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Reinvent yourself after the storm is a motto that more than one has begun to incorporate into their communication strategies. If social media already played a crucial role in organizing events, today it can be said that it has become a powerful tool to promote them even more.

A 180º turn is what the sector has experienced, which has gone from face-to-face to a virtual format in which interaction with attendees is more complicated. Although it is true that, until now, Webinars or virtual events have won the position of face-to-face events, becoming the new normality, little by little a hybrid format has been established that reopens the doors to “face to face”.

It is a modality that combines online events with the attendance of a very specific and limited target audience, who are usually professionals in the sector. In all cases, the power of social networks to promote and publicize the event in order to achieve its success has been demonstrated.

When organizing an event, a strategy must be followed, since a brand is always associated with an experience. For this reason, digital marketing and social media are today, something indisputable. Communicating the before, during and after is an effective practice to spread the brand and, above all, to promote the event with a good marketing strategy.

Social networks deservedly play a fundamental role in events due to their effectiveness in disseminating and communicating them. This is stated by Belén Acebes, Director of Operations at IAB Spain, and adds that “the penetration data confirms the maturity of social networks in Spain, while the figures for use, frequency, rating and preference configure them as a comfortable environment and essential for users and therefore for brands”.

In addition, according to the latest IAB Spain report, 1 out of 3 users declares that brands that have a profile on Social Networks generate more confidence in them, hence the use of them is key to promoting events.

Users seek to interact. Social media has changed the relationship of companies with the target and, in this case, with those attending a meeting. If what is sought is a success, the social media strategy must be a fundamental pillar. Today I leave you with a series of steps or tips that I have decided to call the 5Ps rule of social media in events so that you can take advantage of the maximum potential of social networks during the organization and planning of event marketing. 

1. Plan the strategy

 Do you know what the target is? Have you decided which profiles will be used in the event? If the answer is negative, start there. Before starting to publish, it is necessary to organize yourself and become familiar with the appropriate social networks since they will be the weapon with which you will play to promote the meeting. It is important that you plan to show a commitment to narrating each moment and promoting the event using social media. Become a true Social Media Strategist!

To plan and define the objectives of the communication strategy, you must be clear that Facebook is the leader of social networks, but there are also other tools such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or YouTube, among others. Pay attention to all and analyze them. Each one offers a series of possibilities, so planning what you want to spread will help you choose which tool to use to promote the event. Remember: it pays to do your research to reach your audience.

2. Prepare the contents

Just as planning the strategy is useful to know the appropriate social networks to promote the event, preparing the content is also useful. Take time to investigate and bring out the creative side that you have inside.

Attractive content adapted to each social network will be the perfect hook for your event. Also, don’t forget to create a title for the event and a hashtag. In this way you will achieve order and, above all, you will encourage participation. It will be a perfect way to communicate with attendees, speakers and topics that will be discussed during the celebration.

On the other hand, program content both before and during, and after the event. Communication starts long before the event, so don’t forget to report the event. Use creatives such as a “save the date” in short video and image format. That works and you will see the results in the event.

The success of an event will depend on the planning of the strategy and the contents

3. Promote the event

Do you know where the target you are targeting is? If you have it clear, use the work already done. Start launching the previously prepared content and if the opportunity arises, why not have the famous influencers?

The presence of these personalities or even just mentioning the event on their social networks can make it more attractive, generating expectations and desire to attend the meeting. If you have enough money, why not give it a try?

Also, you can use paid campaigns, which will help you reach the audience interested in your event. Use tools like Google AdWords or Twitter Ads to remember the dates of the event, the presentations, attendees, etc. You can also take advantage of and share the “behind the scene”, something that will arouse the interest of the public.

4. Promote interaction with the public

If there is an advantage that social networks have, it is interaction. It seeks to create a unique and positive experience as this will encourage attendees to share their experiences on social networks.

Running sweepstakes, surveys, or discussions is a great way to start engaging with your audience. Also, don’t forget to create dynamism. Post frequently and use live video to show what’s happening. Encourage attendees to use the hashtag to raise doubts or questions or make any comments about it.

Do not forget to create audiovisual content since it is the most shared format on social networks. Engaging attendees in the event is easy, and creating satisfying experiences will get them to create free, brand-friendly content. Whenever you can, encourage the conversation to get an idea of ​​what your target thinks about your brand or the reason for the event.

5. Weight results

Do you want to know if the event has worked correctly and if social networks have helped you? So ask the attendees. Once the meeting is over, seek information through social networks by posting a survey. This measurement will allow you to make a final report with the results and conclusions of the meeting. And what is it for? To improve in the next and offer a better experience. Assessing the work of social media and analyzing the results will pave the way for the success of future events. 

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