a single person who leads a team of analysts and offers securities brokerage services under the license of SEBI, then the best example would be Services: THE MULTIPLIER

The above blog team led by Abhishek Ninaniya has managed to garner an impressive list of clients from their Facebook groups and Telegram channel. Additionally, this knowledgeable leader has built the habit of “learn with profit” among thousands of retail investors through some very informative blog articles. For example, he can get information on a technical stock trading at:

Even the multiplier The team must be winning pretty well.


This question is too general in nature, the stockbroker can earn a small amount or a large amount depending on the turnover he generates with the clients he has. It is like any business, there will be people who earn small and large amounts while running the same type of business.

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