How to get a job as a makeup artist in the United States?

Makeup Artist Job United States

Like any professional and specialist, when they finish their studies, makeup artists also ask themselves the following: where can I work? How can I exploit my talent and make a profit? How can I get a job as a makeup artist

Although there is no single answer to these questions, the truth is that there is a wide field of work out there. In this article, we will help you discover how to get a job as a makeup artist, specifically in the United States, and make great profits right from the start. 

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We will always need makeup artists, whether it is to prepare for a big event or simply help us out of a pinch or beauty emergency. His work is essential in our daily life and allows us to look as beautiful as we feel. 

Makeup artists are not just professionals in charge of making up a face and making it look spectacular. They also study, use and apply a wide variety of elements and techniques aimed at caring for our skin. Infallible proof of its importance is the demand for its work and the attractive salary offered in the United States. 

According to a study carried out by the job portal Glassdoor, a professional makeup artist earns approximately 47 thousand dollars a year in the city of Los Angeles. Not for nothing is a work that has reached the world of art and entertainment. 

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Start working as a makeup artist 

Getting started as a makeup artist or make-up artist is not difficult. However, this is not why you should launch from the first moment without proper planning, as you could receive an unexpected response. Start with small but significant steps like: 

  • Word of mouth: word of mouth advertising, through your friends, family or acquaintances, is a safe strategy to publicize your services. 
  • Business Cards – Even if you think otherwise, a business card is a great way to make yourself known and present a professional image. 
  • Smartphone: it seems more than obvious, but it is worth remembering that you need specialized equipment to communicate with your customers. You can use instant messaging applications like WhatsApp to streamline your communication. 
  • Make-up kit: the fact that you do not have a professional film make-up team does not prevent you from starting. Make sure you have the basic tools and essential elements to carry out your work effectively. Be aware of how to clean your makeup kit and make sure you keep it in good repair. 

Where to work in the United States? 

As we mentioned, getting a job as a professional makeup artist in the United States requires various elements and skills. However, today more than ever, the labor field for professionals has grown exponentially. Get to know some of their main job sites: 

  • Freelance makeup artists or makeup artists: as the name implies, they are professionals who carry out their work through special orders. 
  • Aesthetics or beauty salons: these are specialized sites where makeup artists can carry out their work expertly and safely. 
  • Special events: whether for a wedding, a dinner or a business meeting, makeup artists have the necessary preparation to perform makeup for day and night events. 
  • Catwalks: although it is a variant with greater specialization, those who dedicate themselves to catwalk makeup have become an undisputed pillar of the fashion world. 
  • Cinema or television: just like makeup artists with expertise in the world of fashion, it is necessary to have a specialization in this field of makeup. 


Although anyone would like to get a job as a makeup artist with no experience, this factor is a very important element when it comes to finding a job. Additionally, you must have other requirements such as: 

  • Be of age 
  • Diploma or proof of professional and specialized studies 
  • makeup artist license 

Tips for getting a makeup artist job 

Now we just have to give you a series of tips to start your career in this field and achieve your goals in a short time:

Performs work in beauty or aesthetic salons 

Joining or applying for a job at a beauty salon is a great opportunity to showcase your work and familiarize yourself with this environment. This will also give you the opportunity to start building your own client portfolio and learn what makeup businesses are like to start your own. 

Create a presence on social networks 

Today there is no better way to promote your work than through social networks. These platforms are perfect for making your talent known effectively, quickly and massively. You can upload photos that show the process of your work and videos in which you give advice or tips to your audience.

Offer your work at home 

A makeup artist knows that not everyone has the time to visit a beauty salon. For this reason, offering the modality of delivering beauty or makeup at home will help you attract all kinds of clients. Be sure to properly record your appointments and arrive on time with all necessary equipment.

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What to study? 

As you know, preparation will always be necessary to practice as a professional makeup artist, because your work, although it may seem basic, requires special skills that are not only learned by experience. 

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