5 Effective ways to get new clients with networking

Get Customers with Networking

“How do I get new clients?” It is one of the most common questions that entrepreneurs and businessmen ask themselves, and they do it for good reason: In this highly competitive world, these types of strategies are extremely important for those who are starting, because it helps them not only to register profits, but also to have a stable flow of customers who repeat their purchase of products or services several times. This is why knowing how to invest to create new customers is so important.

What is networking?

It consists of doing public relations. It might sound like an old-fashioned way of doing business, but it can be very effective, especially in the digital world we live in, and this is because in general, forming a personal relationship is much easier when you meet people. face to face.

Board and industry meetings, educational seminars, networking lunches, and conferences are places where you can connect with your ideal clients. This marketing method requires a lot of research and preparation, as well as depending on whether your ideal clients attend these events and are open to hearing proposals.

Below, Money Investors has prepared a list of 5 useful and effective tips to get new clients through networking:

1. Multiplying effect

It basically consists of  asking your interlocutor if he knows someone who might be interested in the product that you have just presented . Of course, this is established once the person you have been visiting has no need to buy your products and services, instead of wrapping up the meeting and going home, politely ask if they know someone who might be interested in it. that you just presented.

Usually everyone will give you one or two personal contacts that you can call on their behalf. With the advantage of whether they may be interested in what you offer. In this way you align interest with the appropriate moment  and increase the chances of attracting a new client.

The important thing is not to let an informal meeting or conversation end in a closed door. Ask for potential stakeholders and you will open at least two other doors.

2. Strategic alliances

You can take the partnerships in your business a step further and form what is known in the industry as a “strategic alliance”, which can last for many years. For example, a Social Media agency and a Public Relations agency may refer each other to clients who need these services.

As long as there is continued value for the audience they share, strategic alliances produce numerous referral deals, which will benefit you over time.

3. The power of social media

Fortunately today we can relate to other people miles away thanks to social networks. Networking  necessarily  goes through social networks and especially through Linkedin .

Linkedin gives you the opportunity to contact people who meet the profile of your ideal client. Which is fantastic. But at the same time, you have to work hard on these contacts. To begin with, it is not worth sending hundreds of friend requests. It is  important that you personalize the message  and tell your interlocutor who you are and why you want to add him to your contacts.

A single contact made a day but of great quality is better than 100 in an hour that will get you nowhere. By the way,  don’t try to sell him anything on that first contact . Just wait for him to accept you and try to wait a while before contacting again.

Another valid way to meet new customers can be  Twitter . Being very selective and following interesting people  you can get to cook them in a virtual way using the mention system of the social network. In neither case is it a quick process.

4. Emails

Another strategy that can be effective is reaching out to potential customers through email. Make a list of the brands you would like to work with or the people you would like to do business with. Then you will have to find the email addresses of these companies. Many professionals are able to locate the local companies they wanted to work with and upon contacting them, their response rate was better, but it required work and research.

With a carefully written and personalized sales presentation you will have a better chance of being read and of having your email responded to. Also consider using a monitoring tool to see which versions of your emails get the most responses or generate the most interest.

You should always test and set opening targets for your emails. Many experts recommend sending several presentations before being effective with a tool as cold as mailing. Your presentation skills will improve as people respond to your emails.

5. Develop corporate events

Another tactic that gives many interesting results is to attend events or develop activities in which companies are really very interested.

You should look for events  where you meet interesting people with whom you share affinities and who may need what you offer or introduce you to someone who needs it . And in the worst case, you will always have informed yourself about a new topic or you will have entertained yourself a bit.

If you don’t know where to start, you can sign up for a meet up or even on the Facebook platform to find out about upcoming events. You have no excuse for not finding new clients through this technique.

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