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Nail spa, fashion trucks, vegetable cosmetics, among other business ideas for women that you cannot miss. If it is in your plans to be part of the 4 million entrepreneurs in the country, you entered the correct article. Starting a business is not an easy task, because you have to consider your skills, costs and profits. Therefore, here we will give you some business ideas for women that can help you a lot when choosing what to do.

Business ideas for women

Child photography

Photography courses not only serve to upload your selfies to Instagram. If you already took one, take it into account for this business.

Surely your Facebook feed or some other social network never lacks the thematic baby or child photo.

It’s very easy to put together a Christmas or themed set, you just need creativity or search Pinterest for some ideas. Go to a home decor store, pick items that fit your budget, but don’t seem shoddy, and start with the clicks of your camera. Well, you will also need a professional team that can cost between $50 and $300.

The set will not cost you more than $100 and you will use it over and over again during the season.

It is important that you choose a place with a clean environment and near a window to take the photo with a lot of light.

Each session you can charge up to $500 or more.

Baby Cloth Diapers

Yes, just as you read it. Although the U.S and UK market is not very used to buying cloth diapers, this product has been around since 1950.

A baby spends six diapers a day approximately, that is, 2,190 pieces a year with an average cost of $1 or more per unit.

In addition to the great savings that you will generate by buying this type of diaper, you can support the Environment. Disposable diapers are the third most polluting item on the planet, since their plastics take 500 years to decompose.

There are big brands like GroVia or Smart Bottoms that you can import. However, in Mexico there is also EcoPipo and My Little Baby.

Go ahead and convince your customers that it is a better option, because having the one with which diapers are made prevents odors from remaining in it and is also resistant to the washing machine.

Your profit margin can be up to 30 percent, just remember to choose a quality brand to get good reviews.

Ecological cosmetics

It seems that so many ecological campaigns and, mainly, the damage that we see in the news or the images that freeze our soul that appear in our feed of any social network are taking effect.

More and more people are concerned about not wearing real animal skins when dressing or makeup that does not test on them.

If you go to the gym or some class where you share space with several women, like in the office, do it! Godín forewarned is worth two. Affiliate with the brand that most convinces you for its quality or benefits and show them the catalogs.

Although many prefer inexpensive brands, your potential buyer may be older women with high purchasing power, interested in their health.

You can also go to healthy food fairs, in favor of the Environment or body health to expose your products.

Another option is to rent a place to display your products, just take into account that, if you do not have many sales, this could be counterproductive.

In my experience as a Yves Rocher salesperson you can easily commission 40 percent, you just need the gift of the word and that in each woman you see a possible prospect. In this brand of vegetable cosmetics you can earn $10 for every $200 of purchase.

Other business ideas for women

Event organizer

You have many friends, take advantage of them! You can’t imagine how much wedding planners or event planners in general earn.

Yes, they carry a bit of responsibility because they take care of the catering, drinks, decoration, music, cutlery and the atmosphere of the event in general. However, your effort is well rewarded.

Obviously, you will have to rely on a very good team to make the party successful.

Most women are more detailed and scrupulous when it comes to selecting a gift and these innate skills serve them perfectly when it comes to organizing.

You can charge around $200 to $2000 for your service, your profit being approximately 35 percent.


One of the most popular business ideas for women entrepreneurs today.

The aromatherapy and natural therapies can make enough money to live win it. But go easy, because you can start working part-time without leaving your main job to ensure an extra income. Little by little you will increase your client portfolio to open your own aromatherapy clinic.

Start by buying oils and knowing their main benefits. We have an article that will teach you more about the importance of smell in people’s humor:

Clothing boutique

Considering that the U.S and the UK buy an average of thirteen pieces of clothing and five pairs of shoes a year, this is a perfect business.

Opening a clothing boutique is not an exclusive option for women, but what would you do if I told you that an entrepreneur dared to create a fashion truck.

As you just read, Truck à Porter is Germany’s favorite fashion truck.

This small traveling boutique, with the latest in fashion and design for contemporary women, has been strolling the streets of this European country since 2010. Carrying exquisite clothing collections on four wheels and visiting the best bazaars, private events, creative markets, parking lots or just around the corner from your office. Daniela Bode is the mind behind this project. Keep in mind that they would be two very different things; sell clothes to food.

What else?

Nail Spa

These establishments will never go out of style, especially since the current culture, a little more open, has motivated some men to get their nails done.

The key points of such a business will be the attention provided, an original decoration, the prices and, as in everything, the location.

You can’t put your nail spa in the corner of a semi-abandoned plaza no matter how cheap the rent is.

I recently visited one in my city and it’s true from God that there was one in a shopping center where only me and the guard were there. A lie, I exaggerated, but yes, 90 percent of the stores were closed and the only influx that the place had was thanks to a fabric and decorations business.

Ideally, put your spa on a major avenue, no matter the cost of the rent. After some time, already with a wide portfolio of clients, you can move to a cheaper place. You can even turn it into a home business.

If you like or know about design and decoration, this is an excellent profitable business idea for women. Find out about the most demanded and profitable products and start selling.

You can start by selling decoration, household and textile products. If you have competitors in your city, you should make your store stand out and a good option for this is with window dressing.

When selling original decoration ideas, obviously you must let your creativity shine from your shelf, which will motivate many people to enter your business and browse.

If you want us to write an article about how much it would cost to set up a decoration and design store, tell us in the comments.

Laser treatment clinic

Today laser hair removal is one of the most popular beauty treatments for men and women. The durability of its results made it a choice for several people.

The only thing you should consider is that the necessary equipment can cost from $1000 or more.

Another option is to buy a franchise and offer home services to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Catering service

Lately, this service has become popular at weddings and other special events, so it is a good sector to start. However, you should consider making yourself a good team mainly because they are the ones who will have direct contact with the diners.

Consider that it is a casual business, as there are no events or weddings on a daily basis. Obviously if your catering company grows, you will have events every two or three days.

Provide an extra touch in your company by expanding your catalog of services. You can include some decoration or floristry.

Coworking space for women

If you inherited a space and you don’t know what to do with it, turning it into a coworking for working women is a good solution.

Paper Dolls is a place where entrepreneurs in Los Angeles share time and space when it comes to work. This coworking seeks to improve the way women work individually and together.

Its founder, Jen Mojo, noted that there were few resources, services and spaces intended to support the growth of women in the workplace. Therefore, she decided to create a space that promoted collective participation in the workplace to empower contemporary women.

Massage clinic

This is a common type of business in many places, the good part is that you do not need a large investment, but you do need a lot of knowledge in the area.

Within your catalog you can offer from massages with hot stones, with oil, detoxified drainage, or bamboo therapy techniques. As you can see, this business for enterprising women has a lot of play. Turn your head around and offer a quality service in which the customer has no choice but to return.

What do you think? Which of all these businesses would you dare to undertake?

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