How to Invest in the Metaverse

Metaverse investments

In 2021, the leading company in social communication platforms, changed its identity and its image at the same time that it launched a new product; the Facebook metaverse (Meta), or the Mark Zuckerberg metaverse.

Surely you have heard the word metaverse more than once in 2021. And it is that, for some years, large companies such as Sony and Samsung were playing with the idea of ​​creating a virtual world where users could carry out any activity in the real world , but through a digital universe.

Throughout a time of pandemic, people’s routine activities underwent changes due to restrictions or prevention measures; attend online training, telecommute, make purchases over the internet. Many companies began to close physical stores to increase their presence in the digital environment, such as the Inditex chain.

We cannot deny that society is involved in an unprecedented digital revolution and this change has been driven by the arrival of Covid. But how does this revolution culminate?

If we can highlight some technologies within this digital and social change, I venture to name 3 of them that are integrated with each other; Virtual RealityAugmented Reality and Blockchain.

Blockchains are not necessary like VR and AR to develop the metaverse, however, there are projects that combine the functionality of the blockchain to the virtual world and are resulting in the creation of worlds with great financial, entertainment and potential potential. Communication.

I am going to briefly develop the 3 named tech concepts (VR, AR, and Blockchain) to introduce the metaverse. In this article we will solve questions like, What is the metaverse? How does the metaverse work? Work in the metaverse? Make money in the metaverse? In addition, we will describe 5 metaverse projects with cryptocurrencies that have gained popularity in the crypto market in recent months.

I hope it is useful and you know the possibilities offered by the appearance of this new product that will change the way of life of many people; the Metaverse.

Virtual Reality: what is it

The Virtual reality (VR) is the application of computer techniques to develop images and spaces simulated what a person through a visual device, you have the feeling of being and that can develop within them.

Virtual reality allows a person to navigate through a fictional space through the use of technological devices that cause you to immerse yourself in that virtual world.

Augmented Reality: what is it

The augmented reality (AR) is a technology that allows the superimposition of virtual elements on our view of reality.

Blockchain: what is it

Blockchain consists of a set of technologies that allow the secure, decentralized, synchronized and distributed recording of digital operations, without the need for a third party to intervene.

Imagine that you need to make a payment to a person who is not close to you. For this, you will have to use a banking platform or a third party that allows financial exchange. The block chains allow the transfer without the need for a third party mediate in the operation, so you will not have to pay any commission or interest in the service.

Once we know these terms, it will be easier to understand what the metaverse ishow the metaverse works. and what metaverses with cryptocurrencies are increasing in popularity due to their functionalities and the opportunities they offer.

Metaverse: what is it

The simplest definition to define what the Metaverse is:

Metaverse is an environment where humans interact socially and economically as avatars in a digital space, acting as a simulation of the real world, but without their

The metaverse consists of the simulation of the real world within the digital environment eliminating physical and economic limitations. That is, in the real world you can jump and also in the metaverse, however, by jumping in the metaverse you could reach the ledge of a skyscraper while in real life you cannot. Or easier, in the metaverse you can teleport directly to your workplace.

Based on this last statement, yes, you can work within the virtual world. Virtual reality allows you to attend work meetings through technological devices and even carry out the usual activities of your workplace without having to leave your home.

The Mark Zuckerberg metaverse, or Facebook metaverse (Meta), is the most popular virtual world to date. The leading company in social communication embarked on the development of a digital environment that simulates real life in the most functional way possible.

However, there are numerous projects that offer this experience and diverse functionalities that provide us with financial, training and job opportunities that did not exist until now.

Metaverse: how it works

The metaverse is a virtual universe where it is not only possible to communicate, but also offers the possibility of carrying out all the daily activities of a person; work, train, socialize, play …

This virtual world is generated by computer techniques and is accessed with the help of technological devices that allow the user to immerse himself in virtual reality.

Once inside, the most common is to create an identity or form of identification through the avatar. When you already have an identity, you can navigate through a universe where you can invest, meet other users, play games, go to work meetings, dance at a festival, etc.

Invest in metaverse

Investing in metaverse is possible through different options;

  • Obtaining shares of the company that provides the virtual world, for example, Meta.
  • Acquiring real estate within the metaverse. Some companies already have spaces to develop their online sales activity within the virtual world.
  • Create artwork and sell through the metaverse.
  • Acquiring metaverse cryptocurrencies to support the projects.
  • Metaverse P2E video games. One of the most innovative features of video games in cryptocurrency metaverses is Play2Earn (Play to win). The projects of virtual worlds with cryptocurrencies give the opportunity to obtain financial income while you play.

Currently, the Facebook Meta metaverse is the most popular. However, there are several projects that offer virtual reality experiences with different functionalities.

In the crypto market, metaverses have emerged with cryptocurrencies that invite investors to navigate virtual worlds with multiple business and investment opportunities. There are projects directly focused on the purchase, sale, and training in cryptocurrencies through the metaverse. For this reason, I am going to present you some projects of virtual worlds and cryptocurrencies that I find interesting and that we should not lose sight of during the next few years.

Invest in Metaverse and cryptocurrencies: Projects

SANDBOX (SAND) – Metaverse videogames

Sandbox is a virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain where players can create, own and monetize their gaming experiences. The platform’s utility token is known as SAND.

The vision of the developers is to offer a deeply immersive digital universe in which players will be able to create their own virtual worlds and games in collaboration and without a centralized authority.

