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Start an editorial business

If you consider starting an editorial business, you are not just an entrepreneur, but a dreamer, patient, consistent and, above all, full of confidence in the magic of readers. As we know that your creativity and your business vitality can materialize in this business, we offer you the necessary keys so that your project takes the form of a book and, above all, of success.

The profitability of start an editorial business

An editorial is a business, at least, private. Even to set up a publishing house, it is not necessary to have a physical location, beyond an office or office where you sit down to manage and direct the dreams of your writers to take them to your clients.

This does not imply that it is easy: the popularity of electronic books and the new ways of reading (or not reading) make publishing books a complicated task, within a demanding sector.

Therefore, publishing books in the context of setting up a publishing house will be profitable if you take into account the following three  tips :

  1. Patience.
  2. Have a coherent and thoughtful catalog of books.
  3. Time and money for the first investments.

With these three pillars clear in your mind, let yourself be taken in by your own story and make it your way of life.

Start an editorial

The idea

Having a good idea is essential to know what kind of publishing house you want to create and, above all, what books you are going to publish. Set your goal, because setting up a publishing house as a  hobby is not the same as starting a project as a business on which you intend to make your long-term financial support depend.

the competition

A good analysis of what surrounds you is a good opportunity both for independent writers or genres to find a place and for you to cover spaces that the literature of your area does not cover or is insufficient.

Publishers’ online sales are higher than on-site sales, so investigate the competition’s web pages and analyze their way of selling, their audience, their strategies, whether they sell at home and their way, in general, to attract customers and sell books.

Knowing your successes, your failures and your faults, we will draw our perfect sales map to offer the best and highest quality.

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Name and registration

Your name is fundamental and by which the rest of the world will know you. Choose a name that is available, clear, direct, good and optimal. If you need it, go to a  naming company  (specialized in name search).

When you have it, you must register it with the competent body and wait for the appropriate time that the legislation determines to be able to start the activities (normally, about three, or four months).

It will imply registration in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers,  with the consequent payment of taxes related to it.

Editorial Business Plan

It is a specific business plan that will help you visualize what exactly your editorial is going to offer, in relation to the type of books, their distribution channels, as well as the way in which you will be able to cover the expenses of both start-up of the project and maintenance.

By way of illustration, you should know that the first years will be an investment and that profits in the publishing business are usually obtained from the third or fourth year.

Your personal brand

If you have the possibility of going to a professional graphic designer, do not hesitate: your logo is essential to attract customers and it is not as simple as it seems if you do not dedicate yourself to it. It must be consistent with your style, your service and your editorial strategy.

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Advertising and marketing

That dissemination is vital for the operation and success of your publishing house is something that you will know more than enough. Once you have your logo, make yourself known.

You don’t need great media, but you do need the best: web pages and all the social networks up and running so that you are known at every point in the market: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are a must-have.

Start making your own website (relying on a programmer, computer scientist or web designer) or, at least, create a blog (there are many current options and facilities, such as WordPress templates, with which you don’t have to be a professional).


If you have a team, it is better than if you walk alone or try to cover everything yourself, although it will depend on the pretentiousness of your project and, above all, on what you can afford. However, consider the possibility of filling a series of positions in your editorial, even if it is in the medium term, which will enrich it and make it much more productive:

  • Corrector team.
  • Layouts.
  • Designers.
  • Writers group.
  • Illustrators.
  • professional readers.
  • Reviewers.

Setting up a publisher is as nice as it is affordable. You can start yourself, from scratch, assuming each position, and then you will be the conductor who marks the rhythm of each musician. Following the steps that we have given you, you will give the note in the narrative panorama of the literary world.

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