21 Ideas to make money online from home in 2023

Ideas to make money online from home

It is no longer a secret that you can earn money online from home. There are thousands of possibilities to do it and become a digital entrepreneur.

If you follow me for a long time, you will know that I love digital entrepreneurship and I also love helping more women to start their own digital ventures.

About 5 years ago when I was in university, I was curious to know if you could earn money online, I saw information about some people who claimed to be millionaires just for selling online, then the youtubers boom came out and that was when my curiosity increased . So I was encouraged to take the first step and began to undertake online to see if you could really make money online from home.

And what do you think? With my first earnings, I paid for a flight to Paris on my vacations. So I confirmed that if you can make money online from home, so I kept looking into more ways to do it, so far I have literally tried to sell products, services, write, make videos, images, social networks, and more.

After my journey I have received messages where they have asked me how they can start making money online from home, and finally today I am going to share with you my 20 favorite jobs.

How much can you earn online?

You work online is like any other work, you have to strive and be consistent, as a enterprising be or work for someone else. So it depends a lot on you, although in my experience I can tell you that it is easier because of the world of opportunities that there is and you can also earn in dollars.

These are my 21 favorite options to start making money online today! Are you ready?

1. Start making money online from home with a blog

My favorite idea to earn money online from home! As I told you, I have already gone through many digital ventures, and this is the one that I liked the most, one because I like to write and I have found my voice and way of expressing myself through writing, and another because it allows me to earn money online from home without having to blog all day.

2. Sell online

Something super practical to start with if you already have an inventory of products at home, you can start making money online promoting them through platforms such as Alibaba, Shopify, Amazon, only that being intermediary companies they will take a commission for your sales. If you don’t want to pay those commissions you can make your own website or advertise on Facebook Market Place.

3. Dropshipping

Dropshipping was an activity with which I realized that if I could earn money online from home, I did it in my spare time after college and with what I earned I paid for part of my first trips. What is dropshipping? It is to resell a product, but it is a product that you will not have physically with you, that is, you will only be the intermediary to make the purchase and sale.

There are several sites where you can dropship such as Ebay- Mercado libre or Amazon-Ebay.

For there to be profits you have to find the product much cheaper than how it is sold on the platform you want to offer it, that is why dropshipping is very popular with Asian products because they are low cost and you can earn them up to 5 times more. Why did you stop? Because I did not like consumerism, and I felt that I was promoting it, in addition to the fact that in most Asian products, producers are not paid a fair price and the pollution produced by the articles is immense.

Are you also worried about these social problems? You can dropship with local and conscious companies, just research the work ethic of each company well, and then make your own website with your virtual product store.

4. Sell templates online

Graphic templates are gaining popularity due to the large number of emerging content creators. It is a very profitable business to make money online from home, you do not need to be an expert in graphic design, fortunately there is a very powerful tool that I love and where it is super easy to create graphics, even if you are not an expert, it is CANVA.

If this business convinces you, I recommend making your templates in the PRO version of Canva, as it will give you many more options to create your templates and make them look incredible.

What of you can make templates? Of images for posts on Instagram, Pinterest Facebook, e-books, fyers… and whatever comes to mind.

5. Sell your art online (drawings)

Do you like to draw? Sell ​​your art! You can start selling on social networks such as Instagram or Pinterest or if you wish you can also launch approve Etsy, an exclusive platform to sell crafts.

6. Be a Freelancer

A freelancer is an independent worker, that is, you set your contract rules and contact clients on your own. You can be a freelancer practically of everything, offer your services of web development, web design, translation, university consulting, content creator, web designer, accounting advice, legal advice, cooking classes, etc.

There are well-known platforms where you can offer your services such as Upwork, FreeLancer, Workana, LinkedIn.

7. Write and sell an e-book

Have you thought about writing a book? This is your chance!

I know that writing a book takes time, and you can start, now you have the advantage that you can sell it online as an e-book and you save the trouble of going through a publisher.

And don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a 500-page book with very small print either, of course if you dare, give it all, but I mean you can start with 10-20 pages and it can be whatever you want!

It can be a cookbook, a guide to losing weight, a guide to taking beautiful photos, a guide to teaching how to sell more, a book to give tips on how to cut your hair, whatever you want! As long as it is something in which you are an expert or you study enough so that your e-book is worth every penny they will pay for it, that is to say something that differentiates you from all the information that is already on the internet.

8. Be a virtual assistant

In addition to Blogger, I am a virtual assistant and earn money online from home.

For many months I was looking to be a virtual assistant or offer my services in a foreign market, because well, as you know, salaries in Mexico and Latin America are not very good, companies ask for 10 years of experience and 100 skills from recent graduates with a super low salary, well I exaggerated a bit, but I think if you understand what I mean.

