15 Practices to be an empowered woman

Be an empowered woman

We have all admired at least one empowered woman who appears in movies, novels, series or women who are famous on social networks at some time in our lives; We admire their self-confidence and although their beauty also stands out most of the time, what strikes us the most about a woman is that empowerment and energy that they transmit.

And perhaps it has crossed your mind to believe that you cannot have that same confidence in yourself, you see it as something very distant, perhaps because of your life history or because of circumstances that come to your mind. 

And I do not blame you, history and the world led by the male sex have made us believe that we are less important through physical, psychological, sexual, social abuse, but finally things are changing and we are fortunate to be living one Of the most revolutionary times where being a woman is regaining its importance, these are times where our emotions are afloat and there is no better time to awaken our empowerment that has been saved for centuries.

In this post I share ways to empower you every day and that have served me.

1. Repeat affirmations

Something that has helped me elevate my thoughts and empower me is repeating to my mind what I want to be through affirmations.

Affirmations or decrees are powerful phrases that help us change our beliefs, thought patterns, or programming.

These decrees will gradually enter your subconscious and help you to believe that you are what you are repeating.

For instance:

  • I am an empowered and successful woman.
  • I have ideas of success.
  • I love every cell in my body and it is beautiful and perfect.

2. Learn continuously

One of the main ways to empower yourself is to learn, inform yourself, document yourself, read , not stick with what your parents, friends, family or other people told you about a topic, and not because they are not right or because you do not want to follow their advice, it is to create your own truth. 

Many times what others tell us does not make sense to us or we do not agree, but we do not have a way to defend our truth because we are not informed, or it may also be that they have given us that thorn to seek more.

Now more than ever we have a very powerful source of information: the internet. Make the most of it.

At the end of the post I give you recommendations to continually learn with the internet content that we consume daily.

3. Try something new

Something that empowers me a lot is realizing that I can master what I dared to do to get out of my comfort zone.

Try it! It can be a small action like making a new recipe or a bigger challenge like moving to another country, empowerment comes from learning and acquiring new skills.

 I can tell you that of all the things, the most empowering is when I lived in Germany for a while, my personal growth was incredible and I realized that I was capable of doing whatever I wanted.

4. Adopt a positive mindset

You can’t be an empowered woman if you keep thinking negative things. Put negativity aside and start by seeing the positive side of everything that happens to you.

Be careful, that does not mean that you fall into extreme positivity where you always have to be smiling and pretend that nothing happens when the world is falling; What I mean is that you are optimistic, that you see the learning of each experience, in the end we come to this world to experience life and from all experiences there will be something positive to learn. 

Also, by the law of attraction, something positive is more likely to happen if we think it will be positive. 

5. Take risks

Wait, I don’t mean to go and jump off a cliff without any protection, that kind of risk is not the one I want to share with you. 

I mean that sometimes we don’t dare to do something because we see it as a “risk” that is, we are “afraid” of it, and what do you think? Life is out of fear! Are you afraid of failing? Are you afraid of what they will say? Are you afraid of disappointing your family? Please let go of that fear and dare to take those “risks”, dare to undertake what you want, to say what you think, to dedicate yourself to whatever you want, to take your own path…

Remember there is only one life and we are here to experience it and live it to the fullest.

Imagine what your life would be like in 10 years if today you don’t dare to take that “risk”, now imagine it if today you dare to risk yourself and go for what you want.

Which life did you like the most?

6. Leave victim mode

An empowered and successful woman is never a victim. 

A victim is someone who is waiting for someone to solve her life, an empowered woman takes responsibility for her life and will solve herself.

Being empowered is taking charge of your life and being aware that you are the only one responsible and creator of your reality.

It is learning from each situation, no matter how “bad” it may be, it is to stop complaining about something and get up and find a solution.

7. Break patterns

Maybe what they told you about how a woman should be is not really how you should be. Remove the stereotypes from your mind, you do not have to wear a dress just because they told you that women “should” wear a dress, or stay with your partner when you no longer want to be there just because you already married her.

How to break patterns? Get to know yourself, question each of your behaviors, if you don’t know why you behave like this, why do you keep doing it? Just because your family or friends do it too or because culturally it is like that?

Maybe you are not living the life you want because of the patterns you follow.

The key is to learn to know yourself, love yourself, and discover your truth.

To be an empowered woman you have to discover your truth.

8. Exercise

Whether you want to stay in shape or just do it because you like it or because you want to feel good.

Move, walk, run, jump, dance, do what you like the most, but move your body. We are not static, we are dynamic beings who occupy ourselves with movement to feel alive and happy.

