4 Ideas to start a business

Ideas to start a business

Today, hearing the words business entrepreneurship or SMEs is common among those seeking labor and economic independence, but also among those who are committed to building a more habitable world after the pandemic. In this article, we present four ideas to start a business aligned with the main market trends.

Why is it important to start a digital business?

According to estimates, the growth of online shopping is increasing, both globally and locally. In this regard, the projection is that by 2025, Mexico will reach 58% penetration for online purchases.

However, there are still many small and medium-sized companies that have not made the leap into the digital world, missing out on opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Ideas to start a business in 2022

If there was an event that marked the business world in 2021, it was the recovery prospects brought by the new normality, becoming, in some cases, the best time to start a business.

However, currently, the new business closures and mobility restrictions after the discovery of the Omicron variant are determining the market trends for 2022 and subsequent years.

Thus, the sectors that stand out in the case of a business venture are the following:

1. American marketplaces

Adapting to omnichannel platforms will be key for American commerce to position itself among the international giants, companies that have not only managed to overcome market changes, but also grow at an unexpected rate after having understood the potential of e-commerce in the midst of a crisis.

The transition is necessary for all sectors of the industry, but it is with greater emphasis on ventures within the categories with the highest demand, such as fashion companies, furniture, electrical, video games, household items, food and beverages.

2. Organic products and health tech

All products and services that aim to care for health, and improve personal image and well-being in a comprehensive sense have good prospects.

The above includes organic food and products, online psychological care, personal care services; such as home spas and gyms, telemedicine platforms, health monitoring applications and life insurance under the concept of insurance.

This trend is attributable to one of the many lessons that the pandemic bequeathed to humanity: health is a resource that must be preserved, which implies the generation of new habits and constant attention even when there are no symptoms or diagnosed conditions.

3. Logistics services

With the remarkable growth of e-commerce in 2020, new needs arose, such as generating strategies to maximize the capacity of logistics services and optimize the delivery of products at home or implement systems that make traceability possible.

In this sense, logistical challenges have given rise to opportunities that did not exist in previous years and consumers increasingly prefer to receive their purchases at home.

Logistics companies solve this consumer need for security while supporting the growth of SMEs, allowing them to expand and diversify their market.

4. Eco business

Sustainability as the basis of business models is a logical response in a context such as the current one, but apart from that, it is an excellent starting point for entrepreneurship and innovation.

In August 2021, the UN warned about the bleak prospects in the fight against this phenomenon.

Among the most important damages, the following stand out:

  • Melting of glaciers.
  • Alteration of the hydrological cycle.
  • Droughts and heat waves.
  • Loss of vegetation.
  • Heavy rain and snow.

Against this background, it is considered that more than 50% of adults from generation Z and millennials are seriously concerned about sustainability, a fact that also determines their preferences and consumption habits and explains why it is also important to start a business based on environmental commitment.

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