That is why I was interested in looking for work in a foreign market because that way the currency exchange benefits me.

After my insistence to search, I manifested this opportunity to be a virtual assistant (if I use the law of attraction) I currently work part time with a holistic brand that I love! And I have time to continue growing my blogger venture.

If you would like to work as a virtual assistant I can refer you, the only requirements are:

  1. Speak and make yourself understood in English (because they are foreign clients)
  2. Have technological skills (that you understand this technology well)
  3. Have a computer and a good internet connection (your work tools)
  4. Be a professional who can provide virtual assistant services (Administrative Assistant, Marketing, Graphic Design, Accountant, Web Developer, SEO Specialist, Lawyer)

9. Start your YouTube channel

If you are 25 and over, do you remember when the most famous youtubers were just getting started on YouTube? And now many already have millions of pesos and followers.

Well, if for a long time it has given you the thorn of being a YouTuber (like me), don’t waste any more time and start now.

You don’t have to have super production to get started, use what you have! You only need a camera, a space to record and define your video niche.

You never know if with perseverance and dedication in 3-5 years you can be a famous Youtuber.

10. Start your Instagram or TikTok account

The same for Instagram and Tiktok, if becoming an influencer catches your attention, enter this world today, start sharing valuable content and make Reels and TikToks (the trend of the moment), when you already have a loyal community you can start with sponsorships or sell your products or services. 

11. Develop apps or websites

If your thing is programming, you have many opportunities to grow on the internet. Start developing apps, you can sell them or make them your own business.

Or you can also offer your website creation services for either of the two, I recommend that you first make your personal site or app, and start making a portfolio of what you have created, if you still don’t have anything created, you can start making them inexpensively. It will also help you make your social networks and offer your services there, get creative, everything is valid in the digital world.

12. Launch your podcast

Podcasts are the content format that is trending. More and more people listen to podcasts, I have been listening for about 3 years and I love it.

If you think you have an important topic or niche to share via audio, start your podcast now, just like videos you don’t have to have a professional studio. You can start with the microphone of your cell phone and an editing program. The important thing is that you start now and along the way you will improve.

13. Do affiliate marketing

In the midst of the pandemic, affiliate marketing boomed. It is also one of my favorite ideas and that I apply on my blog to earn money online from home.

Affiliate Marketing consists of recommending a product or service and you earn a commission for that sale. That is, resell. There are many sites where you can see the entire market for products to resell, Hotmart, Cjaffiliates, Amazon and more.

To promote them you can make landing pages within your website.

14. Launch your online store and start making money online from home

The key to any business today: having an online store.

Make your online store, whatever you sell, start building your store today. If you do not know how to start I leave you a basic guide to start creating your website, then you can investigate a little how to add the store to your website.

15. Create a digital course and put it to resell

If selling / reselling is not your thing, then believe! If you can be the creator of digital courses, e-books, guides or any digital product, then upload it to the affiliate marketing platforms for someone else to sell them and you will have the base earnings of your product.

16. Learn from Facebook Ads / Google Ads

Many brands are trying to position themselves on the internet, but in the face of so much competition the most viable thing now is to do it through advertisements.

Learn how to advertise on Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, or other social media. Brands are starting to pay quite well for well-targeted ads and like everything to be an expert you have to practice a lot.

17. Be a Community Manager

Another of the professions of the moment, being a community manager is to maintain or create a community in the social networks of a brand, that is, the one in charge of answering comments, private messages, doubts, publishing a post and interacting with the community. 

It is a very cool job to earn money online if you love being on social networks and the best you can do it from home. You do not need to be an expert in Marketing or have the profession, but you do have to know advanced knowledge of social networks and use online tools.

18. Sell content packs

If you do not like interaction on social networks so much, you can dedicate yourself to selling content packages, that is, creating images and videos for brand social networks. You don’t have to be a design expert either, but you do have to be creative and have a good design perspective.

You can start making your designs and promoting yourself on social networks. There is a program that is very easy to use and that I love to do any type of design: Canva.

19. MLM

Multilevel companies have been and will be a very good option to earn money online from home, since I can remember my mother has worked with several companies and with perseverance and effort has had very good profits. So far the best company he’s been in (and believe me he’s been through about 10) is NIKKEN, a Japanese company that promotes wellness with alkaline water systems and more products.

20. Learn SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is search engine optimization , that is, the optimization of website content to position itself in search engines.

It is an activity that is gaining more popularity every day because websites are on the rise. If you don’t know what I’m talking about or are interested in learning more, this course will help you:

21. Be a copywriter

Have you noticed that there are texts that are so attractive and well written that they make you buy? Well that’s called copywrite or texts that sell. I did not know the term until I started in the world of blogging and social networks. There are many professionals who dedicate themselves full time to this activity, if you write and sell, this is your opportunity.

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