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How to EARN MONEY online from home for free【2023】

Earning money online safely is already a reality. The network of networks is an ocean full of opportunities to get extra money every month from the comfort of your home. Like thousands of others, I have done it and you can too. Seriously, don’t hesitate for a moment 😎

Even so, as in any job in real life, you have to dedicate time and effort, here nobody gives anything away. Whoever thinks that they are going to get a lot of money fast by reading this blog, forget about it. We are not going that way here. The goal is for you to have a guide from where you can achieve your own goals. Therefore:

👀 Be careful, if you think that here I am going to show you how to earn large sums of money in a short time and without doing anything, I will tell you now before you continue reading:  NO. This blog is not about miracles or anything like that. Okay? 😀

My name is Tino and in this blog, I want to share with you the different ways I use to earn money online from home in this year 2023. What started as a simple hobby a few years ago has become my main source today. income, even above my job. Something surprising and that I never imagined.

It is likely that if you have come this far it is because you want to achieve exactly the same thing, right? Living in a more comfortable and independent way, without bosses, with flexible schedules and doing what you really like. Or maybe your goals are more modest and you are simply looking to generate extra income every month.

In either case, I think my experience can be of great help to you, especially to avoid making certain rookie mistakes, to know exactly how money is made on the Internet (legally, of course) and, of course, to be up-to-date with the best opportunities today. How about? Shall we start? 🙂

Is it real that earn money online?

Yes, of course it’s real. It is common for people who are beginning to be interested in this world of online business, do not believe that you can really start earning real money. Distrust and fear of being deceived is something logical and completely normal. I also had those feelings in my beginnings.

However, with a little common sense and patiently searching for the right information in the right places, I quickly realized the huge and varied business opportunities that exist to generate income online in a reliable, secure and sustained way over time. Every day there are more!

And right here, at Dinerobits, I want to show you all those opportunities in the form of articles and tutorials so that you can verify it. In addition, I will show you the payment receipts that I receive from the different  sites that I use on a personal level  and that, logically, you will be able to see in each of the articles dedicated to said businesses.

In addition to serving as proof, the receipts of the different payments that I am receiving, I think they can serve as an exceptional source of motivation , especially for all those people who are interested in Internet businesses but who, in one way or another, need a little “push” to get started.

Without going any further, in my beginnings what most motivated me to continue working were the payment receipts that I saw on the Internet (in forums, blogs, etc.), some of which seemed impossible to obtain.

As time has passed, I have realized that nothing is impossible and that when you put your all into something, you can achieve incredible things. It is something that you will check when you see some of my income 😉

✅ What will you find in this blog?

  • Many ways to earn money from home totally free.
  • Tutorials, analysis and proof of payment of each one of the businesses.
  • Articles on how to generate money online without scams or deception.
  • Accurate and updated information on a daily basis.

🚫 What will you not find in this blog?

  • Miraculous methods to earn thousands of euros overnight.
  • Courses or guides to become a millionaire with incredible businesses.
  • Infallible systems to earn money without doing anything.

Can anyone make money from home?

Yes, without a doubt, although most fail in the attempt. Because? Well, normally it is usually for the same reason: lack of patience and perseverance, two mandatory virtues in this world. Business principles are always tough, both in real life (offline) and on the Internet.

Inevitably, this means that at first you will start out earning very little (you will really add up penny by penny), but as you learn and dedicate more time to it, you will begin to see much more satisfactory results and generate much larger amounts of dollars and euros.

However, contrary to what happens when you open a normal business (I know what I’m talking about, I’ve had one), on the Internet you can start from scratch, without having a penny, without asking anyone for money, without any investment and, above all, from the comfort of your home and without any type of schedule or obligation.

In my opinion, they are advantages that you cannot ignore, since they are very relevant and can make the difference between succeeding as an entrepreneur or failing in the attempt. For this reason, if you have considered (even minimally) the option of living off the Internet and changing your lifestyle, I encourage you to at least try it.

On the other hand, some of the most common questions that a large number of people ask themselves before venturing into this world are the following:

🙋‍♂️ Do you have to be a certain age?

Not at all. Although there are some pages that only allow registration to people of legal age, 95% of the sites that you will see in this blog are for people of any age and condition. Namely:

  • Retirees looking to earn extra money to supplement their pension.
  • Young people and adolescents who want to earn an income in a simple way to be able to pay for their expenses and/or whims.
  • Normal people who cannot find a job and who are looking to make a living on the Internet.
  • Workers looking to earn additional money to supplement their salary.
  • Entrepreneurs with few economic resources who want to know how to earn money online without investing, to later set up their own projects.

🌎 Can you earn money on the Internet from any country?

Yes, most of the pages to earn money without investing that you will see in this blog are valid for users from all countries. In any case, in the description of each of them you will find the exact information in this regard.

However, this is something that should not worry you too much, since despite the many restrictions that certain governments want to impose, popular wisdom says it very clearly:

“You can’t put doors on the field.”

That is to say, although in some countries such as Cuba or Venezuela their citizens are suffering continuous blockades and restrictions when it comes to browsing the net, there are tools that allow them to efficiently avoid all these types of controls and enjoy anonymous, safe and secure browsing. without any limits.

To achieve this, you simply have to use one of the many VPN services that you can find on the Internet. The acronym VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, that is, virtual private network. Its operation could not be simpler. Basically, it is about redirecting your browsing to the VPN and, from there, going to the final URL.

  • Normal navigation: You → Destination URL
  • Browsing with VPN: You → virtual private network → destination URL

In addition, the most popular VPN services tend to have a very affordable price, which you will pay for in no time if you are consistent and really serious about earning money online. So, don’t worry if you live in a “problematic” country, because no one can stop you from knowing the whole truth about how to make money from home 😉

As for free VPN services (which there are too), forget about them. They are very limited, they are very insecure and they put your privacy at risk.

💳 Is it necessary to have a credit card?

No. Almost all of the sites we work with are completely free and will pay us through electronic processors such as PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, Neteller, AirTM, bank transfer, etc. It’s as easy as opening an account in each of them (it’s free) and you’ll be ready to receive your earnings.

So, if you are a persevering person, with patience, you like the Internet and you want to start earning money online in a gradual, reliable and serious way, you are in the right place 😉

💸 I need to earn urgent money without investing: Can you help me?

Despite living in the most advanced time in human history, the vicissitudes that people face remain practically the same as always, especially at an economic level.

For example, losing your job overnight or facing an unexpected illness are reasons enough for your economic needs to suddenly change completely and you start looking for how to make money without money, something that, although sounds paradoxical, it makes all the sense in the world.

Although I sincerely hope that you do not find yourself in any of the two previous situations, if so, in this blog you will find a lot of ways, methods and ideas to generate money (sometimes fast, and others not so much) that can help you a lot.

🤑 What are the advantages of passive income?

Contrary to what happens in most jobs that you can perform physically, working through the Internet not only allows you to earn active income, but also the popular and coveted passive income. And it is that, in case you did not know, the differences between them are quite remarkable. Namely:

👉  Active income 

They are those that you receive for carrying out a certain activity within a previously agreed period. The clearest example of this type of income is the salary you receive monthly when practicing a profession in person at a specific company. Come on, the typical job of a lifetime.

In the case of working online, performing crowdsourcing tasks, completing online surveys or writing articles for other websites, these would be some examples of activities that can provide you with the same income as before, that is, those that you will receive when you finish the corresponding job.

Therefore, when you don’t work, you don’t get paid.

👉  Passive income 

They are those that are generated on a recurring basis after having carried out an initial job, so it is not necessary that you repeat it again to continue obtaining continuous profits and even for life.