The creators want to compete with Minecraft and Roblox by providing creators with true ownership of their creations in the form of NFTs and rewarding them with the SAND utility token. Currently, games, ownership and centralized control limit the rights and ownership of users when they create their virtual worlds.

What SAND intends is, taking as an example the famous metaverse video game Minecraft, that, if a player creates or builds a property, they obtain the copyright and trade of it.

Sandbox will build a Voxel gaming platform where creators can create, play, share, collect and trade without central control, enjoying secure copyright ownership, while also gaining the ability to get SAND cryptocurrency.

This project is one of the ones that most attracts my attention due to its ability to generate financial and employment opportunities for users. We start from the ability to acquire real estate and properties within the virtual world, which allows obtaining the rights to an area of ​​the map in which you will impose your rules.

On the other hand, artists can create the elements that will be used within the virtual world as decoration or even as interactive elements that allow functionalities for entertainment. These creations can be monetized, allowing everyone who decides to create their own works, add-ons or NFTs for the Sandbox metaverse to earn passive income.

On the other hand, if you want to invest in the metaverse Sandbox, numerous exchanges (for example, Kucoin) offer the cryptocurrency so it can be acquired with fiat money to earn returns with the growth of the project.

Bloktopia (BLOK) – Metaverse, cryptocurrencies and investors

Bloktopia (BLOK) is a decentralized metaverse, which has its own token, and which has been built on the Polygon Network (Matic) blockchain. This place is destined to be the home of cryptocurrencies. Bloktopia can be compared to a 21-story retail mall, with each level representing a million Bitcoin supply.

In this mall you don’t go shopping, but each level features storefronts representing various projects, exchanges, influencers, or crypto businesses that provide an immersive consumer experience. For example:

The 6th floor of Bloktopía will include an auditorium with immersive and interactive keynotes from some of the most influential people in crypto. Users, also called Bloktopians, will be motivated to attend by receiving payments with the metaverse’s native virtual currency, BLOK.

The upper floor will be a luxurious Penthouse dedicated only to games. Players will earn BLOK by competing in multiplayer games, creating an exciting sports environment.

Something to note about Bloktopia is that anyone can check out several different crypto apps, crypto websites, and crypto social media platforms in one place. This metaverse will be a closed space, where users will easily find the information they want to participate in. It will not be a sprawling world that is uncomfortable to navigate.

Bloktopia is a cryptocurrency metaverse that caused a sensation among investors with wild growth.

Decentraland (MANA) – Ethereum Metaverse

Decentraland (MANA) is a virtual reality platform located on the Ethereum blockchain where users can create, experiment, and monetize content and applications. The lands in Decentraland are owned by the community, giving users complete control over their creations.

Users can claim ownership of the virtual land, being recorded in a parcel registry book based on the blockchain.

Landowners have control over the content posted on their land, which is identified by Cartesian coordinates (x, y). The contents can range from still images in 3D, to systems as interactive as games.

The land within the virtual world of decentraland is a rare, transferable, non-fungible digital asset (NFT) stored in a smart contract within the Ethereum network. It can be acquired by spending an ERC20 token called MANA. This token can also be used to buy digital goods and services.

Decentraland aims to establish a network that allows content creators to own the full value of their contributions.

Decentraland is based on the premise that low-cost direct payments between content creators and users will radically change Internet commerce.

NEOS (NCR) – Investing in cryptocurrency metaverses

Neos is a virtual reality metaverse that aims to reinvent and generalize the way social experiences and various virtual creations are constructed, so that they all coexist in a shared space. Neos has an innovative underlying architecture based on simple yet powerful building blocks that can be scaled up and are future proof.

This metaverse is designed to dynamically sync complex worlds and behaviors built directly from Neos.

Together as a community, Neos emerges as a livelihood for content creators and service providers, through a vibrant and desirable location: a space computing platform of choice.

Neos Credit (NCR) is the official cryptocurrency or token of the NEOS metaverse. This asset is used to transfer value between users and creators of this omniverse.

Starlink (STARL) – Invest in Space Metaverse.

Starlink (STARL) was born in a world in which people increasingly use the internet as their main form of connection and self-expression. In this context, the metaverse is logically the next step in the way of creating, consuming and interacting digitally. The popular rise of NFTs, the “play to earn”, the increased interest and attention to the metaverse on the part of the birth of META (Facebook) and other companies, and a world physically separated by the pandemic, indicates a clear trend towards the need of a more complete online platform than the one that currently exists.

The metaverse will blend online experiences in a fluid and connected way that more accurately reflects the human experience. To do this, tools are created to represent and improve what we find and experience in the physical world.

Huge virtual worlds, augmented reality, virtual reality and the internet are used as a virtual 3D space that connects with all the social, gaming, shopping, research, educational and financial programs that we use, all of them interconnected and interacting. in a digital ecosystem. The metaverse will be the center of everything, a universe unto itself.

Decentralized cryptocurrency networks provide an unprecedented degree of assurance and security in finances in response to declining trust in institutions. It seems inevitable that cryptocurrency could play the biggest role in the emergence of the metaverse.

STARL aims to anticipate this next evolutionary revolution by combining cryptocurrency with the metaverse and building an ethical, decentralized, fun and innovative project: The STARL metaverse.

Starlink STARL consists of a virtual world that will exist as a space to house data and ideas within the blockchain, while creating new opportunities for creativity in the form of NFT as a way of self-expression, utility or property in the metaverse. In addition, it will act as a center for marketing, entertainment, socialization, gaming and education.

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