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Franchise business

A franchise is one of the most agile ways to start your own business. If you want to know how to start a franchise, we offer you the steps to take into account to do it and make it as simple as possible.

Steps to start a franchise

The first thing you have to decide is what type of business you want to start. To do this, you must focus your attention on the following keys:

Your profile

If you are only going to run the business, invest or also actively participate in it:

  • Self-employment or low investment franchises.
  • Management franchises, higher investments or mega stores.
  • Capacities, skills and motivation.
  • Financial availability.

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Your business profile

Decide what business you want to start and focus your efforts on that specific project. A restaurant, a hairdresser, a store or a real estate agency is not the same. This will help you define your activities and your management and subsequent work capacity.

The market in which you move

Analyze the competition and future customers, as they are key factors in choosing the right franchise.

How does a franchise work?

If you have decided to start a franchise, you must understand the franchise system, that is, what it is, how it works, its economic conditions and, above all, be well informed of the obligations that you, as a franchisee, would have. Therefore,  you should ask the brands for information, contact and talk to those responsible and thus get a perfect idea of ​​the potential of the franchise and if it is the ideal business for you and your circumstances.

Once you understand how the franchise works, you should look for the best franchise brands in the market:

  1. Look for information. Nowadays, you can find many guides online that will help you in this task. Select about five or six franchises.
  2. Contact them and ask for information. Request an offer and study it.
  3. Clarify your doubts with the franchisors.
  4. Request the so-called pre-contractual information dossier of the franchise that interests you, which is a document that details the content of what will be the final contract, with all the points to be discussed.
  5. Make sure you thoroughly know each of the points of what your business will be.
  6. Discard what does not fit with your business idea.

Once the chosen franchises have been thoroughly analyzed, personally visit a center, talk to them and their workers and observe the premises. This will help you to stay with one, for which you will become a candidate after being completely sure of your study.

I want to be a franchise candidate. And now that?

Once you have chosen the franchise that best suits you, you must apply through the brand’s application questionnaire. It is a document through which the franchisor will evaluate you, get to know you and estimate whether or not you are suitable to grant you the franchise.

If the franchisor accepts your proposal, two phases will open:

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Pre-contract phase

In the franchise pre-contract phase, a period of three to six months begins in which two factors will come into play: the local and the capital. During this time, things like the following will take place:  

  • The premises: you make one or more area reservations.  
  • The franchisor travels to see those locations that you have. You have the right to receive help from him when looking for premises, just as he can rule out those that he does not deem convenient: the final decision of the chosen premises belongs to the franchisee.
  • The cancellation of the project may take place during this search for premises or money.
  • Credentials will be presented: bank references, employment and criminal records.
  • There will be the possibility of obtaining bank financing. In many cases, the franchisor has preferential financing agreements and business plans with banks.
  • With the premises found, you will be able to adjust an investment plan, since until the specific premises are available you will not have been able to calculate the specific price of the investment.

Contract phase

This phase is the most important and decisive and the one that will formalize your business and your role as a franchisee. Will take place:

  • Payment of the entrance fee.
  • Delivery of franchise manual.
  • Carrying out the corresponding training.
  • The schedule of hiring staff for the launch.
  • The programming of the marketing campaign for the launch of the new business.

Is franchising my best bet?

Having a franchise gives you less room for freedom when it comes to having your own criteria about the operation of the company; not so, the data shows that franchises are very profitable businesses, more than independent businesses since they already incorporate their own fame and prestige.

Now it only remains that, with our keys and your effort, you decide to start a franchise. Do not be afraid and embark on a project that will undoubtedly bring you benefits, success and, above all, growth and profitability.

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