How to save a bird with a broken wing


A bird with a suspected broken wing should be handled very carefully so as not to worsen any injury. We recommend, if possible, covering the bird with a towel to minimize stress and movement. Wrap the towel around the bird, holding the wings against the body. Many birds are more comfortable if their legs are supported when possible. Always keep the beak and claws away from your face to avoid injury.

Most small birds can be successfully contained in a cardboard or shoe box. For large birds, a carrier designed for cats might be better if the bird is still alive and determined. If you use a cardboard box, make sure the lid is secure to prevent leakage and that there are enough ventilation holes. A towel on the bottom will make the bird more comfortable. Put the box in a warm and quiet place and keep children and pets away.

If the bird has been caught by a cat, you need to seek urgent help. The bird will need to be given antibiotics within hours of being bitten or it can develop fatal sepsis. Some wildlife rescues are available 24/7 for this type of emergency and we try to give some indication of availability in our listings. You can also contact local veterinarians; Although they will not have long-term care facilities for the bird, they may be willing to provide a single dose of antibiotics. Some may even do it for free or at a greatly reduced price.

It is generally not necessary or advisable to provide food and water if you are going to rescue the bird quickly. Never try to force water a bird as it is very easy to drown and never offer cow’s milk or alcohol.

The bird is likely to be shocked or weak, so supplemental heat can be very helpful. here. You can place a towel-wrapped hot water bottle at one end of the box, either inside, under, or to the side of the box, making sure the bird can get away from the heat if desired. If the bird begins to pant, remove the heat source immediately.


Depending on the type of bird, I usually leave it behind. If it’s an invasive species, I’d practice standard procedures on it, but never release it back into the wild.

Something as common as a pigeon, a raven, robins, pigeons and what have you, it is better to let them say. They are part of the cycle and yes it sucks they will probably be hunted but they will provide fuel for a predator or some vegetation.

Although rare birds need a professional to give them the best chance of survival. It’s not hard to leave it at wildlife rehabilitation centers (for any bird) and they will provide it to the best of their ability. However, I am curious to know what kind of bird you have found, if you have a photo, can I see it?

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