How to start a flower shop?

Flower shop business

You love flowers, it relaxes you to be surrounded by them, their smell and the feeling that the idea of ​​working with them gives you. Start a flower shop can be your ideal business, that’s why we teach you the basic principles so that you can make your floral dream your way of life and, above all, make a profit.

Practical tips for setting up a flower shop

Starting a flower shop is a very important business that depends a lot on each season and the datesYou will always have events and, when there are none, customers who want flowers for specific celebrations. For this reason, setting up a flower shop is a profitable business, which does not require a large initial investment, but it does require constant investment. If you want to be a good florist, you must plant these 3 keys for your business to bear fruit:

  1. A good place.
  2. A good area.
  3. A good knowledge of the product.

Keeping these three fundamental points in mind and before ordering flowers like crazy from suppliers, take note of the following tips that will help you study the viability of your flower shop.

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How to start a flower shop: The business plan

Study the market and the competition you will have to face, as well as the possible competition to which you will offer your product. Currently, you will have to deal with several competitors:

  • Florists already settled in your town.
  • DIY chains or decorations.
  • Big distributors.
  • Own stores in hospitals or funeral homes.
  • Online stores.
  • Multi-price bazaars.

Once the human structure with which you will have to deal and which you will have to serve has been defined, the venue will be your ally to give free rein to your imagination and, above all, to your success.

It doesn’t have to be the biggest, but it does need to be the brightest, the one that most invites you in, the most colorful, tidy and smells the best. With an area of ​​about 65 square meters, you will have enough. The showcase must be clean, and careful and expose the best and freshest of our products to the public, which has such a visual impact. Place merchandise in a crowded, non-stifling manner, and reserve the counter clean (at most, show your last flower arrangement). Try to follow this scheme, for which you will need

  • Counter, with computer equipment.
  • Table to work flower arrangements.
  • Showcases.
  • Shop windows and exhibitors.

And to fill them:

  • Bases.
  • foliage.
  • Other accessories: stuffed animals, cards, paper of different textures and colors…
  • Flowers: Try to have an example of each of the most basic ones (roses, carnations, lilies, lilies) and offer a catalog in which the client has the possibility of ordering those that you do not have at the moment or the colors that you are missing

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Be unique: how to stand out

From the outset, do not set production limits too high, start little by little, taking orders that you can fulfill in the times you agree with your clients and growing at the same time as your flowers. The competition is tough, but you can follow these lines that will help you strengthen your position and position yourself at the forefront of the market:

  • It offers different things:
    • Minimalist flower arrangements.
    • Themed arrangements: for baby showers, soon recovery, apologies, for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.
    • Your own arrangements on, for example, the  Harry Potter saga.
    • Monochrome or polychrome arrangements.
    • Arrangements with aromatherapy.
    • Fruit arrangements.
    • Arrangements that include several levels.
    • Arrangements with stuffed animals.
  • Put on an original name and a logo created by you.
  • It offers a clean design and decorates the interior of your flower shop with care.
  • Do your  marketing, even if you don’t have great media:
    • Create your business cards and distribute them, by hand or by leaving them in nearby stores.
    • Advertise on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and you can even create your own website. But above all, include your photos!
  • Offer offers:
    • Launch special services with discounts for special events or celebrations and give details.

Legal considerations

Regarding the procedures in the Public Treasury and the corresponding records, we will either register in the Special Regime for Self-Employed or we will create a company.

In the case of creating a company, we will proceed to its constitution, the drafting of its statutes, its registration in the Mercantile Registry and the corresponding elevation of said documents to Notarial Public Deed.

In the case of self-employed workers, we will not create a company, but rather we will register with the VAT and the IAE and will make declarations of the start of operations and census declaration to the Treasury, as well as obtaining the CIF and registration in the RETA.

Subsequently, you will go to the local Town Hall (provided with the NIF or CIF, as the case may be) to be informed of the requirements you need to request the corresponding licenses, which generally will be:

  • Business opening license.
  • Commercial license.
  • Work license.  

And now, with the same delicacy of a flower, we know that your dedication and patience will help you start a flower shop as beautiful and brilliant as your entrepreneurial spirit. Each petal that falls is time that you waste standing out among the weeds. Do not wait anymore!

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