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An advertising agency or marketing is a company that creates new promotional ideas: radio, television and the Internet.

Plan and carry out advertising campaigns: it offers everything you need for a successful advertising campaign of the company or brand. It allows the company to reach its target customers in a simple and direct way.

Clients of an advertising agency

The clients in an advertising agency are all companies: StartUp, SMEs, multinationals, public and private institutions that have chosen to create or modify their advertising or business image or that simply want to innovate, to remain competitive in the market and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Staff in an advertising agency

The staff of your advertising agency should be made up of professionals from all areas of communication: web designers, illustrators, filmmakers, architects, copywriters, programmers, SEO and SEM specialists, and community managers. This makes it possible to respond, without exception, to the various advertising and communication needs of customers.

It is also positive, that the more your ad agency grows, you make significant synergies and partnerships with leaders in the field of communications, printing and marketing. These alliances make it possible to respond more quickly to each specific need, providing more comprehensive and personalized solutions.

Venue and structure of an advertising agency

The basic structure must have an area with differentiated spaces for reception, customer service, administration and creation. Some agencies adopt unique spaces without divisions, providing the participation of the team in all processes, it is up to the owner to define characteristics of the most suitable system for his work group.

What your ad agency should do

Its advertising agency or marketing must process the information provided by the company or client and…

a) Study the target market in terms of product and/or service.

b) Analyzing the target market in terms of geographical coverage (the area in which the company operates or client).

c) Do a search for competitors and their market share.

d) Studying and segmenting the target audience (customers), its antecedents in terms of income and capital (medium/high, high, etc.), social status (men, women, families, singles, entrepreneurs, professionals, etc. ), the average age, habits (where they go, what they do, what they read, hobbies, etc.). Only by knowing in depth the behavior of customers you can reach them effectively with advertising actions.

e) To propose to the company its considerations and conclusions and an advertising plan for the current year, given the budget that the company has made available to reach new customers and retain current ones.

Services may be offered an advertising agency or marketing

Advertising or publicity. This service must offer all advertising activities to publicize businesses of customers. From corporate identity advertising campaigns, billboards advertising planning advertising in print, radio and TV.

Graphics. Your advertising agency should offer graphic design services such as: logo design and graphic creation of anything that can serve to improve the effectiveness of your messages, such as brochures, brochures, and catalogs.

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Web services. Your marketing agency should offer a service creating websites and portals for all needs. You must be able to create dynamic websites, or responsive adaptable, even with e – commerce functions. Also make blogs and Facebook applications.

Web marketing. This service must offer  all web marketing activities that are essential to today’s communication, such as SEO, consultancy pay per click campaigns (SEM), marketing and media partner and DEM campaigns.

Events. Your advertising agency can offer design services corporate events, conferences and exhibitions. It can offer a complete service that includes identifying the location, the secretariat, the press office.

Multimedia. Technology is a means to increase visibility. Your marketing agency must provide services advertising art, such as viral videos spread via the web, advergames and apps, in addition to the standard media such as radio spots and videos.

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