Creating and monetizing a YouTube channel, inserting advertising in a blog with your own content, promoting affiliate links or writing an ebook, would be four clear examples.

Luckily, the more than 40 ways to earn money online that you will see shortly (if you keep reading, of course 😛) allow you to obtain both types of income, both active and passive.

It goes without saying, of course, that the latter is much more attractive than the former, although in my opinion, the combination of both is the key to success. You will find out why later.

How to get money on the Internet? What I need?

Starting to earn money from home does not require any type of investment or initial outlay, however, you will need some essential “tools”.

• 💻   A computer. It can be desktop or portable, it is completely indifferent. It does not matter if it is old or has few benefits. Internet businesses hardly consume resources at the hardware level. A mobile phone or tablet can also help.

• 📶  An Internet connection. This is obvious, isn’t it? 😛

• ✉  An email. Although anyone can do, from my experience I can tell you that it is best to use one from Gmail. In addition, the ideal is that you have a specific one for this type of activity, that is, different from the one you normally use personally.

• 💰  An account with at least one payment processor. It is best to have several in your portfolio to take advantage of the potential of all the pages. In the help section (at the top right of the blog), you will find all the ones I use. A little later I will tell you about the most important ones.

• 💪  Eager to work. As I said at the beginning, earning money online is not an easy task, so at the very least, you will have to spend some time and effort.

How to earn money online: the 42 most reliable methods

In this blog you will find many pages to start earning free money on the Internet. The variety is immense and you will surely find one that suits your tastes and/or needs. At least I hope so, since it has taken me several years to compile, verify and write all of them 😉

As you will soon see, almost all of the sites and pages that I use today are to earn money without investing, which, whether you like it or not, always provides quite an important plus of peace of mind and security, especially at the beginning.

In addition, most of the people who start in this world do not have capital, so the fact that 99% of the methods are free, is a perfect opportunity to start working from minute one (without the handicap that means having to pay money at the first exchange).

So that you don’t get lost among so many available options, I have organized them all into 42 different categories, which will increase as I discover or use other ways or methods. They are the following:

1.- Permissive email marketing emails

In these companies we will earn money by opening advertising emails that will reach us by email. These emails usually lead to other pages with all kinds of offers and promotions, although the only condition to receive our reward will be to open said emails, without cheating or cardboard 😉

It is a simple and free way to add extra money. We will only use serious and reliable sites that pay on time. The way to receive the money will almost always be through processors such as PayPal, Skrill and bank transfer.

The 11 most common online marketing mistakes made by entrepreneurs.

2.- Online paid surveys

On these pages we will earn money for completing surveys and giving our opinion on products, brands and services. We will only use free sites that do not require any type of payment or subscription.

Without a doubt, generating money online with online surveys is one of the best ways to get an extra salary on a monthly basis, so this type of page should not be missing from your online business portfolio. The most famous of all is ySense.

Some of the most outstanding advantages of this type of platform to earn money without investing are the following:

  • You don’t need any technical skills or knowledge.
  • There is no type of commitment and you can unsubscribe whenever you want.
  • You can comment and answer surveys from anywhere with your mobile phone.

On the other hand, the minimum amounts to be able to collect are usually quite small, so that anyone who wants to work can reach them with relative ease. The usual payment method on these pages is usually PayPal.

On the Internet you will find hundreds of opinions of all kinds regarding this way of earning income online, since in some countries you can earn a lot of money and in others it is barely enough to generate a small extra sporadic and inconsistent income. The only way to find out is to see for yourself.

► More information on how Will Money Exist in the Future? Exploring the Evolution of Currency and Transactions.

3.- Paid advertising and PTC sites

Surprising as it may seem, there are many pages where you simply have to view ads to earn money. In most cases, you’ll just be able to click on the links in those ads, without even having to see them.

For this and many other reasons, it is one of the most popular and widespread methods to earn money on the Internet. The quantity and variety of sites of this style is immense. In addition, its use is extremely simple and suitable for anyone. The most famous site of all is undoubtedly NeoBux.

Another advantage of these types of sites to earn money by viewing advertising is that they are used by users from all countries, so wherever you are from, you can register and start earning income easily and free from the first moment. Not that much is earned, but it all adds up 😉

4.- Savings and cashback system

Pages where we will save and earn money with our usual purchases on the Internet. For each purchase made,  they will return a percentage of it, something that is commonly known as cashback or money back. It is a very beneficial business model for everyone.

In addition, these types of platforms have evolved over the years and now they also have other very interesting ways to earn free money, such as viewing videos, registering on other pages, exclusive offers, etc. They are very complete!

If you are that type of person who loves to save and save the money that comes out of his pocket as much as possible (and who values ​​what it costs to get), do not hesitate to take a look at these types of pages. I assure you that later you will not be able to live without them 😎

► In the category of money with cashback you will find all the ones we use in the blog.

5.- Online investments

We will analyze places where we can get very good returns for our savings with the minimum possible risk. Our two fundamental guidelines in this type of sites will always be prudence and diversification.

For this, we will use whenever possible the money that we generate in the rest of the free pages, which will mean that our pocket will not be affected in practically any case. In any case, this type of page will not represent in any case more than 5% of our online business portfolio.

As I said at the beginning, our main goal is to earn money on the Internet without having to invest. However, remember that you will only find subjective opinions here based on my own personal experience. You should always do your own research and establish your own investment criteria responsibly.

► More details on how to earn money by investing.

6.- Promotion pages and social networks

Social networks today are one of the best ways to earn money online for free. In addition to generating income, these sites will allow you to build followers and increase your social presence. This aspect is essential to growing your online projects and businesses.

There are many platforms that are looking for influencers with a good number of followers to promote all kinds of campaigns. In return, you will receive economic remuneration practically without doing anything. Very interesting! 😎

► All the details about earning money with social networks.

7.- Make money playing for free

Earning extra money while having a great time playing a variety of games sounds good, huh? Well, it’s completely real. As I said at the beginning, the Internet offers incredible opportunities 😉

On the blog you will find different pages that will allow you to win gifts, prizes and money just for playing for free. In this section you will also discover free sites where you can earn real money betting on your favorite sports without risking a single euro. In addition, you will also see other games of strategy, simulation, chance, etc.

While it is true that for many years this way of generating income was more of a simple hobby (lots of fun and little benefit), today this has changed radically. For example, the blockchain-based video game industry and NFT projects are moving hundreds of millions of dollars a day.

► Do not hesitate to visit our section on how to earn money playing.

8.- Applications for mobile devices

Free apps to earn money comfortably with your mobile phone. It is one of the easiest ways to generate extra money from anywhere. Also, if you are looking to earn money quickly (albeit in small amounts) and without any complications, it is a method that you will love.

Also, you don’t have to worry about which operating system you currently have, as there are apps for both Android and iOS devices. As a general rule, rewards are received with cash through PayPal or gift vouchers to buy on Amazon.

On the other hand, you will not only find a wide variety of different applications, but also a wide range of tasks to perform to generate income within each of them. Some pay you to play games, others to give your opinion in surveys, others to watch videos, and there are even apps that pay you to walk. There is everything! 😮

► Take a look at the best applications to earn money with the mobile that exist today.

9.- Affiliation platforms

Affiliate systems are based on writing, speaking, recommending or giving an opinion about certain products and services. Later, when a visitor or reader performs a certain action (purchase, registration, subscription) through your personalized link, you will receive a commission.

