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Advertising Media

The advertising media are used in the advertising industry to promote messages or products. In the area of ​​online marketing, advertising media is included in one of the most important categories for the good of the consumer. Keep reading this article and you will learn about these media, their importance and their types.

The advertising media are used in the advertising industry to promote messages or products. In the area of ​​online marketing, advertising media is included in one of the most important categories for the good of the consumer. Keep reading this article and you will learn about these media, their importance and their types.


The advertising media play a fundamental role in business and marketing for the various companies that exist. There are many companies that offer products and services to customers. However, it is impossible for every customer to know about every brand or product.

That is why companies advertise and use advertising media to reach customers and increase their intervention in the market. Depending on customer demographics, advertising budget, company goals, outreach goals, and more, companies can choose the type of media they want and can run a promotional campaign.

This helps to establish a reputation for the brand, show the benefits of products and services to the user and build a dynamic brand. Using all media channels often refers to composite marketing communications and helps build a brand using another as a foundation.

In online marketing, advertisers use promotional media on their website or for email marketing. The objective is to conquer the curiosity of the visitors of the site on the Internet or of the recipients of the mail. Finally, the aim is to stimulate the interest of the consumer, even in electronic commerce, so that they buy something.

An alternative form of advertising includes placing an advertisement on external pages that are linked to the website or offer. A commission must be paid for this service, which is calculated through affiliated networks or systems. The Ad reference for “Advertising” is very prevalent in online marketing for all forms of advertising in this medium.

In order to rate the consequence or the triumph of the different types of advertising, the “opportunity to observe” rate can be managed. This rate shows how often an individual on average comes into contact with a certain form of advertising media.

Advertising according to each medium

Advertising media is an important domain in business and advertising. Over time, there have been a number of ways that ads are displayed and can be communicated to customers. There are different types of advertising media present.

Depending on various parameters such as budget, scope, customer preferences, etc., companies can choose the necessary advertising media and help boost their brand. Some of the most important types of advertising media are:

Broadcast media

These are broken down into the well-known television and radio are two of the most important and established advertising media as broadcast media.

  • Television: televisions have been categorized as a very important tool for advertising to businesses. Companies can target series, reality shows, sporting events, live events, among many others, that are shown on television and understand the demographics of the people who watch such programming.

TV channels are classified into a wide variety such as news, sports, knowledge, entertainment, movies, kids, etc. This helps advertisers to choose the most appropriate channel for their advertising or Propaganda needs. Therefore, television is one of the most widely used advertising media in the world. Ad slots are sold by broadcasting companies and channels based on the popularity of television shows.

  • Radio: As a marketing and advertising tool, radio is the most profitable tool a user can have. Since radios have a high penetration and are easy for customers to buy, they are a good tool for advertising. Radios allow companies to reach a wide range of customers.

Since radio is tailored to the needs of a particular city or region, it is a good way to advertise based on customers selected from geo-targeting. Therefore, radio is one of the most effective tools as an advertising medium.

Printed media

Advertising media such as newspapers, magazines, brochures, flyers, billboards, some posters, direct mail, and other printed publications are in the print media classification. With a fairly large impact of the print media, these were categorized as massive instruments for dissemination.

Print media cater to a regional audience and are published in different languages. Thus, print media can cater to a niche audience compared to broadcast advertising media tools such as television or radio.

Online media

With the steady growth in Internet penetration, companies have started using online media for sale through advertising. People are connected to the Internet through social networks, browsing websites, among others.

This gives companies the opportunity to use these advertising media and serve customers who use online advertising. Online advertisements, blogging, content advertising, affiliate marketing, among others, are done online as an advertising medium.

Outdoor media

Another popular form of advertising is using outdoor billboards, whether printed or electronic, out-of-home media, among others. Outdoor advertising is basically useful to capture those customers who travel from one place to another.

This gives companies the opportunity to use outdoor advertising media to create brand awareness by placing colorful promotional posters and billboards on buildings, near streets, etc., to provide maximum visibility.


With the increasing penetration and use of mobile phones, mobile advertising has become critical for all businesses. Mobile devices as advertising media help reach the customer by promoting messages through SMS, social media chat groups, etc.

Online and mobile media also overlap at times as websites can be accessed via desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones.

Specialized media

They consist of articles that are delivered to the consumer in which the name of the company or commercial house is printed so that more people know it. For example: carry bags, membership cards, free goods such as hats or an accessory, among others. These types of advertising media are more punctual and have a limited reach compared to the media mentioned above.

Other forms

In addition to those mentioned above, advertising can be done through traffic signs, that is, the small posters that we see on trains or buses, electronic posters, etc. Some ads may also be advertised before movies in movie theaters, where you can reach a similarly large audience group in terms of demographics or geography.

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