7 Characteristics of a thrifty person

Thrifty Person

Save, save and save. We hear it everywhere, many people practice saving and very few have a saving attitude. However, it is something that we know exists and that certain people, in a certain way, have the characteristics to be a saver or saver. If you are planning your future financially and you want to have greater security with your finances, you may be a saver and you don’t know it. Let’s find out!

The 7 characteristics that define a saver

Below you will find those characteristics that make a person a saver, that makes them think about the future and gradually generate savings.

1. We save money, we are not born learning

Let’s start at the beginning. Being thrifty is something that we acquire over time, with practicelearning and knowing how to do things well. We have to bear in mind that many people have an influence in their childhood on certain consumption habits that make them have a better saving education than others.

This does not imply that for this reason they are more skilled: personal experiences also play an important role when it comes to knowing how to save well. Going through a bad economic time, being unemployed, looking for new financial aid or helping yourself with YouTube videos to do certain actions are what can condition this factor.

Saving can be learned to value if necessary or simply as a way of life due to a confrontation with the consumerist life that we lead. So now you know, don’t be called cheap by your face: the consumer life we ​​lead has to stop at some point.

2. We are farsighted

The objective of the saver is very simple: to provide himself with money so that in the future, when he has to use it, he does not lack it.

To do this, we have to have a clear vision of how our economy works: what are our consumption habits, the income we have, the expenses we have and where the forecasts can come from. But remember! Even if you think that your new dishwasher can not break down, do not fall into the doubt that it can because it will pass (Murphy’s Law).

3. Compare prices, quality, brand, satisfaction,

Saving doesn’t just mean comparing prices. There is much beyond the price that we have to evaluate: the brand, the quality, what will satisfy us, the utility, etc. We do not stick only to something that we know we can find anywhere if later we are not going to be comfortable. It won’t do us.

Will we save on prices? Yes. Will we save on trouble? We doubt it.

4. Whims: once a year…

Let’s see, that we are savers does not mean that we do not spend foolishly on something, from time to time. The bad thing would be that we fall into a habitual one and that we fall into the false myth that cheap is expensive.

Many companies have this strategy: many of their products are cheap, but they induce us through marketing techniques to take several. So we are dividing the payment into small amounts, spending foolishly. That does not serve us.

5. We abolish consumerism

We ignore offers that say we are going to save a few euros. We ignore new products when we already have one that works well or is in good condition. We ignore the constant consumerism that makes us spend yes or yes and prevents us from having good resources for the future.

6. Effort and time cost yours

The patience is the fiercest weapon of the saver. For two reasons:

  • You have to take advantage of the special times of the year to buy things, although be careful with those sales. These times are: Christmas, summer/winter sales, Black Friday, etc.
  • On the other hand, you have to be patient with the best moments: is it really now when I should buy this mobile? Can I wait any longer? Do I need it so much?

7. Flexibility

Without a doubt, if you are one of the most flexible people when choosing a product or brand , you are a good saver. If you are not rooted in a specific brand, if you are one of those who enjoy the product more than what it is sold and give it good use, you are a good saver.

They say that those who do them best are minimalist people. They know how to live with the minimum, at the best price and without spending too much, just the right amount.

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