At first, it may seem that it is not a system that can generate too much income, but it is just the opposite. If you manage to have a website with a lot of traffic, the profits can be huge. There are even several successful bloggers and youtubers who have become millionaires with this 😮

In different articles I will show you the affiliate platforms that I use myself and where you can promote dozens of products, companies and services and get very good commissions. In addition, the advantages inherent in this way of earning income are really attractive:

  • No investment is necessary.
  • Affiliate platforms are 100% free.
  • Withdrawal minimums are usually low.
  • You can talk or write about almost any topic.

Regardless of the theme of your site, do not hesitate to take a look at these types of platforms. I’m sure you’ll find something you can get an economic return on. Earning money with blogs or web pages has never been so easy.

► More information on how to make money with affiliate marketing.

10.- Freelance work from home

Online communities for buying and selling small services are one of the best opportunities that currently exist for all those who seek to work from home in what they like best and are good at.

On these platforms, a multitude of services can be offered starting at $5, so if you are an expert in some type of subject, here you will find the best solution to make yourself known and earn an extra salary from the comfort of your home.

► See how to earn money online as a freelancer.

11.- Online sale of photographs

If you like photography and on top of that you want to earn extra money with it, on the Internet you will find multiple platforms where you can do it. Free sites that will facilitate the entire process of uploading, displaying and selling your photos.

If you have a wide and good quality catalog of photos, it can be a great opportunity to make your talent known and who knows whether to make the leap to professionalism. Also, once uploaded, the photos become a source of passive income where you don’t have to do anything else.

► Discover the best ways to earn money selling photos online.

12.- Youtube and other video platforms

The most famous online video platform in the world has become a real gold mine. Thousands of people are already earning money with their YouTube channel, in which their job consists of uploading videos that are later monetized through advertising from partners such as Adsense, Machinima, TGN, etc.

Any theme is conducive to creating a channel and being successful with it, although there are some that are especially ideal for this sector, such as video games and/or humor. YouTube has become a platform where anyone, young or old, can earn extra money and even make a living from it .

Earning money with YouTube has become a real profession, so if you have ever thought about it, now is the time 😉

► More information about how to earn money with Youtube.

13.- Sale of electronic books

The purchase of electronic books has become an unstoppable phenomenon that is little by little relegating reading on paper to the background. Whether you are an amateur writer or a veteran, the Internet may be the great opportunity you were looking for to make yourself known and perhaps earn a living from it. Of course, it is the best moment in history to try it 😎

However, you must bear in mind that the entry bar in this sector is much lower than in others (something that is positive in principle), but that it also inevitably translates into greater competition.

So, you should not only do your best to write good books, but also to improve the final quality of the product (cover, edition, etc). Some tips that can help you in this regard are the following:

  • Before you start writing, do a little market research.
  • Make sure your book topic has a decent potential audience, but without too much competition.
  • Do not hesitate to invest in a good professional editor.
  • Hire a good graphic designer to make a good cover.

The possibilities to work as a freelance writer are immense and the steps to get started are much easier than in conventional literature. Do not hesitate to take a look at our basic tips to start on the right foot to earn money writing. I leave the link below.

► Where and how to start earning money selling electronic books.

14.- Earn money with a blog

A blog is the best tool to start making money on the Internet, there is no doubt about that. A blog allows you to express your ideas and knowledge to the rest of the world, with all that that entails. Through it, you can let others know which pages you work with, what results you have on them, what products and/or resources you use, and so on. All this has enormous potential.

By working honestly and sincerely, you can create a community of followers who read your content and trust you, and that is invaluable. A successful blog can become a true machine for generating passive income regardless of its theme: cooking, sports, health, games, travel, technology, making money online, etc.

Choose a topic that you are passionate about and about which you can write and contribute things of value to others and create a blog, you will not regret it. You can have a professional blog running for little money and in exchange, you can get thousands of euros if you work with perseverance, discipline and dedication. It is not an easy path, but nothing in this life (if you work honestly) is.

If you are looking for how to get money in a  safe and stable way, do not hesitate and start a blog as soon as possible. Start earning money with a blog now 😉

► More information on how to create a blog to generate income online.

15.- Bitcoin and other virtual currencies

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is completely revolutionizing the world of currencies. Its value is constantly growing and there are more and more sites that accept it as a method of payment and collection.

For a few years, the number of pages where we can get small fractions of this virtual currency has been growing at a dizzying rate.

Taking into account that these sites are completely free of charge and available to users from all countries, it is a great opportunity to earn free money on the Internet with relative ease.

As if this were not enough, if the trend in its price continues to rise as in recent years, we could find ourselves with spectacular revaluations in the not-too-distant future. Without a doubt, a great opportunity 🙂

► Discover now how to earn free bitcoins online.

16.- Buy and sell web domains

One of the oldest ways to make money online is to buy and sell domains, both new and old. There are many strategies in this regard. One of them is based on finding domains that are below their real value and then selling them at a much higher price.

Another method (although much more difficult), is based on buying a domain and growing it until it reaches a value that is well above the money and time invested in it. Depending on your site, this option can be very beneficial.

Obviously, to apply this strategy it is necessary to have knowledge of web positioning and SEO, but don’t worry, since today this is available to everyone thanks to the vast amount of information on the web 🙂

On the other hand, you may be wondering what should be the amount you would have to sell your domain for to get a good deal. As a general rule, the formula that is applied is to multiply the income of your blog by 12 or by 15, although this can change radically depending on the following factors:

  • The authority of your website.
  • The traffic your site receives.
  • monthly earnings.
  • The age of your domain.
  • Income diversification.
  • Traffic trend (up or down).
  • Stability of your income.

However, before selling a domain created by you, make sure of the advantages and disadvantages of obtaining a lump sum of money in exchange for losing the recurring income stream that you have worked so hard to achieve.

If it helps, the most widely used platform for buying and selling domains is Sedo.

17.- Become an influencer

If there is a social network that has grown enormously in recent years, that is Instagram. Millions of people from all over the world upload huge amounts of images and photos sharing their lives, their work, their hobbies, etc.

This has not gone unnoticed by the big brands, who have set their sights on this social network as the ideal platform to carry out their advertising campaigns. And there is no better way to do them than through well-known faces and with great influence among their followers, known as “influencers”.

Therefore, being an influencer on Instagram can become one of the best ways to earn money online.

► More information on how to earn money with Instagram.

18.- Online sales through dropshipping

Dropshipping is a form of entrepreneurship that allows thousands of people to earn money from home with their own online business. The great advantage of this system is the possibility of having a huge catalog of products for sale without having to physically have them.

This supposes a brutal saving in costs, since it is not necessary to have products in stock or a physical space (store, commercial premises, warehouse, etc.). The business basically consists of acting as an intermediary between customers and the final provider (for example, Amazon).

Therefore, the only function (besides creating the website) will be to pass the orders to the supplier so that he takes care of everything: shipping, packaging, warranty, etc. Without a doubt, dropshipping is one of the best ideas to earn money on the web 🙂

► Visit this detailed analysis on how dropshipping..

19.- Trading and investments with cryptocurrencies

For lovers of strong emotions and speculative trading, one of the best ways to get money online is the cryptocurrency market. The enormous volatility of these virtual currencies has turned them into a real gold mine for anyone who knows how to move judiciously and with cold blood. Companies like Binance are a clear example.

In any case, before embarking on the world of cryptocurrency trading, it is essential to acquire some basic knowledge, since, just as you can earn a lot of money, you can also lose it just as easily.

Another fundamental aspect is choosing a trusted platform where you can carry out all operations with rigor and security. One of the best known is eToro, a veteran broker with many years behind it where you can invest and trade with Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies and that is available to anyone.

And it is that thanks to the social trading system, we can base our strategy on simply copying other more expert and experienced traders to do the work for us 😉.

► Learn to invest in bitcoins reliably.

