5 Options to Start A Small Business From Home

Business From Home
Business From Home

Working from home can be one of the most interesting ways to reconcile quality of life and a significant income. Many activities can be developed from home, although this time I have only selected five. As you can see, they require very diverse skills and talents, but they can all turn into potentially profitable businesses.


The idea is simple. It is about investing money and getting good returns. Today, there are investment platforms that are very practical and inexpensive, such as Cex.io or XM.com, which means that you can set up your trading activity from your home. You can start with your own money, and then offer the service to people who have wealth but do not have the time or knowledge to bring it to fruition. Of course, you will have to train, and be aware of the risks associated with financial investments. And of course, if you are going to operate with other people’s money, you will have to comply with current regulations.

Fact investigator

What I’m talking about? No, nothing to do with the detectives. I mean a niche business but it can be very interesting. It turns out that in this world there are many people who do studies and research. And many times they would like to save themselves the tedious work of searching for sources and facts in order to retrieve objective data that can be interpreted. Specializing in collecting and verifying these facts can be a profitable business, especially since over time, you gain skills and knowledge to optimize your search and get to the data quickly and efficiently.

Home Stager

It is literally about staging a house, for customer visits and/or for photos in advertisements. A specialized person can sell his services to real estate agencies, and even better if he combines them with photography or video recording work. With the number of apartments that are put up for sale each week, even a small amount per job can make a very significant income.

Tax consultant

Perhaps it is because at the time of writing the article we are in the middle of the income campaign, but the truth is that there are many people who need tax advice (individuals in spring, and the self-employed every quarter). In general, making a declaration is not something very complicated, but many people are afraid of it, partly because the technical terms of the Treasury are scary, and partly because many of the forms have so many sections that one is not quite sure of having filled out the correct information. But a person with a little knowledge can make many statements in a short time, and charge for the service.

Web developer

In an age when all businesses, large and small, need a website, opting to work as a freelance web developer can be a very profitable option. As always, there is competition, but looking for a niche can achieve good results. For example, entrepreneurs and SMEs that need a modern corporate website and a little more original than the templates offered by standard solutions. Or, on the contrary, start with projects with a lot of development and long hours, for startups or companies with ambitious approaches.

And you? What business would you start from home?

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