10 successful strategies to attract customers through social networks

Successful strategies to attract customers

If you have an internet business, it is very likely that you have already tried to attract customers through social networks to buy your products or services.

The question is whether you have succeeded or not. Let me give you some clues about it

  • Working social networks as the main channel of digital marketing is not a good option, getting clients on social networks is complicated
  • If you also think of attracting customers on social media exclusively organically, I will tell you that it is a major mistake.
  •  Just getting followers on the networks costs more and more, so imagine attracting customers.
  • Of course, it is not impossible, I have met specific businesses that, due to their business model, their products or services and/or the types of publications they make, attracting customers on social networks works very well for them.

With nuances of course. Only with the clients that they attract through the networks they are not sustainable and they do not reach the necessary monthly billing, but the strategy in social networks to attract clients works for them.

So again I am going to ask you the question…

How are you planning to attract and capture customers on social networks for your online business?

Let’s start from the base. Social networks are huge environments or communities where users gather around networks or groups to share and talk about common interests,

So from this perspective, it is relatively easy to use social media to attract customers for your online business… How?

  • Because of the ability you have to interact with your target audience or buyer persona on social media
  • or the possibility that networks offer to get to know your future clients
  • Because in them you can find your personal Buyer in the same community or group
  • etc..

So YES, you can achieve it but assuming that your main objective is to attract potential customers on social networks, so that in the end they can become customers of your company.

And this is what I want to convey to you today in this post, 10 ways to attract customers to your online business through social networks.

Are you ready?… so let’s go

If your goal is to get clients through social networks, you must first design a communication strategy that allows you to gain visibility and trust among your followers. And then, determine which aspects are the ones that will help you attract Leads and prospects.

Why do customer acquisition on social networks?

Because social networks have become a digital marketing channel that we all consult and watch at all hours and mainly from mobile devices.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube or TikTok, each network has its target audience and if yours is there, you must know what to do to reach them with a message that captures their attention.


  • Well, reach people knowing their first and last names
  • Well, knowing what their likes and interests are and what they need
  • Well, get to interact with them and get to know them in detail.
  • Etc..

The power of social networks is enormous in terms of the capacity that a person can have to carry out good digital communication.

So imagine if later, that effective communication allows you to start customer acquisition processes and strategies on social networks with much more success.

Wouldn’t that be fantastic?… the question is that you have to know how to do it.

How to attract customers on social media. 10 keys to implement your strategy

I want to show you the best ways you can create a successful social media sales strategy.

But of course, you must be clear that:

  • You have to spend time
  • You have to know how to do it
  • you will need investment
  • And the results will not come anytime soon.

1.- Choose the best social networks to work with

Everything is worthless. From the beginning you have to segment where you want to be to optimize your customer acquisition strategy on social networks.

Always choose those where your target audience is and where you can have the best reception for your products or services.

Ok, maybe Facebook AND YouTube may be necessary as general and video social networks, but always before starting, analyze if it is consistent with your processes to get clients on the networks.

2.- Create exclusive and personalized content for your networks

Unique, original and quality content is the best way to attract customers on social media.

So the best option is to work on a good content marketing strategy, which starts on your blog and is disseminated on social networks, with the idea of ​​being used to attract potential customers.

  • Focus your content on the pain points of your audience
  • Write adding value and to solve problems
  • Don’t talk about what you want, but about what your buyer persona needs.
  • Etc…

In this way, you will generate a good community and in the medium term you will be able to get clients on your social networks.

Important. Attentive to the planning of the contents, to the SEO for blogs and how you disseminate them in your networks.

3.- Generate viral content for your strategy to capture Leads on the networks

The second type of content that you should pay attention to is the one that you create specifically for your social networks.

And here, although you must follow the same line of approach (what your audience needs), you can use many more resources in your day to day.

  • tell personal stories
  • Talk about motivation and innovation
  • training pills
  • Webinars and Masterclasses
  • use infographics
  • Create videos (one of the best options)
  • Use success stories
  • And of course, punctually, sell

If you combine these two areas that we have just seen related to content, you will see that attracting customers through social networks will no longer be a mystery to you.

Of course, the results do not come in the short term.

4.- Do Social Ads to attract customers on your social networks

If you really want to attract customers with social media marketing, you must use Social Ads or what is the same, paid advertising on social networks.

Personally, I think Facebook Ads works best , although Instagram Ads can still help you if your business is open to it.

For this, the first thing is always to design the strategy to attract customers through social networks and then organize the means and resources necessary for it to then give it visibility thanks to advertising.

5.- Create a high-value Lead Magnet

A Lead Magnet is a gift that you give to a user at 0 cost, in exchange for them leaving you their data, mainly their name and email.

The strategy for attracting prospects in social media through Lead Magnet is very varied, but very efficient.

There are many and very different types of lead magnets that you can use. Think, for example, of a very specific eBook, a Masterclass, a demo of your product or a beta of X days and give it to them for free.

From there, thanks to the mailing you should be able to convert this Lead into a customer thanks to social networks.

6.- Bet on getting subscribers to generate customers through social networks

Well from the previous point, as if you implement a specific strategy, you have to take into account that power is in your list…. Of subscribers.

No one sells (and no one buys) directly anymore, especially if they don’t know you. For this reason, it is important to know how to do a good mailing, very focused, to convert those subscribers into clients that you have achieved through social networks.

And for that, I recommend a very simple but concrete and well-working mailing, betting on creating a powerful welcome email sequence that helps you convert them into customers.

7.- Practice social selling to attract customers with social media

Social Selling is the work methodology of social media marketing and the one that will help you get clients through social networks.

For that you will have to learn to sell without selling. as you hear it

  • Contributing your brand value and your value as a professional
  • Helping your public to solve their doubts and problems
  • Positioning yourself as an expert in what you offer and sell
  • Betting on interaction and listening and not on invasive sales

Nobody buys anyone these days they don’t know and trust, so why would I buy from you?

Only if you know how to reach him and interact properly, you will have a chance to convert him into a client through social networks.

8.- Use discount coupons to attract customers in your networks

Whether you have a services page or an e-commerce, discount coupons are a very good way to increase sales and get customers.

The work methodology should always be subtle, although when it comes to proposing discount coupons, you should take advantage of online advertising again to give it a boost and that many more people know about your promotions.

Discount coupons are one of the best strategies to get customers through social networks.

9.- Create attractive contests in your social media strategy

Contests are also a very good resource to get Leads and customers through your networks, although they are not a resource that you must use very continuously or they will lose their value.

Basically, a contest allows you to make a specific raffle in which you give away one or more products or services to your target audience, if you focus your Buyer persona well.

Personally, I really like contests on Facebook, they work very well and give a lot of versatility, because well done allows you to have great visibility of the draw and later of your website.

10.- Post every day

Finally, do not forget that attracting customers on social networks must have a good continuity in your publications.

If you opt for this channel to carry out recruitment actions, I suggest that you base your strategy on:

• Publish every day on those social networks in which you work
• Spend time publishing good content
• Prepare a specific Lead Magnet
• Invest every month in advertising on social networks, you will need it for any type of Lead capture and network clients.

Well, now you know how to attract customers through social networks, so now it’s time to get down to work designing the strategy.

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