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This has a multitude of reasons and goes back many decades, as far back as the 50’s even, to the elderly who were very much the kind of people who kept up appearances to force other people’s perceptions to see them, their families and homes as a kind of upper-class standard. Very few people could tolerate neighbors talking in a derogatory way and this involved a lot of women. If the front of the house was unkempt, if the curtains hadn’t been washed, if the windows were dirty, or if there were rumors of funny things, then that family would be the talk of the street. It was typical for a highly dysfunctional and abusive household to be perceived as normal simply by making sure the neighbors could be seen cleaning the yard etc. The men of the house went off to work or whatever and socially made the same attempt to alter people’s perceptions by believing that their wife, family, work and home life were great and maintained acceptable social status. That status is… elegant. The pretentious middle classes were horrible for this. Even men in the military who were born into lower and middle-class families used to make up their own fancy voice. rigid. Somehow it was the norm to try to run into upper-class life from the middle and lower classes and maintaining that false image required a lot of narcissism. However, walking through their front doors, you will enter a world of abuse, dysfunction, neglect, loveless marriages, chauvinism, depression, alcoholism, adultery, mental illness, etc. Not all families were like that, of course, but those with children. who hit their teens and literally blew the nest as soon as possible, and to avoid living in those same low-level, abusive family lifestyles, they use shame to propel them to the opposite extreme and use whatever upper-class snobbery they can muster, and do some pretty wicked things to get there and act that way. or, more accurately, a high risk of their hidden histories being revealed, etc., make their children better than other people’s children, turn their homes into wannabe stately homes, start adopting a fancy vernacular, dress in fancy clothes, drive fancy cars, and attend high-class social settings. They will even shop at private stores and stores that hoi-polloi avoid as being too expensive.

Fast forward several generations and what you have now are people who were raised to remove that true inner self in order to fight for the image of the upper class. Accept, it is no longer about being elegant and eating with a golden spoon. It’s about money, fame and status among his acolytes. They are so petrified of maintaining their own imperfect individuality that they become addicted to wanting to look like those portrayed on social media and online as rich, successful, and famous, and they all look exactly the same. There is no place for individuality. Women are by far the most pathologically insecure about their true natural image, due to intense pressures to orient toward the socially acceptable image. If you are not like the majority, you are bullied, terrified, marginalized, mocked, underestimated and rejected. It is an evil and barbaric dismantling of individuality and true self-esteem. Girls now become perfect dolls just to escape the fear of imperfections and flaws. Every complexion must be flawless, every hairstyle must be salon-quality, every eyebrow must be carved like a stencil, every tooth must be gleaming white like a toddler, and everybody garment must be part of an ensemble of a mimicking look. to the rich and famous. In the last 15 years, men have started doing the same thing and now it’s almost as bad as women. But this is again because branded men on social media platforms show all these types of women huddled around men of type and it gives young men the impression that this is what they need to keep up with and imitate if they are going to get one of these. girls.

But it’s all fantasy. One of the biggest causes of depression, anxiety, and narcissism is this complete lack of self-love and self-identity. People betray every iota of their being to copy and mirror other human beings who themselves are nothing like their social media alter egos.

What a picture or video on social media of these playboys and playgirls doesn’t show is the personal lives that go on behind the scenes. These people are highly emotionally disturbed and have very few real people, friends and family around them. All you see are people living their façade and then suddenly revealing their drug addictions, alcohol addictions, sex addictions, plastic surgery addictions, depression, bipolar disorders… you name it. None of the people that young society imitates is based on a real version of a real person and real personality.

If someone loses all of their true inner self and rejects, betrays and abandons you, they become mentally ill and before they know it, they are alone and facing a serious emotional breakdown. It is a form of spitting personality syndrome and infatuation, addiction and the incessant need to be the alter ego for the acceptance of others, leaving one totally and utterly devoid of value, purpose, self-esteem, fulfillment, satisfaction, and happiness. , love and in general, a clean and healthy life free from the intoxication of mass materialism, greed and falsehood that does nothing but send you in the direction of an inescapable maze that takes as long to get out as it does to get in, and you can leave it all.

This is the society we are seeing today. People who are so concretized in the middle of the materialistic labyrinth that they are now totally lost, confused, disoriented, scared and aimless.

The problem they have then is when they finally come back to themselves for much-needed help, the damage and atrophy that they have allowed to spiral out of control will be so severe that the knowledge and lucid rationality required will render them incapable and asleep of all reason, logic and healthy conscience. Once again, we are seeing this now in the form of angry, chaotic reactivity!


Why do they imitate someone? «s style, accent, postures, habits, or profession?

Because sometimes people think he’s cooler or finds him more attractive. I am trying to acquire a completely British accent, although without much success. Why? Because somehow I find it attractive. Should you try it too? It is absolutely your choice. You say it’s not a choice, sometimes people do it because of peer pressure. However, whether to resist peer pressure or give in is still your choice.

Is it possible to be ourselves anyway?

It depends on what you are originally and what is your goal in life. To be accepted in most social circles, you must be reasonably polite and know some etiquette and manners (the importance given to them depends on the circle and the culture). If you are somehow lacking and want to be part of a respected professional or social circle, you have to accommodate them. Does it mean you can’t be yourself? NO. People will judge you based on what you do and say, not what’s going on inside your head. So whether you’ll let the customs and etiquettes of a society define you or just adapt those customs (without changing whatever you think is inside) is entirely your choice. Take the example of a stewardess. She invariably has to adapt to the manners and etiquette that the airline requires and her job profile depends entirely on how others (her employer and passengers) perceive her. Whatever she believes she is originally is completely irrelevant and her work profile will dictate the accents she speaks, the way she walks, the way she dresses, the way she addresses a stranger and many things while is on duty. Even what kind of figure he wants for her.

On the contrary, if you can somehow afford to live a completely isolated life (not being part of any circle or network) and do or buy whatever you want, then you don’t need those manners and etiquette. In other words, you have complete freedom (within the limits of the law) to be yourself when you don’t have to depend on other’s perceptions of you in any way. What if Warren Buffet retires from his profession altogether? He has enough for a few lifetimes, not to mention his rather advanced age and dividend earnings. He can order whatever he wants and just sign his checks. Absolutely no need for appearance or etiquette.

In short: if you want to be yourself, be like someone else, or just act like someone else, it’s your choice. But you must make your choice in the context of the professional social position you have or want for yourself.

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