20.- Earn money by creating your own product

One of the best ways to get money today is through the creation of your own digital product, commonly known as an infoproduct. One of the great advantages of this system is that, regardless of the subject you dedicate yourself to, you can always create a product that adapts to what people are looking for and demanding in the digital age.

Also, although the creation of a (quality) infoproduct takes a lot of time and work, it can become the best way to earn money online passively. That is why more and more bloggers, influencers and all kinds of freelancers are making the leap to creating their own digital products.

If you think you have mastered a subject and can provide quality information to others, do not hesitate and translate your knowledge into your own info product. You will not regret!

► Discover the best-selling info products and their main advantages.

21.- Sports betting and welcome bonuses

Bookmakers have become one of the great businesses of the 21st century. That is why the number of these types of sites grows exponentially year after year. At ,oney Investors we are not in favor of using these types of pages, since if they are not used wisely they can make you lose a lot of money.

However, sometimes you can take advantage of the luscious welcome bonuses offered by these types of platforms as a lure to attract new customers. With a good strategy and a serious and rigorous working method, great benefits can be obtained with little risk (or at least with controlled danger).

The same goes for gambling and casino pages. They are by no means a good alternative to earn money at home in a safe and stable way (in the long term, of course), but you can take advantage of the bonuses and special welcome offers. Of course, always play responsibly.

► Discover how to place bets on free pages.

22.- Writing and writing articles

Are you good at writing? Do you have the facility to write content on any topic? If so, you have a great opportunity to earn money from home online with relative ease. Due to the exponential increase in website creation, the search for content writers is increasing.

There are many people who are dedicated to creating and positioning blogs and web pages, but then they need to “fill” those sites with useful and original content for their readers. That is where the editors come into play, who are the people who are in charge of writing the articles that will shape all those sites.

For this reason, many blogs, web pages and even newspapers need the services of people who simply have the gift of writing well, or what is the same, having a large vocabulary and of course a good spelling.

The easiest way to qualify for this type of income is to use platforms that connect editors and website owners such as Fiverr, TextMaster, Freelancer, etc. All are valid for users in Spain and Latin America.

Another way is simply by directly contacting blogs, websites or newspapers. In all of them you will find a contact section where you can offer your services. You will be surprised by the number of positive responses 😉

►  Look at all the sites that currently exist to earn money writing.

23.- Tasks, mini-jobs and crowdsourcing

There are many pages that offer the possibility of earning money by carrying out small tasks and mini-jobs online. It is one of the most reliable methods that exist on the net to earn dollars and/or euros easily and for free. Best of all, is that the variety of tasks to perform is immense, so if there’s something you don’t like or you’re not good at, you have many more to choose from.

Examples? Take photos of a certain subject, record videos, test games, download applications, listen to music, translate texts, write articles, categorize images and… many, many more! All these types of mini-jobs are included in two types of pages: Get Paid To (GPT) and crowdsourcing.

Both one and the other stand out for the possibility of getting money online without the need to have referrals. Individual work and effort is what makes the difference when it comes to achieving great results 🙂

► Discover the best sites to earn money with tasks and mini jobs.

24.- Buy and sell domain names

The number of ways to earn dollars online and generate money from home is sometimes surprising. This one in particular is a clear example of this.

Although I mentioned buying and selling web domains to you above as a great way to make money online, you can still give an extra “spin” by buying and selling.

That is to say, instead of buying attractive domains (due to their metrics, age, link profile, theme with potential, etc.) at a good price to sell them later, this way of earning money online (or as my Argentine friends say, earning money on the Internet), consists of buying exclusively the names.

Using a soccer analogy, the strategy is to find names (rather than players) who haven’t risen to fame yet but, according to your vision, may do so in the not-too-distant future and take advantage of it.

Apart from the names, this system also works very well with keywords, that although they have hardly any searches at the moment, you think that for whatever reason they are going to increase their traffic exponentially in the main search engines.

On the other hand, the operation is very simple. You simply have to go to any domain checker (Webempresa, GoDaddy, Siteground, etc), verify that the name in question is free and… buy it, without further ado. How about? 😮

25.- Help other bloggers like you

If you have achieved some success with your blog, such as having thousands of visits per day, you can take the opportunity to capitalize on that “fame” and show other people how you have achieved it.

A very effective way is through the creation of an electronic book, where you can collect information from your most successful articles and add additional and relevant information, such as your SEO strategies to receive more traffic.

Another option widely used today is through personalized consultancies, where through programs such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Skype, you can maintain direct contact (even with a webcam) with those people or companies that request your services.

Finally, there is also the possibility of giving talks at specialized conferences, such as universities or educational centers. If you have a good oratory, this method can bring you great income 😀

26.- Work from home translating texts

Did you know that more than 60% of the content generated on the Internet today is in English? Incredible true? In the same way, many of the creators who write in Shakespeare’s language seek to expand their content to other borders, especially in Spain and Latin America.

For this reason, the demand for people who are fluent in English and who are willing to translate texts into Spanish is enormous today. A unique opportunity to earn money from home without investing and without too much difficulty (not without work, of course).

The companies that request these services are usually foreign (obviously), such as WorldLingo Andovar or Translator’s Cafe. There are also educational platforms where you can acquire all the necessary knowledge and tools to start working from home doing translations.

Subsequently, these platforms are in charge of putting you in contact with other companies that are looking for this type of translation services, thus causing quite interesting mutual benefits.

► Find out all the relevant information on how to earn money translating online, even without experience!

27.- Earn money solving captchas

Who has not solved a captcha at some time? Those distorted letters or symbols that only humans can solve and that serve to prevent the use of robots and other fraudulent automatisms that swarm the Internet.

Due to the fact that the robots are more and more intelligent, it is necessary to improve this system to make it more and more safe. For this, there are companies that pay money to anyone who is willing to solve captchas from their computer screen. Some examples of this type of platform are Kolotibablo and 2Captcha.

Honestly, it is quite heavy work, not very profitable and also monotonous, so it is not suitable for all types of people. Even so, it is one of the easiest and safest ways to earn money online, since it is a real and sustainable business.

► How to earn money solving captchas on the Internet.

28.- Earn money by shortening links

Link shorteners were born with the aim of simplifying those long URLs that we sometimes want to share on our social networks and that, due to lack of space, sometimes do not fit. As time has gone by, this tool has become an interesting way to get quick money (but not easy), both for private users and for advertisers and companies.

The operation is quite simple: once a link is shortened, it will look smaller and therefore easier to share. In addition to that, it will contain a small advertising format inside that you can skip within a few seconds of clicking on it.

Thanks to this, companies can easily advertise any type of product and/or service and the person who has shared the link will earn money every time someone clicks on it. Simple right? 😛

Although there are many platforms of this style, the most famous and recommended is the wonderful Ad.fly.

29.- Get free Amazon gift cards

This method of earning money at home is booming. It is about getting vouchers, cards and gift codes to buy for free in the most famous online store in the world: Amazon.

Did you know that there are many pages that pay their users through this system? Instead of getting paid by traditional methods (PayPal, Skrill, bank transfer, etc.), there is also the option to redeem your rewards through gift cards and vouchers.

What use is this? If you are a regular buyer in this online store, you will make your orders much cheaper and even… free! Interesting, right? It is an incredible way to save that I particularly like a lot 🙂

► How to get free Amazon gift vouchers.

30.- Work as a virtual assistant

It is a proven fact that the Internet has radically changed the way thousands of people around the world work. This is especially evident in some professions such as administrators, teachers, computer scientists and secretaries, although there are many more.

The reason for this is obvious: the tasks carried out in this type of work can be done online without the need for a physical presence. Thus, many companies give their employees the opportunity to carry out their duties without having to go to the office.

