How to work in a zoo

How to work in a zoo


You’ve probably fantasized about being a caretaker of exotic fauna. But what if it’s not just a fantasy? Would you be able to survive as a zookeeper? If you think the answer is yes, keep reading.

To make a magnificent exotic animal keeper, you must follow a rigorous recipe. In fact, it is quite similar to that of the Powerpuff Girls, only instead of sugar, spices and many nice things, it requires vocation, training and a pinch of patience.

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The first step to making a good caregiver is to give them a vocation for their work. If you not only watch documentaries about brave adventurers who go into jungles to investigate their fauna but also would like to star in them, you already have one of the main ingredients. If, on the other hand, you love animals but prefer them a little away from you, you may have to think again. There are jobs related to animals that do not require direct contact with them, and all of them are important and necessary.

The next ingredient must be cooked over low heat, as it needs a little time for it to be ready: formation. In order to care for an animal’s most basic needs, it is necessary to know precisely what those needs are. You can find courses in which you will learn everything you need to know about the care and management of exotic fauna. We cannot forget that wild animals are, as their name suggests, wild. We must know how to interact with each of them to ensure both our safety and theirs.

We are only missing one ingredient that, in my opinion, is the most important: patience and willpower.

We generally imagine the job of a caregiver as something very sweet, but the truth is that it also has its bitter parts. You may have to deal with a rescued tiger that suffers irreversible damage. Or you may instead watch a perfectly healthy primate develop a terminal illness in a short amount of time. If you think that all the good things about this job compensate for its toughest situations, congratulations: you have the makings of a caregiver. The rest of the things are acquired with time and experience, the recipe can always be perfected.

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