What is a person who eats meat and vegetables called?

Meat Vegetables

People who eat meat and vegetables are omnivores. They eat everything. They are normal eaters.

Today, some people cut meat out of their diets for ethical reasons, which is quite understandable and even honorable nowadays. They are vegetarian.

Others choose to eat fish but not animals. They are Piscatarians. They are not vegetarian (and personally, I am annoyed that they call themselves vegetarian, but they will tolerate a bit of lobster or a bit of wild salmon).

Some people do not eat products from animals, birds, insects, or fish. They are vegan. They even avoid honey! (Unfortunately, while I have respect for vegetarians, I’ve seen far too many vegans who are simply hiding their anorexia and whose humanitarianism doesn’t extend to family, friends, or strangers…That’s a biased view, I admit.)


  • An omnivore will eat all food groups, animals and plants.
  • Carnivore is similar to omnivore and is used when you want to make a point that meat is included, but other food groups are not ruled out.
  • A pescetarian eats all groups of plants and fish; no other meat. He also usually eats eggs, milk, etc.
  • A vegetarian eats plants, without meat of any kind, but also eats animal by-products like eggs and milk.
  • A vegan avoids all products of animal origin, both meat and eggs, milk, etc. If their reasoning is moral, not health, they will also avoid leather clothing or any product made with an animal as an ingredient.

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