This offers multiple advantages to the worker, such as saving time and money on trips or a better way to reconcile family life. Also, experienced virtual assistants can charge up to $50 per hour.

For these reasons, when I receive an email or comment from a reader with the typical message ” I need to earn urgent money without investing “, I usually invite them to read and learn as much as possible about this way of working online.

And it is that, surely, said person has exercised a profession in the past in person and is now without a job, so discovering that they can resume their activity and on top of that remotely, usually entails a good opportunity.

► Learn how to be a virtual assistant and change your way of life.

31.- Sell video game characters and abilities

I recently discovered this method and it seems absolutely brutal to me, especially if you are a video game fan like me. If you are not very involved in this world, it may seem a bit geeky to you, but the point is that it is real and it is possible to obtain a lot of money.

It is about selling advanced game accounts with their characters, abilities, magic, weapons, powers, etc. For example, a friend of mine recently sold his Fortnite account for almost $100. What has he done afterwards? Another one has been created to level it up and sell it again. How about? 😮

In countries with great economic difficulties, this method has become very popular, since you simply have to spend all day playing to later sell your achievements within the game in question. On sites like playerauctions.com, you’ll find a large community of players willing to buy and sell anything.

32.- Create and sell plugins for WordPress

Do you have programming knowledge? And if not, do you know someone who has them and who can form a work team with you? Either way, you can take advantage of the incredible niche market represented by plugins for WordPress (the CMS with which most websites are built today). It’s a real gold mine! 😀

Plugins are small programs that add all kinds of functionality to a blog or web page. There are thousands of them and they cover all kinds of needs: security, SEO, social interactions, form creation, web design, spam filters, legal compliance, performance and speed, etc.

Personally, I don’t know of any blog that doesn’t make use of at least four or five of these programs. They make your life a lot easier and also provide your website with features that are currently absolutely essential. In short, they are a must for every webmaster.

The method that works best for plugin creators is the “Freemium” format, that is, free versions with basic functionalities and a Premium version with more professional features. Without going any further, in this same blog I use three payment plugins with an annual subscription and they are very worth it.

The key in this sector is to find a need for users and create a tool (or improve existing ones) that provides the best solution. For example, in recent times some entrepreneurs have gotten rich (literally) with the creation of plugins that allow them to comply with the controversial European cookie law.

33.- Create a podcast channel and upload your audios

If the fact of creating a blog and writing content to earn money through traditional advertising or affiliate systems does not appeal to you, you can opt for the podcast format, that is, uploading audios on topics related to your profession or simply talking about your hobbies.

If you have a way with words, good oral communication skills and you address one or more topics with great potential to attract listeners (marketing, politics, music, movies, games, etc.), you can earn good income through direct monetization with the hosting platforms, sponsorships, spots and even donations.

In short, it is about creating a kind of own radio station but in a super easy way and with hardly any investment. In addition, the most normal thing is that you already have most of the necessary tools (computer, microphone and headphones), so you can start your project from day one.

At most, you’ll need to invest some money in some recording and editing software, although not even that at first. Programs like Audacity or Anchor are 100% free and much more than enough to start a business of this type, so there is no excuse to start generating income this way.

What platforms are available to create a podcast and earn money from it? The most popular are Spotify, iVoox, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, YouTube (yes, it’s not just for uploading videos) and SoundCloud. You dare? 😛

► More information on how to earn money with a podcast.

34.- Graphic design and creation of NFT objects

Are you a graphic designer without a job? Have you not studied a university degree but still have design skills? Well let me tell you that on the Internet there are hundreds of opportunities for a person with your knowledge. It is the ideal time for you, I mean it.

For example, on sites like Society6 you can easily create your own store and display and sell your designs with just one click. However, the real gold mine is currently in the world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), totally digital works of art or collector’s items, that is, non-physical.

These types of creations use blockchain technology to operate and offer endless advantages. The most obvious of all, are undoubtedly its scarcity and exclusivity, both highly appreciated by collectors and investors.

You may be wondering why a person would want to buy a digital object when they can’t really touch it with their hands, but the same reasons drive thousands of people to acquire all kinds of antiques, precious metals, or physical art. : aesthetics, current trends, passion for artists, exclusivity, indivisibility, protection against inflation, etc.

For example, I myself have bought several digital items related to various games and have subsequently received offers to sell them at a much higher price. Therefore, if you have design skills, do not hesitate to visit platforms such as Opensea, Nifty Gateway, Mintable or Rarible.

There you can give visibility to your designs and sell them at the price you consider appropriate with complete freedom. If you are looking for how to make money online in a big way, you will be amazed by the possibilities offered by this market 😮

35.- Sell your own merchandising

If thanks to your talent and work you manage to create a large community around your blog, YouTube channel or any of your social networks, you should consider the possibility of creating physical products associated with you or your brand image, such as: caps, t-shirts, mugs, etc.

Although at first it may seem like an unoriginal method and too overexploited, the reality is that it is far from it, since there are things that always work. One of them is merchandising aimed at followers and fans of a certain person, character, movie, series or game.

In addition, there are currently tools such as YouTube Merchandising that allow you to carry out this activity (from 10,000 subscribers) in a very easy and personalized way, being able to choose between more than 20 articles that will be shown randomly in many of your videos.

► Find out about how to sell online as an individual or professional.

36.- Drawing, creating and painting

Artists within the field of graphic arts also have the opportunity to earn money online in a safe and effective way. Thanks to the Internet, new technologies and globalization (which is bad for some things but very good for others), taking advantage of drawing talent (whether physical or digital) is easier than ever.

By easy, I do not mean that anyone can generate income overnight in this way, but rather the fact that there are a wide variety of platforms that exist where you can give visibility to all your works with just a few mouse clicks, something that until a few years ago seemed like a real chimera.

In addition, it is obvious that to succeed in this field it is not only necessary to have completed certain studies and have a good knowledge of the basic aspects of drawing (lines, perspectives, lights, shadows, proportions), but also certain talent and large doses of originality and artistic freshness.

In the same way, why not say it, in the world of art sometimes it is necessary to have a bit of luck or to contact the right person, but this is something that can only be achieved if you are the one who takes the first step and begins to let yourself be seen. where it plays, that is, in all the places where artists from all over the world offer and sell their works.

► Are you interested in this topic and don’t know where to start? Check out my article on how to make money drawing. It will help you! 😎

37.- Chatting with other people

Although 99% of people believe that chatting is a simple way to interact with other people in applications as popular as WhatsApp, the reality is that this form of written communication over the Internet has evolved a lot in recent years.

So much so, that today it has become a way of generating income for many people and even their main job. However, I am not referring to the typical chat rooms where people pay to have risque conversations (which there are, of course), but to others of a very different nature.

For example, in recent years, hiring virtual friends has become fashionable, a way of establishing relationships with other people with the aim of sharing hobbies, receiving advice, overcoming loneliness and even forming a couple even in the radical distance.

On the other hand, the proliferation of online purchases has caused thousands of companies to adapt their customer service services to new needs, including, among others,  support via real-time chat. This, in turn, has caused a growing demand for professionals to carry out such work.

► So, if you like to chat with other people and the option of making money from the comfort of your home and without too much difficulty seems attractive to you, don’t miss my post on how to make money chatting, where you will discover the best platforms for implementing this activity.

38.- Walking and sharing your location

Everyone knows the great interest that the big technology companies (Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc.) have in knowing even the smallest detail of all our data and movements. In fact, that is the main reason why most of their services are “free”.

In exchange for the transfer of your data, they let you use their social networks, email accounts, browsers, maps, etc. But hey, you already knew that, right? 😀

Well, within this context, various companies have emerged that pay their users for the simple fact of walking. Yes, you heard right… They give you money for walking! The objective of this strategy is to know your movement patterns to later sell said data to large multinationals.

