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make a Landing Page that converts and brings you customers

Surely you have ever wondered what a Landing Page is and/or what a landing page is for… If you are working on digital marketing, you are very interested in knowing.

A Landing page, landing page or destination page is a page within your domain that serves to attract qualified traffic and boost conversions:

  • Sales in your online store
  • subscriber acquisition
  • Lead Generation
  • customer acquisition
  • Etc..

As you can see, there are many objectives that you can achieve just by creating a Landing page and using it in your online marketing strategy and the truth is that it is relatively easy to achieve them.

Let me give you an example of a Landing page that you have surely seen on the internet.

You are browsing either Instagram or Facebook or even directly doing a Google search and suddenly you come to a page where a call to action, a page or ad draws your attention.

Priority objective achieved. You stop and read.

At that moment, you click and enter that landing page and start reading a lot of information about some type of product or service of interest to you.

Obviously, you are not going to buy anything yet because it is the first time you have arrived at a Landing Page of this type and you do not know the brand.

However, since you are in doubt and want to see what they do, you leave your information in the form you find, because for that reason alone they give you an Ebook, which again is a topic of interest to you.

The second goal was achieved. The design of that Landing page has favored that before leaving the page, you have left your data.

You download the Ebook (it is interesting to you) and you see that in the following days, in the email that you have left, you are receiving non-invasive emails that add value and complement information about the Ebook that you have downloaded.

Day by day you read them until in the end, after a while, you receive a specialized offer at a low cost, for something that really does interest you for your business.

And of course, since the cost is not high, you buy it.

The final objective of the Landing page was accomplished. You have become a customer of this brand.

This operation is very normal in any sales strategy today and helps greatly to increase the sales of a company.

Therefore, if you want to know how to create an effective Landing page, keep reading this post, I am going to tell you how to make a landing page that helps you get more sales.

If you want to increase conversion to sales on your website, the best option is to create specific Landing pages and link them to your online advertising campaigns. In this way, you increase qualified traffic and conversion to sales.

What is a landing page or landing page?

A Landing page or landing page is a page specifically designed to achieve a specific objective, from a subscription or a download of some type of Lead Magnet to a registration to a Masterclass, a demo or beta of a product, etc.

Its main objective is conversion, this being diverse depending on the type of Landing Page you are creating.

important. Creating a Landing page implies knowing how to make this type of page since they require some very specific elements:

  • The whole process of creating a landing page implies that it must not be accessible from your website, it must be “orphaned”.
  • In fact, a Landing Page is made whenever you want to put it as the destination of your online advertising campaigns, be it from Google, Facebook, or Instagram…
  • When making a Landing page, make sure that it does not include any link that could take your user out of that page, because you can lose it.
  • The design of a Landing page is usually longer than that of a page on your website, as it tries to influence your decision about the objective you want to achieve.
  • As you can see, the very structure of a Landing page differs from what a page on your website is, which will be more descriptive than a landing page.

Why make a landing page?

While a page on your website describes a product or service, when you create a Landing page you focus all the content on your objective (sale, subscription, Lead Magnet download, etc).

They are persuasive pages where you constantly talk about that single objective, which is why the structure of your Landing page is longer:

  • Header with a persuasive message
  • You propose offers or actions limited in time
  • You speak directly of benefits and advantages
  • You put testimonials and reviews of other clients
  • Etc…

Especially if you regularly work with online advertising campaigns, the final destination when your user clicks is always your Landing page.

Well, now that you know what a landing page is, it’s time to see how to make a landing page that helps increase your conversions.

How to make a Landing page to get sales?

As we have already seen, the structure of your Landing page will determine the volume of conversions that you can achieve in your sales strategy.

We are going to how to create a Landing page and the steps you need to do it.

1.- Define your Buyer Persona before creating your Landing page

Before even thinking about how to make your Landing page, you should think about whether whoever sees it will really be interested in what it offers.

This is why the first step is to determine who your potential client is, your Buyer persona, and to know if they will finally be interested in what you offer.

To do this, it is best to always determine the pain points of your buyer persona before starting to create the landing page and try to cover them with what you offer.

2.- Define the objectives to be achieved with your landing page

When you create your landing page you must take into account what is the objective you want to achieve:

  • Subscribers
  • downloads
  • consultancies
  • A meeting
  • Sales
  • Etc…

Keep in mind that short-term sales no longer exist, so you should work to link your landing page with an email marketing automation strategy, with which to achieve the final sale.

3.- Structure your landing page properly

One of the keys to success is that you learn how to make a well-designed Landing page. For it:

  • Use direct and descriptive titles. If you add an emotional factor, it will multiply its effectiveness
  • Add related images that add value, always keeping in mind that a video can be an even better option
  • Write texts that add value to your landing page, and use simple, short and clear phrases
  • Include calls to action on your Landing page, in order to achieve the final conversion you want
  • Create compelling storytelling on your landing page that is compelling
  • Include a tempting gift or Lead Magnet that she can’t refuse.

As you are already seeing, the structure of a Landing Page is very different from that of a normal page, hence it is much more focused on sales.

4.- Create a simple form on your landing page

The key to making an effective Landing page is undoubtedly the form, the element that achieves the conversion, whatever the objective.

Therefore, do not forget to make it colorful and attractive but at the same time very simple.

  • Nobody likes to leave our data, ask for the right ones
  • That it does not take up excessive space, although it must be seen perfectly

In order for you to learn how to make a successful Landing page, I will tell you that in 80% of cases, the best option is to put the form directly in the header.

If you are offering a Lead Magnet, a download of any kind, or a giveaway, demo or similar, creating your landing page with the form in the foreground can help you increase conversion.

5.- Include a CTA or call to action when creating your Landing Page

The “Call To Action” buttons or calls to action are an essential element in the structure of a Landing page, since thanks to them the user will be able to carry out the action for which that page has been created.

They must be striking and their function must be made clear:

  • download it here
  • download now
  • buy it here
  • I want to have [that]
  • Etc…

6.- Add testimonials and reviews to your landing page.

The experiences of other users are a fundamental element to build trust in your landing page, in the product or service and in the brand behind it.

The recommendations of other buyers or clients guarantee that what you offer on your landing page is good. If they are coherent messages, they add great value.

As references or reviews, they greatly influence the purchase decision and increase the value of what you are offering, so adding them to your landing page is a good option.

Well, now that you know what a landing page is and how to create a successful landing page, it’s time to start preparing your sales strategy to increase your conversions.

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