Technology jobs that do not require a university degree

Technology jobs

Technology jobs without university studies

Did you know that in the digital field and new technologies, there are thousands of jobs available that do not require a university degree or official qualification?

In the world of Technology, since the tools and disciplines are so new and young, job candidates are not required to have undergraduate or graduate degrees. Mastering the tool and technologies of the position, as well as the digital skills for the job, is more than enough to be the selected candidate

Change in the work paradigm since the pandemic

Did you know that in the US, 10% of minimum wage workers in warehouses, industry, factories, etc. Did you take advantage of the health crisis to train yourself and change sectors towards the digital field? It is clear that it is worth evaluating whether a programming course can catapult your career elsewhere.  

To the extent that technology professionals access jobs with the best salaries and greater job opportunities, many people believe that they can get a well-paying job just by taking a programming course. 

And the truth is that there is some truth in this. However, professionals are also required to continually update the tools and techniques of their workplace. At SoloEmploy we help you decide which training is most appropriate for you.

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Due to the high demand for these professionals, the ability to continue learning and perfecting the knowledge acquired weighs more in a selection process than having a degree or a university degree.

If you are an analytical and methodical person and you would like to create from scratch, programming may be your dream profession.

We recommend that you start with a programming course based on the most widespread languages, such as HTML or Java. And with that, you can start working. As you gain experience in these areas, you may be interested in continuing to train and master other more specific and complex languages , such as Python, which will open doors to new jobs and salaries above €50,000 per year.

Digital Marketing and CRO

The world of sales and marketing has no end. All companies in this world need to sell their products and be more efficient in their sales processes. So yes, in Marketing there is a lot of work. Furthermore, in the current digital landscape, there are only two types of companies: those that already sell online and have a digital presence and those that are about to take the step if they do not want to disappear.

Training in Digital Marketing is a safe bet and you can also specialize and complete your training with other complementary disciplines such as graphic design, web page optimization, SEO/SEM…

The opportunities and possibilities are vast!

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Ethical hacking

Cybercrime grows at the same pace as digitalization. For this reason, companies are increasingly dedicating more efforts to protecting their systems, data, etc. from hackers.

Cybersecurity is currently a zero-unemployment sector and official forecasts indicate that in the coming years there will be a large deficit of professionals in this sector, so companies will have to enter into competition to recruit talent in this field.

To work in Cybersecurity, you need to train with experts in the sector, and you can do it without having prior knowledge. We recommend that you start with a basic Ethical Hacking course or if you are already starting from a more advanced level, you can try a master’s degree in network and systems cybersecurity. The job is assured.

Cross-platform App Design

The rise of digitalization, industry 4.0 and mobile have caused a boom in these professionals. To work as an app developer in any sector, you only need to have programming knowledge and training in cross-platform app design , with which you will be able to master everything from the basic concepts of HTML programming and the design of CSS style sheets to the creation of websites, based on predefined designs and templates created by yourself.

A multiplatform app designer earns an average annual salary that ranges between €45,000 and €55,000. Ah! And it is not necessary to have any official title.

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UX/UI Design

Did you know that the UX/UI Design market has grown more than 70% in the last year? Professionals trained in this field are increasingly necessary and difficult to find.

If you want to forge a professional career in this sector, you will only have to study a course or master’s degree in UX/UI Design at a digital talent school.

Don’t worry if you start from scratch. If this is your dream, at MDigital, Escuela de Talento Digital they will advise you where to start and adapt the pace of study to your background, ensuring that you achieve your goal of working as a UX/UI designer. Do not hesitate to ask us for information and advice.

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