In turn, these large companies (normally linked to the world of Big Data), have the possibility of using this valuable information to obtain an economic return, normally linked to the marketing and personalized advertising sector.

On the other hand, these types of applications pay their users for the number of steps taken, so it is essential that you like to walk or, failing that, you have no choice but to do so for work or any other reason. Otherwise, it will not be profitable in any case.

If you like this method (and as long as you don’t mind sharing your location when you walk down the street), just go to Google Play or the Apple Store and download one of the existing apps.

If you prefer to play it safe and don’t want to waste time downloading and testing apps, you can also review all the ones that I personally use to earn money instantly online (not just walking) that you will find in the top menu of the blog or by clicking on the following link :

► Discover the best apps that pay you to walk.

39.- Mining cryptocurrencies

Apart from the possibility of obtaining Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies for free and the option to trade with them that I mentioned in previous sections, there is also another alternative to generate profits with some of the existing digital assets: mining.

In fact, in some countries of the world that are lucky enough to have a low cost of electricity, it has become an excellent way to generate passive income and even earn a lot of money. Mostly, this is because mined cryptocurrencies are often sold for currencies like the dollar.

Considering that most (if not all) of these countries have the misfortune of having highly devalued national currencies, this type of exchange is an extremely profitable business. However, cryptocurrency mining involves a fairly significant investment in hardware equipment (computers, graphics, ASIC miners, etc.).

In addition, we must not forget that the value of these digital assets is highly volatile, so it is essential to have an automated system that makes sales at the right time and changes currency as soon as their mining is no longer profitable. As you can guess, all this is not easy to implement.

Even if you do everything right, no one can guarantee you a sure profit. Therefore, if you decide to enter the mining market, I recommend that you carry out in-depth research beforehand. Namely: initial investment, maintenance costs, better software to automate the process, etc.

Last but not least, be sure to check the taxes that you will have to pay for carrying out said activity, since you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Without going any further, mining in countries like Spain is a practically unviable business. Apart from the brutal cost of electricity, the taxes are totally abusive, so the possibility of obtaining a decent return is very low 🙁

40.- Earn money with Telegram

The popular messaging service founded by the Russian entrepreneur and billionaire Pavel Durov, has become in just a few years much more than a program to start conversations with other people. In fact, it is currently used by many digital entrepreneurs as a method to earn money online… with great success! 😎

Its main advantage lies in the freedom to publish all types of content (including affiliate links), something that is quite restricted in other services or social networks. In addition, the degree of privacy that you can grant to your account is very high, and it is not necessary to have it linked to a telephone number.

However, in order to obtain satisfactory results with this method, it is necessary to have a certain network infrastructure, either through social networks, sales pages or blogs. That is, you cannot start selling and recommending things on Telegram without having previously achieved a certain audience.

Taking the above into account, the niches that are working best in this messaging program are those related to trading, cryptocurrencies and the sale of all kinds of online training courses.

► Do not hesitate to take a look at the 6 most effective strategies to earn money with Telegram.

41.- Listening to music

Although in method number 23 (tasks and crowdsourcing), I already mentioned the possibility of earning money listening to music in a more or less sporadic way, there are specific platforms to take full advantage of this interesting (and why not say it, pleasant) way of earning income.

As is also the case in the world of paid surveys, user opinions have become an essential pillar in many companies’ decision-making or, as is the case in this particular case, record companies before launching the surveys on the market. songs by many of its artists.

The work dynamics on this type of platform is simple: once you register (for free, of course), you listen to songs and evaluate them according to your criteria, giving a specific score or applying the rating proposed by each platform. That easy! 😀

From there, each site will reward you in one way or another. Some do it through PayPal, others through gift cards, etc.

► If you like the fourth art and want to earn income with it, take a look at my guide on how to earn money listening to music on the Internet.

42.- Work in the blockchain sector

The blockchain technology sector has grown so enormously in recent years that the demand for professionals to work in this sector is, today, equally extraordinary.

It is a unique opportunity to earn money online that anyone with a desire to learn can take advantage of. Due to this high demand, the salaries that companies are paying to people with knowledge in this matter are very high, exceeding $100,000 per year in countries like the US.

In Spain, these levels have not yet been reached but it will not take long to do so, since the growth of companies linked to this technology does not stop growing day after day.

The shortage of talent in this industry is more than evident, which inevitably leads to companies having to “scratch their pockets” much more than usual. In this sense, it is very similar to what is happening in the field of computer security or cybersecurity, another sector with a great present and future, high demand and little supply of professionals.

However, the difference between both professions lies in the difficulty of learning and reaching a certain level. While cybersecurity requires certain knowledge and more demanding prior studies, blockchain technology is much more accessible to everyone, even to people without any prior knowledge.

On the one hand, there are many courses related to this profession at very affordable prices that you will be able to amortize in your first month of work.

However, if you are a self-taught person and have a lot of free time, on the Internet you will find countless tutorials, videos and guides on blockchain to become an expert without investing a single euro 😉

Other ways to earn money online (mixed)

Although this blog is especially focused on businesses that are carried out exclusively online, we cannot ignore that there are also various opportunities to generate income from home that can be done in a mixed way, that is, sometimes connected to the Internet and sometimes not.

I am sure that more than one will be interested in knowing them, since, after all, the important thing here is to have the maximum variety of possibilities to generate money, pasta, twine, quarters or whatever you want to call it, be it 100% online or through a mix of online + offline. Yes or no? 😉

1.- Earn money with crafts

Are you good at crafts? Well, it could be a great opportunity for you. In such a globalized world, things made by hand and with a point of personalization are sometimes missed. Without going any further, my wife earns good extra money every month thanks to the sale of Amigurumis , dolls made with crochet using crochet techniques.

Another curious case is that of the father of a great friend of mine. After retiring, he has dedicated himself to his great passion: painting pictures. He, well, look where you are, he is starting to sell them because he paints very well and people are suing him. In addition to enjoying himself like a dwarf, he is supplementing his pension wonderfully from him 😀

Other examples could be: making bags, accessories, cushions, patterns, t-shirts, jewelry, ornaments, key rings, toys, etc. Imagination to the power!

► Find out the most reliable manual jobs from home at the moment.

2.- Give private classes

Do you master a specific topic? It can be anything: languages, computers, music, crafts, electricity, etc. Well, it may be the perfect time to teach others and in return receive financial compensation.

To get started, all you need is a little publicity to make yourself known. You can do it through online platforms such as Milanuncios or directly go out and use word of mouth.

If you’re really good at a subject and you also have teaching skills, sooner rather than later people will look for you and not the other way around 😉

3.- Take care of the children of others

Due to the new social and economic reality, it is a fact that when both parents work, they have very little time to attend to and care for their children. That is where people who are unemployed or have a lot of free time can take advantage to earn extra money.

Without going any further, one of my best friends has found almost a semi-profession in this task, since she dedicates a large part of the day to it. She is a well-known person in the town for her patience and a special gift for children.

Thus, it has become the trusted person for many parents who are overwhelmed by work or who need to disconnect for a while for any reason. He has gone from being unemployed to earning money doing what he likes best.

The only thing he did at first was advertise on some Internet ad page and spread the word through houses, bars and shops. The rest has come by itself 😉

4.- Sell the clothes you no longer use

Have you ever considered selling all those clothes that for whatever reason you never wear anymore? Did you know that you can get good extra money very easily? Currently there are quite a few platforms that have made the sale of used clothing a fast and safe process.

