How can you lead a healthy family economy?

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The family economies are all a fantasy worthy of admiration: they are the ones who are perfectly endure year after year with an impeccable economy. However, not all of them are like that and many of them find it difficult to maintain a healthy economy due to multiple factors such as lack of foresight, lack of savings or not consuming efficiently. But do not worry, here we are going to give you some simple steps that you can follow to have a good economy at home without much effort.

Steps to have a good family economy

Next we are going to give you a series of  tips to achieve a healthy family economy. Take note!

1. Don’t hide anything: communicate!

The most important thing in a family is sincerity and honesty. Communicate how many needs you have to face and the budget you have to consume (now we talk about it) in a meeting in which you express what you see as necessary.

You should not hide anything or your children, if you have any, about your financial situation: you have to be realistic.

2. The family budget

This will be determined by the income that enters the household minus the expenses that are taken into account.

This varies depending on the family, since not everyone has the same expenses: school, more or less clothes to consume, food, lifestyles, etc. Get an idea of ​​what things you should prioritize and how you can distribute this budget.

3. Saving is essential

The main thing you have to have: a savings plan that meets the needs of each of the individuals. This means that if one of your children has to go to school we will have to spend money on school supplies, but we can save something if we buy second-hand books, for example.

Faced with possible adversities in life in which a home is having a hard time, we must always think about having an emergency plan that will free us from these difficult moments.

4. Consume rationally and intelligently

We do not need to save by spending less on what we do not use or we do not need so much (we will talk about that below), but to buy while saving: compare prices, quality and not just look at the brand.

Having a saving attitude implies that we do not have to settle for the first thing we see, but keep looking until we find that product that best suits us all.

5. Waive ant expenses

These are unnecessary expenses that a family has and that, unconsciously, they do not realize because of the low amount it involves. This is the case of a candy for the child, a coffee in the bar next door every morning or buying markers when we already have at home.

Given this, indicate that we can eradicate ant expenses if they do not really mean an improvement in our life or a really important change.

6. Avoid financing yourself

Many families try to save their finances by trying to get a loan or a loan from the bank. However, this can be an error if after a while we can’t find a way to return it.

Before this happens, it is advisable to plan, as we are doing, a savings plan that prevents us from being in this situation. Another option in extreme cases would be to ask a friend or relative for help.

7. Keep your bills up to date

The majority of families today have their invoices domiciled, but it is convenient that we take it into account in case we have not already done so. It is a simple process and it will save us many troubles.

8. Assign roles in your family

The roles on family finances normally lead parents: Who does the shopping? Who pays bills or reviews them? Who does the math?

However, we can involve our children by offering them financial education at the same time and being present when we control these situations by accompanying us at all times.

9. Make frequent reviews

Sit down weekly or monthly and take a look at everything we have spent and saved. There is always something we can improve, so we encourage you to be able to find different ways to achieve the same goals.

10. Treat yourself once in a while

That we avoid ant expenses or that we have an impeccable family economy does not mean that, from time to time, we can indulge ourselves. It is not an obligation, but it is highly recommended to lift our spirits when we need it most.

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