How to start a supermarket

Start a supermarket business

Supermarkets are always on trend. It is a business that is always sought after, is always in demand and cannot be lacking in any population center, as it offers a varied service with a value for money that the customer holds in high esteem. If you are an entrepreneur and you see yourself with the desire and possible means to set up a supermarket, we offer you the tools to carry it out.

Advice prior to setting up a supermarket

Supermarkets are the first option consumers use to make their daily purchases (more than 60% choose it). It is a profitable business, with two main variants to choose from, depending on the needs and ambition of your project and your own financing:

open your own supermarket

It means having an area where you will offer all kinds of products in the same place, so you will need to plan your own product implementation policy. You must also have good computer and logistics equipment that allows you to properly manage your business and allow it to move forward. Therefore, make sure you have a good team to advise you and help you in this initial phase of the project.

It is essential that you carry out a market study, where you take into account the factors that will determine the sales levels that your future business will have: competition, potential clientele, location of the premises, consumption habits, environment…  

belong to a franchise

Choosing to invest in a franchise is a good option not only economically, but also from the point of view of advice and initial set-up. You will have the support of a brand that is already publicized and is (relatively) well-known, which will help you win customers,  have access to a greater variety of products in relation to suppliers and enter a more competitive market with respect to prices.

It is true that your margin of freedom in action is smaller, but it may be worth it if your demands can be submitted to the contractual obligations of the franchise in  favor  of the advantages it offers you.

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What services can I offer in my supermarket?

If a supermarket is characterized by something, it is for having the capacity to offer an enormous range of products. The main ones are:

  • Nonperishable food.
  • Perishable foods (meats, dairy, fruits and vegetables).
  • Prepared meals (instant, chilled or frozen).
  • Frozen products.
  • Bakery products.
  • Other articles:
    • Perfumery.
    • Stationery.
    • Toy store.
    • Clothing.
    • Basic technology: headphones, CD…

Factors to consider when setting up a supermarket

The premises are the basis without which your supermarket will not be able to take shape , so you must pay the greatest dedication and attention to it. A supermarket moves between 120, 400 square meters (thousands in some cases, although they would already be classified as department stores).

The initial investment will be high, either due to the costs of the land, costs of an already built property or because it is a rental. To this, you have to add the materials, labor and fees related to the necessary permits, among which we can list: 

  • Opening license.
  • Building license (major and minor).
  • Food storage license.
  • Food handling permits.
  • Permits related to the handling of chemical or harmful substances.
  • Corresponding upload and download license.

In relation to suppliers, remember that you must study all possible products and brands so that, in this way, your sales volume grows. Establish contact with them and negotiate discounts for quantities, samples, first batches or trial batches. Do not forget your commercial strategy and ask for help from professionals if you need it, because the future of your greatest profits and the attractiveness of your products lies in this key.

Regarding the material,  it is also quite expensive, but it is an initial fixed cost in which you must invest if you want to achieve a successful long-term business. Do not forget:

  • Cash registers.
  • Ribbons for the merchandise.
  • Correct installation of lights: the better lit everything is, the more attractive it will be for the client. Take advantage of natural light.
  • Exhibitors and marquees.
  • Freezers.

Investor tip  : do not neglect the image, design, order and cleanliness. Although it seems simple, “the three B’s” ( good, nice and cheap ) work well to form your supermarket.

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the staff

There is nothing more satisfying than setting up your supermarket and giving people the chance to find work. The larger your project, the more staff you will need to hire. Of course, take care that they have a profile adapted to their positions, and that it is qualified personnel. Pay attention to their training and map their positions, from managers to cashiers, waiters, butchers, stockers and everything else you require so that your service is optimal.

With these first notions, you will have realized that setting up a supermarket can be a project as ambitious as it is comforting. Take your mobile, call suppliers and, with your best advice team, start making the best products to supply your neighborhood and become the successful entrepreneur you have inside.

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