On the other hand, this activity promotes care for the environment and responsible consumption , since it is a proven fact that in Western countries many more clothes are bought than necessary (which entails a brutal expense of natural resources such as water). .

As if all this were not enough, getting rid of all the clothes that you no longer wear will make you gain a lot of space in your closets, something that on a personal level has come in handy because I had them bursting 😛

If you are curious about this topic and want to take your first steps, I invite you to read my article on how and where to sell used clothing. There you will find everything you need to know about this interesting way to save and get money together with the most recommended platforms and applications.

5.- Work as a mystery shopper

The mystery shopper job, also known as “Mystery Shopper”, consists of evaluating and measuring the quality of service, customer service and compliance with certain standards in commercial establishments such as stores, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and other types of establishments. physical.

To carry out this work, you have to go to a previously established site and pretend to be an ordinary customer, although in reality, your mission will consist of evaluating the shopping or service experience from the point of view of any buyer. Curious, right? 😛

The main objective of this peculiar work is to help companies improve their customer service and consumer experience, identifying areas for improvement and ensuring that established quality standards are met.

So, if you have the soul of a private detective and want to get some extra money in a very original (and in some cases even fun) way, don’t hesitate to take a look at the article I have on the blog about how to work as a mystery shopper.

Although it is true that it is a mainly face-to-face job, it is derived from companies that operate in the online business world.

How are we going to collect the money generated on the Internet?

This is one of the most frequent questions I usually receive on the blog. It is normal for everyone to want to know why they are going to receive the profits that they generate in all the pages that exist to make money on the Internet.

This is where the famous payment processors, also known as electronic wallets, come into play. These sites are neither more nor less than small (or not so small) virtual banks where we can receive all the money that we generate online.

Later, we will have the possibility of sending the accumulated funds to our bank, credit card, etc. Having a well-diversified portfolio of electronic wallets, we will not have any problem when it comes to receiving our money and later disposing of it for the use we want to give it.

The most famous of these payment processors is  PayPal, which many of you will surely already know. It is undoubtedly the best known and used, so it is the first that we should all have. Opening an account is very easy and of course completely free.

In any case, if we want to get the most out of earning money over the Internet, it is essential to have several electronic wallets, since many pages do not have PayPal as a payment method.

In addition, the differences between some processors and others can sometimes be very large, both in the conditions of use, as well as in the options available and the applicable commissions.

Therefore, the key is to diversify

For this reason, it is important to have a good range of possibilities to later be able to decide where it is best for us to dispose of our income generated on the Internet.

Next, I am going to show you the online banks without commissions and the most important electronic wallets that I have been using for several years. Of course, they all comply with current legislation, are regulated and are totally reliable.


The most used and well-known payment processor in the world with more than 227 million users spread all over the planet. Although its strong point is the possibility of buying in thousands of stores on the Internet, you can also send and receive payments safely and transfer the funds to your bank account. 100% recommended (not to say essential).


Online bank account without commissions and with multiple advantages. Free MasterCard card, free ATM withdrawals, mobile application and guarantee fund from Germany. In addition, you can link with PayPal and withdraw funds from this payment processor with the card. One last!


Formerly known as MoneyBookers, this electronic wallet has been a reference in the world of betting and online casinos for many years. It has all the legal and security requirements and has lower commissions than the competition. It has a debit card and the possibility of sending money to the bank account.


The best wallet to receive our payments in bitcoins. Possibility to buy and sell this cryptocurrency and then exchange it for euros or dollars to transfer them to our bank account.


One of the best electronic cryptocurrency wallets in the world. It belongs to a Spanish company of recognized prestige and with several international awards. Very low commissions and excellent support. It has its own network of physical points of sale (Tikebit), which allows you to obtain digital currencies without the need to use credit cards or banks.


Another payment processor with a very good reputation and a long track record. Ideal for withdrawing money at ATMs thanks to your debit card. Widely used in the world of Forex and online games.


One of the most prestigious cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Multitude of supported currencies and very low commissions. Its growth in recent years has been incredible and it has tools that the competition does not have: a loan system, staking, P2P buying and selling, futures contracts, its own cryptocurrency (BNB) and several more.


The definitive platform to solve the problem with currency exchange. In addition to serving as a wallet, we can change any payment received in dollars or euros to our local currency. Ideal for countries that suffer exchange problems like Venezuela.

A lot of variety to earn money online

All the pages that you will see in each category work individually. The idea is to be registered in as many as you can because although you will not earn large amounts in any of them, the sum of all of them can be very interesting at the end of the month 🙂

Not everything is making money in this life, it is essential to be comfortable with what we do, therefore, I recommend that you review all the pages and categories that we have on the blog. I’m sure you’ll like some and not others: it’s a matter of choosing the ones that really seem interesting to you.

This blog is focused on the Spanish and Latin American public, so you will not have any problem when registering on most of the sites that we propose. There are some pages that only work for Spanish, but it is something that you will have indicated in the review of each page.

As you will see as you become familiar with online businesses, one of the most important aspects is the issue of referrals.

What are referrals?

Referrals are those people who register on the different pages to earn money on the Internet through your recommendation or link. Once registered, they will become part of your network and are the ones that will allow you to increase your income exponentially.

Of course, being referred to someone does not entail any kind of loss for you (you will still get 100% of your work), but the person who referred you will take a small commission that, of course, will be different on each page.

In online businesses, getting referrals and/or affiliates is extremely important and that is why it is increasingly complicated. The competition is huge.

For this reason, at Dinerobits we will be collecting ways to get as many referrals as possible along with another point that is often forgotten: taking care of those referrals (with all the help you can give them), something crucial to keep them motivated and wanting to continue. generating income and learning how to make money from home.

The importance of teamwork

And it is that although at first it may not seem like it, this is teamwork, where the key is to help each other. Some do it one way and others another. For example, my way of helping is by having updated information on all the web pages to earn money that I personally use and that I propose on the blog.

Besides that, I try to answer all the comments and emails I receive, since I think it’s the least I should do when someone has registered under a link of mine and needs my help.

I also like to motivate my readers and referrals through contests and raffles that I run from time to time. It is a simple way to thank the support of the people who read the blog and/or follow me on social networks 🙂

So you know, whether or not you are my referral, I will be happy to help you in any way I can. Of course, if you have knowledge of sites where you can earn money online in a serious and constant way, do not hesitate to contact me.

How much money can you earn online?

The eternal question that everyone asks when they start in this world of earning money online (and that you are also asking yourself right now) is: how much money can I earn? A lot? Little? The answer is very difficult to answer, especially since it is something that depends exclusively on you.

How many hours do you plan to dedicate to Internet business? 2 hours a day? 10 hours a day? As I said at the beginning, here nobody gives anything away, and only those who work with perseverance and dedication will see important results. Quick (and honest) money does not exist.

There are people who take this earning money online without investing as a simple hobby, spending little time (1 hour a day maximum), and with the simple objective of getting extra money to spend on some other whim.

On the contrary, there are people who seek to earn money on the Internet “for real”, with the firm purpose of achieving financial freedom through what is known as passive income (which I told you about above), the great objective of every entrepreneur. on-line.

Obviously, to reach this goal it is not enough to spend an hour a day in front of the computer, don’t you think? Or is it that you know of a job where you can earn a bundle working an hour a day? I suppose that like me, you will not know any, otherwise you would not be reading this, right? 😛

Effort + patience = positive results

Therefore, the reflection is simple: if you want to earn a lot of money, you will have to work long and hard , especially at the beginning. Without going any further, I started dedicating about 8-10 hours a day during the first year.

Create this blog, learn the working mechanism of all the pages, research the Internet about this world, read many books on financial education and personal finance, learn a little about SEO to position my articles, create profiles on all social networks, etc. I barely slept 4 or 5 hours a day.

