5 Strategies to attract customers to your company

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No matter how good your product or service is, if you don’t have customers, your business won’t generate income. Attracting new customers, and even retaining those who have bought from time to time, does not happen by itself, you must find an effective way to reach them, attract and “hook” them so that they trust your brand and become frequent customers.

The most effective way to achieve this is by establishing principles in a marketing plan that addresses with precise objectives and actions the way to win customers for your company and therefore increase your sales. Establishing effective strategies to attract customers to your business can seem a bit intimidating.

5 effective strategies to attract customers to your company

To help you with the task, below are 5 effective strategies to attract customers that are affordable and easy to implement that will help you to attract and/or maintain a portfolio of customers for your products or services.

Get to know your customers and create profiles of them

The key to being successful in the market is knowing your customers. No other strategy can be established if you do not know who it is targeting and how it should be addressed.

Another key element is to recognize that all clients are not equal and therefore cannot be treated as if they were and expect the same results; For this reason, it is advisable to determine customer profiles and align strategies taking into account the subtle differences between each group of people with common characteristics. Knowing what they like and what their buying patterns are allowing us to provide them with better service because it will be more personalized.

Have a well-designed website

Your website is your main cover letter when it comes to strategies to attract customers because it will be the virtual site where the customer will interact with your company.

The layout of your website must be professional, with a quality design, focused on User Experience (UX) and optimized to be responsive and can be viewed without problems from any device.

The ease of use, interactivity, usability and speed are some of the essential elements so that a purchase can be made quickly from your site or that the user connects with your space and wants to return until the transaction is finalized.

If you have a visually unattractive, poorly designed, and slow-loading website, you can be sure that web surfers won’t spend a lot of time exploring it and won’t discover all the good things your business has to offer.

Your website not only serves as a promotional tool; it is your contact, sales, link site with social networks, among other elements that help you define the distinctive characteristics of your company.

Make the most of social media

Social media is changing the way companies do business.

Potential customers spend more time on social media than browsing the Internet, making this resource one of the most efficient and profitable ways to attract new customers and influence existing ones.

Used correctly, social media can help you reach a large audience in no time, build relationships, and leverage other marketing strategies like contests, quality content outreach, and more.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are the four social networks where companies share the most content, interact with their customers and have become a great medium for marketing.

To really take advantage of social networks, you must create institutional profiles that identify the brand, publish attractive content and in the specific format according to the network, interact with your followers by responding to messages or comments, effectively manage keywords and hashtags for your company, among other details that will help to make yourself known, generate loyalty towards your company and elevate or personalize customer service. This is undoubtedly one of the main effective strategies to attract customers to your company.

Worry about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is not enough for you to just promote your business. It is useless to have valuable content on your website and it is not easily found by potential customers. It is important to ensure that effective SEO is implemented so that Google and the rest of the search engines also promote your website by placing it in a good position on the search result pages.

Since SEO affects the visibility of your website, customers are more likely to visit your page. That is why it is so important because it increases the visibility and probability of visits; and the greater the number of visits, the greater the probability of sales.

For a good SEO, the use of keywords or phrases that are attractive to the browser should be studied according to the topic to be touched. The content of that topic must also be valuable and meaningful to the audience; otherwise, it will leave your website quickly. You should also worry about technical aspects such as improving page loading speed and security since these are elements that are also valued by the search engine positioning algorithm and are also highly appreciated by users.

Strengthen your online marketing strategy with Google Ads or paid advertising

Although SEO is very important, it is only valuable if the prospect performs a related search; However, Google Ads or paid advertising provide more immediate exposure as it allows you to appear on social networks, search results, blogs, etc .; And as we have already said, users spend a large part of their day exposed to social networks.

While it is true that this type of advertising does not necessarily generate organic traffic if your goal is to make yourself known this strategy is very valuable.

An interesting example is Facebook ads that can target specific customer profiles that you have identified as potential. It is important that you know that this strategy is effective when your company has a good website where the advertising redirects.

These are 5 effective strategies to attract customers to your company that you can implement easily and without much effort, but whose results are tangible in terms of attracting potential customers.

In addition to these strategies, there are many others that you can explore, for example, use direct response marketing, share compelling content frequently, attract attention by offering something free or at a discount, form partnerships with other companies in your niche to build networks, promote a referral program, open a business blog, partner with influencers or “influencers”, implement email marketing (email marketing), create affiliate programs, open your profile on Google My Business, run sweepstakes on social networks, among many more.

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