Exercising reduces anxiety, depression, relaxes your brain and improves your mood making you feel like a more confident, empowered person and increases your happiness.

9. Raise your self-esteem

Self-love is having great respect for your well-being and happiness, it is taking care of yourself, your needs, taking responsibility for your actions, and not sacrificing your well-being to please others.

Having self-esteem does not mean that you are always going to like how you look or how you act, or that you think that you are the most beautiful and intelligent person in the world.

It means that you are going to accept your ways of being, your weaknesses and strengths, and that what you don’t like you are going to give everything to improve it.

10. Learn to say no

Many times you don’t want to do something, but in order not to “look bad” or to put others first before you, you don’t know how to say no. It’s okay to say no when you don’t want to do something. You cannot do everything for everyone, it is not healthy to leave yourself last.

Saying “no” to what you don’t want to do makes you realize your priorities and the value of your time and effort, thus empowering yourself and putting your energy only on what your effort is worth.

11. Express yourself 

For many years women have been subdued, being silent and going unnoticed. The phrase “quiet, you look prettier” became so popular that we believed it. We have hidden our negative feelings and opinions to see ourselves more “educated” “good girls” or not seem “crazy”.

Well no, be quiet, you DO NOT look prettier. Beauty has nothing to do with it.

Express what you think and what you feel. At first it will be difficult, I can understand it, I was one of those who always believed that silence was good, I went through a lot of abuse and bullying and I never dared to tell because they made me believe that this was not important enough, that women endure everything, that men by nature are in a certain way and as a woman there is nothing to do or it just made me feel sorry for them; Believe me, after expressing everything that I had kept quiet about, I had a very great liberation.

And I don’t just mean talking, empower yourself by letting your body express itself, sing, dance, move, release and expand your energy.

12. Surround yourself with people in your same or higher vibration

Around there I read once “You are not a tree, If you don’t like where you are, move!”

Many times due to our childhood wounds we accept a wrong “love” from those around us.

We come to accept teasing, lies, rejections, disinterest, all in order to fit in one place, without realizing that we are hurting ourselves.

All the people who cross our path are our teachers of life, we attract the vibration we are in and they reflect a part of us that we have to heal.

Within your healing path you decide until when to heal and realize the people who make you feel good and those who are just repeating the cycle and avoid healing

What you do not heal is repeated.

Start by surrounding yourself with those people who add you to your life.

And if your circle of friends is reduced to nothing, don’t worry, you will find people who are going to vibrate just like you.

Join groups, go to the places that you would like to be accompanied and you will see that you will find better friendships and you will feel like an empowered woman.

13. Don’t compare yourself 

The comparison makes us disconnect from ourselves, from that union we have with our being.

How many times are you on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, seeing those ‘super bodies’, those perfect lives full of trips, cars, luxury houses, perfect meals … but what do you think most of us only upload less than 5% of our day , and it is usually the part where we feel happiest.

In the networks you do not see much the moments of sadness, anxiety, depression, anguish, frustration … so do not compare yourself, we are all humans who are trying to give our best face to the world, but in the end only each of us knows that battle is going on.

Remember that most of the time when you compare yourself you are telling yourself that you are less than the person you are seeing, or vice versa, and this makes you feel sad and insecure or superior to the other person.

We are all unique beings, accept yourself as you are, it is the best way to give yourself love and empower yourself every day.

14. Believe in yourself

You remember all the magic that happened when as a child you believed in Santa or the Magi for 7-9 years and then you realized that it does not exist. If you exist and you are real, why not believe in yourself ? Can you imagine all the magic that would happen?

I’m sure that around you there are several people who admire you in at least one thing, believe in you and are sure that you do something well, but many times we are our greatest saboteurs, because we are the first to say “no, I’m not good enough” “someone else does it better than me, it doesn’t make sense to continue” or phrases like these.

Woman stop sabotaging yourself and take out your empowermentbelieve in yourself, you can do everything you set out to do, if there is already someone else who did it, fantastic! Then you can do it too, and if there isn’t someone who has already done it, double fantastic! Well, you will be the first to do it.

You are and will be your main motivator and the first person who must believe in yourself.

15. Network 

Have you heard the phrase: Go alone and you will get there faster, go with someone and you will go further? It is most true.

Connect with more people, if you are an introvert and it is difficult for you to do so, stretch a little in this regard, get out of your comfort zone, dare to socialize.

By making connections with people we always learn something new and it leads us to discover our power and truth.

Surround yourself with more women and men who support what you do, make a tribe, a space where they can support themselves and express themselves.

Make women’s circles to build and edify, not to be badmouthing other people.

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