As time has passed (since August 2013), the experience has allowed me to reduce the time I dedicate to certain things. I remember that at the beginning, I could spend two hours watching all the PTC’s ads, which now costs me just half an hour.

Another example: making a simple survey used to be hell, and now I’m able to do them two by two in different browser tabs 😀 Don’t worry, it’s something that will happen to you too. At first you will see everything “super difficult”, and little by little you will realize how simple it is .

But it is one thing that it is not complicated, and another very different thing is that you do not have to dedicate many hours to it if you really want to earn money on the Internet. I know several people who have turned Internet businesses into their day job and earn real super emoluments.

In my personal case, I dedicate about 4-6 hours a day to this, which is the maximum that my free time allows me. Yes, you read that right, my free time . And it is that I am self-employed with a normal job, so this thing about getting extra income from home I do to supplement my salary and because I like it.

Even so, there has been a month in which I have earned more than $2,000 with the pages to earn money online for free that I have indicated above, imagine if I dedicated myself full time! 😮

The potential of the Internet is almost limitless, and it only  depends on you  how far you can go.

The importance of having multiple sources of income

Although the figures that can be achieved are usually the most striking when paying more or less attention to one type of business or another, the reality is that the true strength of making money online is the wide variety of alternative sources of income that you can incorporate into your daily economy.

To consider

In case you didn’t know, the really wealthy people do not depend exclusively on a single source of income, but they always look for ways to increase them and, if possible, within well-differentiated sectors to minimize the risks of dependency by maximum.

For example, a country like Saudi Arabia has made its entire fortune thanks to oil, but far from being satisfied with that single source of income , it has made the intelligent decision to invest in other sectors such as renewable energy, agriculture, food, finance, mining. , consumer goods and health, etc.

I have given an example as drastic as that of that country so that you understand the concept well, but the idea can (and should) be applied in the same way by any intelligent and cautious person. After all, the latest economic crises have shown that  no job is safe  and that, any day, you can see yourself “on the street.”

Thus, the Internet is presented as the best option to increase the ways of generating money for you and your family in a varied and recurring way. That way, if one fails you (your job salary, for example), at least you will have other fully operational ways that, without exaggeration, can save your financial situation 🙂

How to earn easy money online?

I don’t want you to be misled. In this blog you will not find miraculous ways to become a millionaire, among other things because they do not exist. I only know the path of hard work and daily effort. I don’t like shortcuts or scams to get rich overnight. Earning money on the Internet is possible, yes, but it is not easy.

In Money Investors you will not see recommendations to invest large sums of money either. 95% of the pages you will see on this blog are completely free now and forever. In those that require investment, I will always recommend the same thing: maximum prudence.

Never invest money that you need to live, it is a very serious mistake that many people make. My recommendation is that you do like me, that is, invest at most a small percentage of the profits that you get from all the free sites that I will show you, although if possible, never touch your pocket.

After all, this blog is about exactly that in most of its content, how to generate income from home without investing and without risk to your portfolio 😉

 VERY IMPORTANT: In this blog I do not offer work, only information. Likewise, I have nothing to do with the pages I write about, I am a simple user like you. The only thing I do is share the experiences I have in all of them, analyzing the good and the bad. In short, I simply tell about my adventures in this world of online business and earning money on the Internet with which I try to get extra money every month 🙂

Instability and difficulties in online business

I insist, do not delude yourself. If you think that the world of online business and making money on the Internet is the closest thing to a pleasant boat ride, you are very wrong. The instability in many of the pages in which we will be registered will be great. Scares and scams are the order of the day 🙁

Thanks to the anonymity provided by the Internet, many people use these businesses to profit at the expense of others, so that pages that at first may look very good, in a matter of months can become a total scam. It’s sad, I know, but it’s reality. You better take it on as soon as possible.

Luckily, 95% of the pages that you will see in this blog are completely free, so your pocket will hardly ever be affected. Unfortunately, what you will lose on some occasions will be your precious time .

Esto es algo que a mi me ha ocurrido en muchas ocasiones y la verdad es que fastidia bastante, pero hay que saber convivir con ello. Si lo piensas un poco, verás que es algo bastante lógico: para descubrir buenas oportunidades, es necesario invertir mucho tiempo en buscar, investigar y probar.

Por ese motivo, te recomiendo que visites este blog con regularidad, ya que en él encontrarás información actualizada de todas las páginas que previamente he probado a nivel personal. De ese modo, no perderás el tiempo en sitios pocos serios o en plataformas que definitivamente han dejado de pagar.

Tips on how to earn extra money online

It is very important to follow a series of recommendations before getting fully into this exciting world of Internet business.

REFLECTION: I made the mistake of not following them and that led me to leave it on more than one occasion. Since I don’t want the same thing to happen to you, I recommend you keep this series of tips in mind:

  • Before registering on a page, find out as much information as possible about it.
  • Check the terms of service and the legal aspects of the web well.
  • Only work on pages that suit your tastes and where you can dedicate the necessary time to get the most out of them.
  • Review the available payment methods and check if you have any of them.
  • Look for proof of payment as recent as possible to make sure of the reliability of a website.
  • Do not waste time on supposed business opportunities where they promise to earn thousands of dollars working 1 hour a day.
  • Do not invest money in courses that supposedly teach you “How to earn fast money from home”, “How to earn money on the Internet without investing” or “Earn fast money online”, since none of them are worth it. Everything you need to know about online business you can learn by yourself and, of course, totally free.

► How to achieve true success

  • When you are certain of the reliability of a page, make an effort and do not hesitate to work on it daily.
  • If a website has an affiliation or referral system, spend time promoting your invitation link. Your earnings will grow exponentially.
  • Create all possible promotional channels to share your business with others on the network.
  • Register in Facebook groups and communities where they talk about the same subject, that is, online businesses and how to make money on the Internet. Interact with others and show what you are gaining and learning.

► How to take the step to the next level

  • Do not focus exclusively on one type of business, since what can work today may not work tomorrow. Diversify and you will win.
  • Never settle. Seek to learn something new every day about how to earn money from home (without investing or doing it, as you prefer) and, when you achieve one goal, look for the next one.
  • Learn from the best and try to surpass them. People who live off the Internet also started from scratch. No one has started this from the top.
  • Don’t confuse being ambitious with being greedy. Never invest money that you need to live or that could jeopardize your family finances.
  • There are many pages to start earning money on the Internet totally free, so use them so you don’t risk anything out of your pocket 😉

Honest and most up-to-date information possible

In order to maximize profits and lose as little time as possible, I update the blog daily so that you are informed at all times, both of the sites that are worth it, and of the pages that are only created with the aim of deceiving us or rip us off Bad people abound in cyberspace 👿

In the 18 years that I have had my physical business open, I have found that the most important thing is to be honest with people, since when you have a small business, you know that most of the clients come by “word of mouth” and by the personal recommendation of those who are happy with your seriousness, honesty and sincerity.

On the Internet, this is maximized to unsuspected levels due to the speed at which the news travels and the reach it has, so if you are not honest and you dedicate yourself to “selling the bike” with businesses of those in which supposedly you You’ll get rich in two days, every Chinese person will find out in a matter of seconds and you’ll close the beach bar sooner rather than later.

My goal is to succeed in online business, and the only way to achieve this is by being honest and sincere with people. In this blog you will only see up-to-date information on ways and methods to earn money online by dedicating time and effort, no miraculous business, fast and without work.

welcome or welcome I hope that this humble blog can help you to earn extra money that, today, with which it is falling due to the damn and endless crisis, is not bad at all 🙂.

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