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Success and failure in starting a business

In the United States, a little over 20% of businesses survive their first two years of existence. This makes it extremely important that the entrepreneur be prepared to overcome the difficulties that will arise in the future. Next, some factors will be explained about how to be an entrepreneur and not fail in the attempt.

What to do and what not to do to make a business successful?

Do not forget to do the initial planning

A company that has not carried out market research and that has not developed a short, medium and the long-term plan is doomed to business failure. Therefore, to be successful, it is necessary to carry out a study to identify the competition and potential customers, as well as establish objectives and work strategies to achieve them. In addition, it is important that employees know this plan to keep them motivated and committed to the business.

Do not underestimate marketing strategies

It is estimated that more than 95% of businesses in the United States are microenterprises, so there is enormous competition in the market. So forgetting a marketing strategy is one of the reasons why a company fails. Promoting yourself on social networks or on a web page is vital to gain visibility in the face of the constant appearance of new businesses.

To achieve a good brand positioning, it is important to create innovative experiences for the client and deliver valuable content. The opening of a blog, the SEO optimization of the articles and the generation of original images and videos, is an effective support to attract users interested in the products or services that are offered.

Design a financial plan

How a company’s finances are managed will also influence its success and failure. Therefore, the entrepreneur must be familiar with the financial statements and have a good understanding of the income and expenses of the business. Only in this way can more assertive decisions be made and better manage cash flow.

To carry out a solid financial plan, it is necessary to analyze the reality of the business, set the necessary funds to invest in the company, predict the availability of capital for a specific period, control resources and evaluate any possible external risk.

Define indicators

It can be difficult to tell the difference between the success and failure of a running business. For this reason, it is essential that the entrepreneur define the management indicators on which the business processes and strategies will be measured. They provide valuable information, qualitative and quantitative, to evaluate the consequences of the actions applied.

This allows risks to be prevented, deviations from objectives to be corrected and improvement opportunities to be identified, based on the visualization and anticipation of monthly trends, the evaluation of resources invested, the analysis of results and more.

Willingness and ability to take risks

Some entrepreneurs consider that one of the main reasons why a company fails is the lack of will or the ability to take risks. Therefore, having both qualities is a good answer on how to be an entrepreneur and not fail in the attempt. According to Forbes, it is also necessary to have an optimistic attitude, be self-critical, not be afraid of change, always seek to employ the best and think in the short, medium and long term.

An entrepreneur can avoid business failure by following these practices. However, he must be aware that difficulties are a constant in the world of entrepreneurship. To deal with them, it is important that you have a solid business plan and remain vigilant to changes in the market.

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